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Her legs trembled and she moaned shamelessly, as the two muscular knights bent her over in front of her shocked husband.Eleanor is taken by her boring husband on a trip to visit their mother in law, who lives in a castle half a days travel by horse. When they're captured by a group of roving knights, her husband Herald makes a bold challenge to the knights - fight him, and if he wins they will kneel for him and pledge service. If he loses, they can have Eleanor.Before Eleanor has a chance to protest, the challenge is accepted.What Herald doesn't know is that Eleanor isn't terrified - in fact, she's hoping the knights win. If they do, they'll take Eleanor rough, unprotected, and right in front of her husband one by one, and Eleanor isn't going to hold back.

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Bent Over In Public By The Knights | Elle London

Bent Over In Public By The Knights

Elle London

Eleanor wasn’t thrilled when her husband Herald told her they were going to take a day trip to see her mother-in-law. There was not much more she could say other then, “Ok when are we leaving?”

“Tomorrow.” he said.

“That doesn’t tell me when we’re leaving.” He continued to ignore her and she waited impatiently for a full answer.

She pursed her lips together as she watched him from the doorway. He was admiring his rock collection, a ridiculous hobby that annoyed Eleanor to no end. One of his many strange acquaintances went on pilgrimages to gather rocks and brought them back to him. He was fascinated with them and looked them over with magnifying glasses for hours. She had no clue what the big deal was with a whole lot of different rocks and she zoned out if he tried to talk to her about them. God, she hated him.

There was nothing she dreaded more than taking time out of her day to travel all the way to her mother in-law’s castle. Her husband’s family lived as far away from them as they could possibly get. They were on one side of the massive town of Oxcord, and she was on the very tip of the other side. It was almost like she had done it on purpose even though that’s where she lived long before Eleanor was married to her husband. Still, she could blame her if she wanted. She was even worse than her son who was the most aggressive, self-centered, and obnoxious man she has ever known.

Her mother-in-law had a larger castle than her and loved to tell her all the time how much bigger it was. She had a larger garden and a larger pond with gorgeous fish that she could watch whenever she wanted. It was easy to see where Herald got his bragging nature from. She practically beamed at the fact that she had more than Eleanor and made a point to bring it up every minute she wasn’t bragging about how wonderful her son was. Eleanor would fall over if she ever bragged about her, she couldn’t recall a nice thing the woman had ever said. Her husband certainly wouldn’t stand up for her to his mother. He was such a mama’s boy.