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Included in this bundle are the following five sizzling stories:Seduced By The Texas Mining MagnateSandra has always played the hand she was dealt. Growing up in a strict southern town to strict southern parents, she never had a choice in who to marry and what to do with her life. Being a bored housewife was never her dream, but now she’s trapped in something she can’t get out of.When her husband loses his job and starts to become abusive she has to get a job as the secretary at local silver mine in charge of sorting the files. Little does she know John Carnegie, the millionaire owner of the silver mine, has hired her for one reason and one reason only. As he calls her into the office and proposes a series of increasingly humiliating and graphic sex acts, she’s overwhelmed to say the least... However when she gets home only to be abused by her husband yet again, she walks in the next morning ready, willing and desiring to do every last thing the handsome millionaire desires.Cheating With The Hung Ranch HandWhen her husband goes on another trip to the ranch down south, where his attractive ex-wife just happens to live, Mindy is furious and rightfully so. She’s always been a good girl and a faithful wife, but that seems to mean nothing to her neglectful and angry husband.There's only so much a woman can take, so when her muscular Mexican stud of a ranch hand, Hunter, offers to take her for a ride and wastes no time trying to seduce her she can't help but let the bold, confident and wild man use her like a whore no matter how wrong it is.Bent Over In The Barn: A MMF Erotic StoryWith a deadbeat husband who takes advantage of her good nature, two ruggedly handsome employees who are always pressing their luck, and a sex life that doesn't even exist anymore... what's a girl to do?Mark and Ted have an answer to her question... but can she bring herself to cheat on her husband and allow herself to be used like a whore by the men she deals with every day? Or will she back out at the last minute and go back to her boring life of neglect? Exposed And Shared By The TycoonEligible bachelors are few and far between in Elizabeth's southern town, so when word got out that Mr. Wayne, the wild west cowboy turned billionaire, was looking for a wife Elizabeth knew she had to make a move.When she arrives, however, nothing is as it seems. Mr. Wayne is friendly enough and shows interest in her much faster than she expects, but he seems to be hinting at wanting something more than a traditional relationship.Mr. Wayne sits down and gives it to her straight: He'll marry her, only if she can give him what he really wants... and what he wants, is to strip her right then and there and let his two ranchhands use her any way they want! Dominated By My Husband's Billionaire Cowboy BossWhen Caitlin goes to visit her husband as he works on the railroad, she's suprised to find that he doesn't have much time for her. His boss, Mr. Brandon, has travelled to check up on the progress of the new project that will make him even richer.Mr. Brandon is the type of man who gets what he wants, and when he sees Caitlin it never even occurs to him that he can't have her. He quickly sets up a meeting with her, and when she's brought into his lodgings he makes her an offer she can't refuse.However with Mr. Brandon as her boss, it's no time at all before she starts seeing his true intentions. With the handsome, rich and bold cowboy billionaire tempting and controlling her, can she resist or will she break down and give in to let her husband's boss play out his every last kinky fantasy with her?

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Bent Over By The Cowboy Bundle

Elle London

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Bent Over By The Cowboy: Five Story Bundle

Magnate | Elle London

Ranch Hand | Elle London

Bent Over In The Barn: A MMF Erotic Story | Elle London

Exposed And Shared By The Tycoon | Elle London

Cowboy Boss | Isabella Tropez

Seduced By The Texas Mining


Elle London

The elation took hold as Sandra stepped out the door of the office. Coming to the silver mine was a long shot and to be honest she thought she was wasting her time. She was left with no real option but to try everyone she could think of to get a job though and millionaire John Carnegie was definitely one of the biggest employers in the small southern town in which she lived.

Sandra had little experience of working life and none at all when it came to being in an office, so when she came to the mine looking for work she was less than hopeful that she would actually find something. She expected to be turned away as had happened at many other places around town, but found to her surprise that Mr. Carnegie seemed interested in giving her a job. In fact he seemed more than eager to have her working for him. After a chat that lasted no more than five minutes he agreed that she could start in his office the following day to help him keep on top of the filing for his mining business.

The high stayed with her on the walk back down the hill towards the town. The darkness of evening descended before she got there and the lights coming on gave the place an almost pretty appearance. It was an illusion that didn’t last when she actually reached the outskirts. There were a few people still around on the dusty streets and she looked around as she walked along them towards her home. The small stores along the main street were closing and she could hear the music coming from the saloon. It was the busiest place in town and as she passed it by she could see men walking in an out.

She’d lived in the town since birth, being brought up by strict parents that practically ran her life until the age of 21 then chose a husband for her. Andrew wasn’t a bad man, at least not when they first got together. The age difference between them was only five years, but there was little common ground between them so she could never really say she loved him. In all honesty, he seemed as keen to control her life in marriage as her parents did when she was growing up. Sandra just got on with it and settled into life as a housewife that she accepted although never truly cared for.

Things had changed for the worse a few weeks previously when Andrew came home with the news that he’d lost his job at a nearby ranch. She’d expected that he would find something else quickly, but it didn’t happen and he took to staying at home drinking rather than going looking for work. The little savings they kept in the bank for emergencies got them by at first, but the money was running out. It was why Sandra began looking for work and as she walked up to her home there was a relief that she’d finally found something.

The building was dark and as she approached the door she sensed her nerves rising. She’d been walking on eggshells for the last few weeks as Andrew’s drinking and temper got worse. He was usually drunk for much of the day and he lashed out at her for any small reason. She wasn’t sure how he would take the news that she found a job. Her hope was that when she stepped inside she would find him in a drunken slumber, but she heard the sound of a crash as she walked through the door.

“Are you OK,” she asked when she went in the kitchen and saw the broken plate on the floor.

“Where the hell have you been?” he shouted. “I’ve not eaten all day.”

“I was out looking for a job,” she informed him. “Sit down and I’ll make you something.”

Andrew lifted the bottle of beer he was holding and took a long drink before moving to the kitchen table and sitting down.

“Who the hell told you to go looking for a job?” he slurred.

“I thought I could help as we could really do with the money,” she said as she took some bacon and eggs out and quickly began to fry them.

The silence stretched out for a few minutes as Andrew sat sullenly drinking before he finally spoke again.

“So you think I can’t provide for us?” he said.

Sandra could hear the anger in his voice and her nervousness came on even more.

“No,” she said to try and placate him. “You provide for us fine. I just thought that if I brought some money in it would help until you found something else.”

She hoped the words would calm him, but they seemed to have the opposite effect and the rising fury was all too evident as he spoke.

“Well I don’t fucking need your help,” he cursed and his derisive laugh sounded out. “All you are good for is cooking food and lying on your back with your fucking legs open.”

Sandra cringed at the crude words and quickly put the bacon and eggs on a plate in the hope that serving up some food would give Andrew something else to think about. She found that wasn’t the case when she moved across the kitchen and put the plate on the table.

“What the fuck is this?” Andrew shouted.

“It’s...” she started, but her panic set in as he swept his arm across the table and sent the plate cashing to the floor.

“Do you think you’re fucking better than me?” he screamed.

“No, I...” she started, but her words halted quickly.

Andrew knocked his chair over as he got to his feet. Sandra backed off, but couldn’t get away and found herself trapped in the corner of the room. Her husband’s eyes blazed as he gripped her neck and pinned her against the wall.

“You’re not fucking better than me,” he screamed in her face.

She tried to talk, but his fingers tightened and he shouted incoherently at her. His hand rose in a threatening manner and Sandra closed her eyes. The slap never came though and she let out a gasp as his hand pulled from her neck.

“You’re not fucking worth it,” he slurred as he moved away to get a pack of beer and walked out the kitchen.

Sandra let out a sigh of relief. It wasn’t the first time he’d come close to hitting her and she rubbed fingers on her neck as the sting of his grasp remained on her skin. She knew that the only thing she could so was wait for him to fall in a drunken sleep and set about cleaning up the kitchen. It was around an hour before she dared move through to where he was. She glanced in the room and saw Andrew lying on the floor in a drunken stupor.

Quickly walking to him, she checked he was OK then got a blanket to put over him. He was too heavy for her to move and anyway she didn’t want him lying beside her in case he woke up. She let out a sigh of relief that she might get a peaceful night and went to bed.

The morning light filtering through the curtains brought her awake and she tensed immediately as she sat up and listened. The house was quiet though and she suspected her husband was still lying where she left him the night before. It suited her fine and would avoid the argument when she left home to go to work. She quickly got up and washed before moving to the wardrobe. The blue dress she put on was one of the few items of clothing she owned that she considered suitable for working in an office. The hem sat just above her knees, which was shorter than she really wanted. A glance in the mirror showed she looked smart though and she quickly brushed her hair before moving out of the bedroom.

Andrew was lying where she left him the night before and showed no signs of stirring, so she went to the kitchen to make herself a coffee. It was all she wanted and she drank it quickly before moving to the front door and leaving. The weather was pleasant and the temperature climbed during her walk to the silver mine. By the time she arrived there was a sheen of sweat on her forehead and she took out a handkerchief to wipe it away before walking in the office.

Mr. Carnegie was talking to the mine supervisor, so she stood and waited for them to finish. The supervisor’s glance in her direction dropped to the hem of her dress as he walked by and a slight flush of red spread across her face when she saw the way he looked at it. The sound of her new boss’s voice took her attention from it though and she turned to look at him.

“Come on in and close the door,” he said.

She smiled as she did it and when he motioned for her to sit on the chair at his desk, she moved to do it. Mr. Carnegie didn’t go to his own seat and instead perched himself on the edge of the desk right next to her. When she looked up she saw he was staring at her legs and a glance down showed why. The hem of her dress was riding almost half way up her thighs and a flush of red spread across her face again.

“Sorry,” she said as she lifted her butt and dragged the hem down.

“No need to be sorry,” he replied with a smile. “It’s a pretty sight.”

The color deepened on Sandra’s cheeks at the comment. It was a long time since she heard a compliment being aimed at her, but her embarrassment grew that it came from her new employer. He was at least twice her age although as she looked up at him again she couldn’t deny he was a handsome man.

“So are you ready to get started?’ he asked.

Sandra nodded and felt the relief that the topic of conversation turned to work.

“Yes,” she replied. “I hope I can do what you want.”

She saw the smile playing on his lips and wondered what was running through his mind as he stared at her.

“OK, well let me explain the filing system to you,” he went on.

He got to his feet and Sandra stood up from the chair. His hand went to her lower back to guide her across to the cabinets set out along a wall and it remained in place as he began taking her through the filing system. She was all too aware of his touch and moved forward, but his hand followed and stayed just above her ass for the entire time they spoke.

“Well I think I understand that,” Sandra finally said. “Is there anything that needs filed right now?”

“Nope,” he informed her. “But as the day wears on there will be plenty for you to do.”

He took her to the small room she would be sitting in and she saw his comment was right. The morning was slow, but after lunch the mine workers began to bring more to her and it was obvious that they knew she was now in charge of the filing. She was in and out Mr. Carnegie’s office for most of the afternoon and caught his gaze on her a few times. She suspected he was keeping an eye on what she was doing to make sure she did the work correctly although the way he looked at her didn’t always appear completely businesslike.

As the end of her first day approached, things got gradually quieter again until she finally walked through to Mr. Carnegie’s office to see if he wanted anything else before she left.

“Close the door and take a seat,” he said when he saw her enter.

Sandra did as she was asked and saw her boss move around his desk to sit in front of her again. She smiled up at him, but was all too aware of the way he was looking at her.

“I just wanted to know if there was anything else you needed,” she said.

“Maybe you could show me those pretty thighs again,” he replied straight away.

Her eyes narrowed and she wondered if she actually heard what he said properly.

“I’m sorry?” she queried.

Mr. Carnegie wiped a hand across his mouth then pulled it away.

“I’d be willing to pay you more,” he offered. “To see your thighs and...”

The sentence was left unfinished, but Sandra was in no doubt she heard correctly this time. Her initial astonishment turned to acute embarrassment at the proposition.

“No, I don’t...” she started, but her words were cut off.

“Maybe you would show me your pretty panties,” Mr. Carnegie went on. The excitement came through in his voice. “Or maybe what’s under them.”

Sandra squirmed in her seat. She wanted to run, but knew that it would be the end of a job she just started.

She tried to interrupt, but her boss kept going.

“I bet that drunken husband of yours doesn’t give you what you need in bed,” he said. “I could make you feel good, could make your pussy feel real good. If you let me use it I will pay you well and even more if you are willing to spread those pretty ass cheeks and let me have some fun with your other hole.”

Sandra almost let out a gasp as his talk got dirtier still. He was right that her sexual needs were ignored by Andrew, but the thought of giving herself to someone else never even entered her mind.

“I suspect that pretty mouth can suck real fine,” Mr. Carnegie leered. “Would you let me fuck my cock between those soft lips?”

He spread his legs apart and Sandra was all too aware that he was talking himself to an erection. She could see the way it strained against the material of his pants and as his proposition became increasingly graphic in what he would like to do to her, she was aware of the slight prickle of arousal that she seemed unable to control. The humiliation of it spurred her to action and she got to her feet.