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This is a futa on male, shemale lover, submissive ladyboy, tranny sex erotica. Max feels good about the new secretary, Anita. He hired her to take some of the load off his work schedule, and she’s very competent and efficient. However, he’s been attracted to her ever since he interviewed her for the position. Anita wanted to know if it were alright for her to work there at the company because she’s a futagirl. Max assured her that they’re an equal opportunity employer. He was already attracted to her, but her being a futa got his curiosity churning. He’s never been with a futanari before and he wants to wet his whistle.Anita catches him checking her out and decides to flirt with him to see if he’s really into her. He already knows she is futa, so his interest in her won’t be swayed should the temperature start to rise. It’s going to be a late night at the office.

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Bent Over Futa

Taking the Boss

by MI Eros

MI Eros™

Copyright © 2017 MI Eros. All rights reserved.

Notice: This work is a work of fiction and is intended for mature audiences only as it contains explicit, graphic and sexual content. Names, places, characters and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are fictitiously utilized. Any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. Albeit being a work of fiction, all sexually active characters within this work are the legal age of (18) or older.

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Bent Over Futa: Taking the Boss

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Bent Over Futa: Taking the Boss

“Ms. Harolds. I can see you now. Thanks for waiting.”, Max says, inviting Anita Harolds into his office.

“Thank you for seeing me, Mr. Jones. I’m sure you have a busy day ahead of you.”, Anita responds.

Max Jones is the manager of an insurance company. Recording and consolidating client files was something he could easily do when the company didn’t have many clients. However, due to a high demand for their excellent service, their client list has expanded to the point Max needs a secretary to help him keep things in order. Anita Harolds is here to interview for the position.

“I need someone to help take some of the work load off me. As manager of this company, you can imagine the span of my responsibilities. If you’re hired, you’ll need to take over the recording and consolidating of our client files, and other minor duties. Are you up for it?”, Max inquires, looking at this beautiful woman before him.

“Yes, I am, Mr. Jones. All I need is to become familiar with the day to day routine of the office. Fulfilling my duties shouldn’t be a problem at all.”, Anita answers.

“Good. I’m glad to hear it. Looking over your resume, I see you have the necessary experience. I’m quite impressed with your qualifications. Of all the interviewees I’ve seen thus far, I’d like to be able to give this position to you, Ms. Harolds.”, Max affirms, anxiously looking to fill the position. The extra work upon his shoulders has him a little stressed.

“I’d love to work here, Mr. Jones. Let me show you that I’m the right person for the job.”, Anita confidently responds.