Bent Over And Spanked By My Boss - Daniella Fetish - ebook

Bent Over And Spanked By My BossKristy wants a promotion, and is willing to do anything to get it. Joey, her boss, knows this and uses it to his advantage, offering her a simple proposition – allow him to spank and have his way with her once, in return for a 20k a year raise. It’s a good offer but even someone like Kristy will find herself pushed to the limit as she is spanked raw... especially when she gets a shocking suprise halfway through!

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Bent Over And Spanked By My Boss | Daniella Fetish

Bent Over And Spanked By My Boss

Daniella Fetish

“Hold the doors please.”

Kristy heard the shout and instantly recognized the voice. She immediately reached towards the button to stop the elevator doors from closing and kept her finger on it until her boss, Joey, walked inside. It was only the two of them in the small space and that was the way she wanted it, so she was quick to then press the button to close the doors.

“Hey Kristy,” he said. ‘Thanks for that.”

“Sure,” she replied and grinned. “You know how eager I am to keep my boss happy.”

“Still looking for a promotion and pay rise, huh?” he teased her.

“Always,” Kristy replied. “And a little help goes a long way don’t you think? Well that’s my philosophy. You scratch my butt..., oops, slip of the tongue. I mean you scratch my back, I scratch yours.”

Joey laughed. He knew the slip of the tongue was no accident and mention of Kristy’s butt only brought his attention to it. She was standing side on to him and the tight skirt she was wearing put her generous curves on show. His eyes lingered on them and he saw that he was being watched as he looked up.

“Sorry,” he apologized although he knew he didn’t need to.

The cheeky flirting between them was a daily occurrence that he enjoyed although so far it had never led on to more. He could think of a lot more he wanted to do to Kristy’s butt than scratch it though.

“Don’t be sorry, you can look all you want,” she teased him. “It’s a different story if you want to touch.”

“What will that cost me?” he joked.

“Hmm..., I’m sure you can think of something to reward your best worker,” Kristy responded as the ping of the elevator sounded.

Joey glanced at her and wondered just how serious she was being. Getting his hands on her cute butt was a fantasy that had grown in his mind in recent times, but he wanted to go beyond just a dream. He tried to put the idea out of his mind as the elevator doors opened on their floor, but there was little chance of that.

Kristy made sure she stepped out first and was certain that her boss’s gaze would be on her butt again. She didn’t even need to look to know that. He seemed to be getting a little obsessive about it, which was why she chose the skirt she was wearing. It was professional enough to be suitable for an office although it clung to her curves tightly and put them perfectly on show.