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Excerpt:"Don't worry," Mark told his sister, "I ain'ttellin' anybody and neither are you." He pushed his mouth down around his sister's sweet titty tip. He cupped it with his lips. The nipple slid smoothly between his slippery lips. "Mmmm," he hummed. "Nice. I've always wanted to suck on your chest. I don't know why I waited this long." His meaty dick rubbed along her leg while his mouth worked along her breast."Oh, Mark," she whispered, "I just don't know what..."*************************Warning: This ebook contains explicit and forbidden descriptions of taboo sexual activity. It may include themes or elements of taboo, forbidden, and adult topics. It is intended for open minded mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.XXX Adults Only 18+ Graphic Content

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Bedding The Family

Virgin Angel

Table of Contents

Title Page

Beding The Family, A Taboo Tale of Incest

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Search For “Darque Taboo Press” to find more forbidden and taboo erotica | Click here to sign up for our email list and get three FREE totally taboo and forbidden erotic e-books. | More Books By Virgin Angel

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Search For “Darque Taboo Press” to find more forbidden and taboo erotica


Click here to sign up for our email list and get three FREE totally taboo and forbidden erotic e-books.


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It was a sultry July night, the kind of night when sex and violence and everything in between seem to make sense. If Rita Spencer had known that her brother was still awake, she'd have pulled down the sheets anyhow. But she'd whispered, "Mark, are you asleep?" and he hadn't answered so once she got the linen down around her waist she wasn't worried that in the humid dark he'd see her hands sliding along her belly down between her moist legs, there to rub softly at her mound. "Oooh," she sighed softly, "it's so fucking hot."

Her fingers slid between the lips covering her young vagina. Even above the dull roar of distant traffic she could hear the slopping noise of her digit running in and out of her wet hair pie. She poked along on the inside of her flesh cave and worked her clitoris upright. She was young, eighteen going on eighteen, nubile and svelte, except for her large pendular breasts. Her flesh was soft, and in the wet night, damp. Her one hand worked vigorously at her clitoris which she'd learned to use to best advantage, and her other hand palmed her left titty. "Oh, shit," she gasped, "I wonder what it's really like."

Rita had seen her brother's cock plenty of times, and in magazines she'd read about and seen pictures of sex and screwing, sucking and eating, but she still had no real idea, other than the pleasure she took from masturbating, what it would be like to have her pussy filled with a rigid beef steak. Thinking about some fantasy penis, she worked her bony digit in and out of her narrow flesh cave. Even though she'd never fucked before, her hymen was no longer intact. Maybe it was during girl's gym that she'd noticed the bleeding, a small line of red blood at the wrong time of the month, or maybe later that day at home-she couldn't recall. But it didn't matter, she wasn't a virgin in that sense. But then again, she thought, she still couldn't say she was experienced. She continued to work her finger in the soft wet flesh of her humid young pussy hole. "Ahhhh," she moaned softly, "I think it's going to happen. I think ..."

She lifted her knees and spread her loins wide. She needed room to move in, room for her plunging finger in her juicing cunt hole. "Oh, yes," she moaned, "this is going to be nice." She rubbed back and forth in her young twat and spread herself out so that she could stimulate all sorts of greasy flesh in her cunt and not just her clitoris. But it was on the vaginal-pecker that she spent most of her attention, and it was there that she felt the first orgasmic chills begin to climb, out of her pussy and up her sweating belly and spine. She blushed and groaned softly about how she loved the feel of her cunt getting hot and wet. It would have been hard to tell whether it was hotter in her cunt and more humid that it was in the dark sultry July night.

Mark rolled over. He was not asleep. He watched quietly as his sister brought her sexual fever to a perfect pitch. He was a year older, eighteen, and he knew exactly what she was doing. Unlike his sister, he was somewhat experienced. As a football player at Dover High he'd had plenty of women, most of them young girls, Juniors and Sophomores who were only too happy to spread their soft slick thighs and let the high school quarterback plunge his prestigious beef into their sweet angelic holes. "You know," he thought to himself, "I wonder why I never thought about screwing Rita." He smiled and continued to watch his younger sister working her digit in and out of her sweet wet twat space. Once, Mark remembered, he'd paid a woman, a girl at the school named Patty Benson. She was a good young hooker and she was taking money from teachers and students and giving them in return a lot of hot sex. He thought about Patty just now because she resembled his sister Rita. He smiled as Rita's lusty groans increased in intensity. He saw his sister's smooth hips ride upwards around her digit. She was squeezing her titty, her pillowy damp breast, and she was moaning, softly gasping and moaning, "Fuck me, fuck me." It was hard enough, thought Mark, to get to sleep in the heat of the night, but with a girl like Rita rubbing her cunt and her smooth titties, it was nearly impossible. Even though she was his sister he couldn't help but see her as a fine piece of tail. And he thought it was a waste that all that gush and clit juice and lusty energy was going to go unused on merely her finger.

Quietly, Mark pulled back the sheets covering him. Rita continued to poke herself, to rub her twat mound. The gushing sounds and the gasping of her quick breathing camouflaged Mark's stealthy moves toward her bedside. She didn't even know he was there, standing up above her in the nude with his long phallus hanging limp but going harder every second while she masturbated herself with her eyes closed. "Oh, God," she moaned softly, still unaware of his presence, "I wish ..."

Mark put his hand over his sister's mouth and sat down. She opened her eyes with a start. In the humid night her face was damp with perspiration and he could see the expression of fear and embarrassment in her eyes. The dim moonlight coming through the open curtain and window above her bed lighted her face so that he could see that she didn't know what to do. "Shhhhh," he told her. He kept his hand over her mouth. She was still hot and lusty from her masturbation. He used his free hand to slide across her lean and supple thigh. He slipped his hand on top of hers and felt how wet it was. There was clit juice everywhere, on her bush, between her fingers, on her loins. She started to struggle a bit, but she was hot and sexy, horny. He replaced her hand with his own, entered his sister's cunt with his own long bony finger. "Let me do this," he whispered. "You just relax."

Rita struggled up but Mark shoved his hand down hard on her mouth. It was a professional straight arm move, the kind of thing that a football player could do easily. He looked over his shoulder to be sure that neither of his parents could hear them through the bedroom door. He suspected that his father and mother were asleep, or balling, and in either case, they wouldn't be easily disturbed. He continued to plow his finger in and out of his sister's hot stimulated flesh cave. The gush surrounded his finger, as did the hot slippery flesh. He plunged in and out several times in a row to make sure that her sexual urges became stronger than her fears and feelings of guilt about fucking him. He had to overcome both her fear of incest with her brother as well as her fear of a real penis. It was going to be her first time.

"Oh," she sighed as he took his hand off her mouth, "Mark, "I don't know if...."

He slipped in under the sheet. Half of their bodies was covered with the sheet. The other half, from the waist up, was nude. He pressed his chest against her smooth bulging titties and his mouth around her open lips. He forced his tongue into her protesting face and swabbed the inside of her soft flesh. "You know," she said softly when he pulled away to kiss her neck and shoulders, "I wonder what would happen if anyone ever found out."

"Don't worry," Mark told his sister, "I ain'ttellin' anybody and neither are you." He pushed his mouth down around his sister's sweet titty tip. He cupped it with his lips. The nipple slid smoothly between his slippery lips. "Mmmm," he hummed. "Nice. I've always wanted to suck on your chest. I don't know why I waited this long." His meaty dick rubbed along her leg while his mouth worked along her breast.

"Oh, Mark," she whispered, "I just don't know what..."

Every time she began to protest and speak something other than lust, he jammed her face full of tongue meat. Finally, she gave in, submitted to the idea and wrapped her arms around his shoulders and back. "Screw me good," she told him. "It's my first time and I want it to be really good." Mark continued to rub his long phallus between his sister's smooth tanned legs. He could feel, every now and then, her wet beaver pie. He deliberately didn't penetrate the cunt hole, but he did make sure to rub his hot dick head against the sloppy lips just for fun. "Uuuuuhhh," moaned his sister, "that feels really nice." She squeezed her smooth tanned loins together around Mark's hot cock. She pressed her legs so that he got an especially nice rubbing from her soft moist flesh. He rubbed up and down and the bottom of his cock stroked her thighs.

"You know," he whispered in his sister's ear, "fucking you is going to be one of the best things I ever did." With that he rubbed his face between her titties. He licked Rita's soft mammaries, gave the caps a good long tonguing. When he was finished with one, the nipple, the big mushroom colored cap and the breast flesh itself was coated with warm greasy saliva. "Oooh, shit," she hummed, "I'm so hot, Mark. I'm so damn hot."

The combination of their heated bodies sweating with lust and the natural July humidity and heat made their slick rubbing a good wet feel for them both. "Jesus Keerist," grunted Mark, "you are hot." He was referring to the glow in her face, the heat emanating from her mound, and the feel of her shivering, pre-orgasmic body. "You never did it before, eh?" he said. "Well you have a treat in store, Rita. You're gonna like it a lot." He reached down and spread her clamped thighs. He lay beside her and used his finger to stroke in and out of her cunt lips. He rubbed the labial leaves and used his digit also to make sure of her erect clitoris. He stimulated the thing time and again until it was erect to his satisfaction. Soon he was flicking the little slippery nub of twat-penis back and forth, and he was gat-ting another finger going under her pelvis, between her butt cheeks, up her anus. "You like both at once?" he asked.

"Oh, God," she sighed, "I love it." He had his thumb, soon thereafter, stuffed in her pussy, and his finger rubbing in her asshole. He squeezed her anus and her pussy, and his finger rubbing in her asshole. He squeezed her anus and her pussy holes with his hand. Her pelvis rubbed up and down in his hand. He worked his long digits in and out of her body. "Shit, Rita," he said, "you being a virgin is the biggest waste of hot cunt I ever saw." He continued to spread the sweet grease from her pussy space. The sap was leaking out everywhere. Before long his fingers and palm were coated with fresh wet ooze. "Fuck," he grunted, "this is going to be one hell of a sloppy screw."

She pumped her uncontrollable twat up and down around his thumb. She climbed the digit with her wet lips. Her narrow tube sucked and rolled along his thick knuckle. And soon she was begging him to jam her as hard as possible, to use his big dick to penetrate her body. "Not yet," he told her, "but in a few minutes. First you have to be taught a few basic moves."

"Like what?" asked Rita, softly in the damp night. "What do I have to learn?"

"Did you ever give head?"

"Head?" she asked, her eyes wide. "I don't even know what it is."

"Suck," said her brother. "Did you ever suck on anyone's penis before?"

"No," she said. "I'd like to though."

"Here you go," he said, pushing on her shoulders. "Go on down on it. You got your big chance, sis. Take it away." He pushed her down along his crotch. She grabbed at his muscle with tentative and anxious fingers. Her small warm hands clutched at the base of his rigid meat. She rubbed and milked it, and she worked up and down with her Angers. She was happy to have, for the first time in her life, a real penis with which to play and fondle. She caressed it up and down, thinking that this was what he meant by suck. "How am I doing?" she asked her brother.

"Alright," said Mark. "But now you have to use your mouth. You know, suck on the tip."

She smiled. She didn't know that that's what she was supposed to do. She liked the idea, however, and stretched her tongue across the tip of her brother's joint. "Like that?" she asked.

"Yes," he said. "More of the same, and enjoy yourself. Just do what comes natural." He looked under the sheets and watched her work. She pulled her silky blond hair behind her head and pressed her lips around his meaty prick head. "It's thick," she said, retracing her move, "I don't know if it's gonna fit." She then reapplied her face to his mushroom head. Her thick juicy lips wrapped around the pole of her brother's cock. She spread her mouth out and around the big rim and cap of the fuck stick. "Oh," he moaned down to her between his legs, "that's the way to do it, sis. Just keep that up." She rubbed his pecker between her no longer virginal lips. She blushed and the sweat from her lips dripped down on his meat and added to the zesty oral rubbing. "Yeah," she moaned, taking a breather, "it does come sort of natural." She inspected, even in the dim light of the more or less darkened bedroom, the long hot dog. It was now shiny with saliva from her rubbing tongue muscle, and a fresh supply of blood pulsed in the vein on the topside of the shaft. "I'm gonna like sex a lot," she sighed. "Really a lot." She pressed her lips back around the head of the wet meat. She sucked it up, as much of the rigid rod as she could get into her face, and used her lips to seal the bargain. "Yeah," said Mark, "that's terrific, babe. Really fine."

He held his sister's head in his hands and rubbed her face back and forth across the tip of his sensitive meat. His big bone banged her in the mouth. "Uuuhhh," she grunted, "it's mighty strong." She licked the long thick piece of flesh. She grew quickly familiar with her brother's juicy hot member, and though it was the first time ever that she'd sucked off a penis, she did a marvelous job. "Now," said Mark, pulling his sister's pretty lips away from his joint, "you have to learn about licking something else."

"Oh, yeah," said Rita, flushing with heat and sweat. Her sexual fever had gone up two notches just from the feel of the jumbo meat between her lips. "I love this, Mark," she told her brother, reluctant to give up her hold on his dick.

"You'll love licking my buns, too," he told her. "It's very important that you learn everything there is about ass licking. It's one of the nicest things you can do for a guy."

"Oh, boy," she said. "Tell me what to do."

"Shhhh," whispered Mark. "You got to be quiet or Mom and Dad will hear us."

She nodded and sat up, her fine long boobies hanging down for his enjoyment. "You just tell me how to do it."

He laid down in front of her with his legs spread wide. He reached back and pulled his ass cheeks apart. "Go on in there," he directed his sister who bowed between the backs of his legs, "and use your .tongue." She went right to work licking and kissing his buttocks. She spread kisses everywhere, along his hips, along the balls of his ass cheeks, up and down the big buns. "Is that good?" she asked. .

"That's great," said Mark. He was using and teaching his sister as best he could. "Go for the crack. Don't miss the hole, either."

She leaned back down and spread her wet mouth muscle out across the wet groove between his hairy buns. She coated his meaty rear end with fresh mouth juice. She used her mouth muscle to go up and down between the big heated buns, then she went in for his anus. She wasn't sure what to do, but she did what she thought she herself might like in her asshole. She poked her long wet tongue into the tapered entrance and then went past the tight iris sphincter muscle. She jammed hard and long and filled the tight space with her wet tongue. "Mm-mm," she hummed, "this is the way to do it. I know this is right." Mark waved his butt in his sister's face. "You're right about that, Rita," he said. "Absolutely correct."

Rita pulled her face up and out of her brother's crotch. She'd worked her tongue all the way up his anal track and then she'd pulled the long narrow wet muscle out of the tube. "How's that?" she asked.

"Perfect," said Mark. He sat up and around. "You got to get some of my tongue up your asshole, and then we'll be ready for a good screwing,"

His sister smiled and spread out on the bed. She showed her butt to him, gave him access to her asshole. "There," she said, Tm ready."

Mark looked down at the perfectly round butt cheeks. They were as creamy as could be. He remembered the countless times that he'd seen his lovely sister parading nude through the house just as she was going through puberty. On lots of occasions he'd have a boner, just from watching that sweet round asshole run by him. He loved the shape of the cheeks, the slant and curve of the gracefully sculpted crack, the tube within. And now, he rubbed his hands, he would be fucking that delectable shit hole with his tongue. He could hardly believe his good fortune. "Here you go sis," he said. "Get yourself ready."

He dove for the soft ass flesh. He used his hands to massage and knead the cheeks. He puckered up her butt tissue and landed his long wet tongue on the delectable piece of pinched meat. He splayed out his mouth organ and rubbed it against the buttery soft cheek. "Oh, yeah," he moaned, "this is perfect for eating." He slid his tongue into the asshole crack and worked his way up and down the slit. Soon enough eh arrived at the tube itself and there he plunged his tongue into the anus hole. "Ooooh, my," screeched his sister.

"You have to be quiet," warned Mark. "I know it's hard, but this time, while Mom and Dad are home, you have to be quiet." Then he went back into her anus with his snake-like slick muscle. He stuffed her bunghole full of hot flesh from his mouth organ. He jammed in hard and fast and gave her a good long kiss in the buttocks. "Mmmm," he hummed into the butt-hole, "sis, you got what it takes." He smiled and smacked her butt-cheeks lightly as he came up.

"I like that, too," she said softly. "I like it when you use your hands on my ass cheeks." She rolled her butt and her brother gave her another quick slap on the ass. There was a soft cracking noise. "Oooh," she squealed, "now what?" She sat up with a delightful display of white teeth and wet lips, a smile, ready for action.

"Now," said her brother, "I'm gonna show you some sixty-nine action. You know what that is?"

She blushed. "I've heard girls talk about it in gym."

"O.k.," he said, "you get your face in my crotch. You get my dick in you mouth. Then you spread your legs around my face, and I'll get your cunt to play with. Get it?"

"Got it." "Good."

They arranged themselves accordingly. Young Rita Spencer spread her lovely tanned legs around her brother's face. Her wet beaver rode close to his open eating mouth. Her face sucked up his cock muscle. She licked the head and went up and down the shaft with her splayed tongue. Once she'd got herself a taste of his beef, she was hot to get more of it. She went sliding up and down in his groin and spread lovely little kisses all along his nut nest. She kissed his thighs and rubbed his legs, with her hands, while she did so. "Mmmm," she hummed, "this is so much fun. Now I know why people get married."

"Mmmm," hummed her brother. He, for his part, was working diligently on his sister's cunt hole. He had her thick labial lips spread wide so that he could work his tongue up and down in her pussy crack. He was washing the insides of her vagina with his splayed tongue. He was sure, of course, to concentrate his best thrusting tongue action on his sister's hot lickable clitoris. He made sure, too, to tug on the meaty little twat-prick, and pulled it up and down with his lips and tongue. He went down everything in sight and made sure to get a good long rub against her bristly pubic hairs. Before long he felt a surge of fresh gush coming out of his sister's gyrating pussy cavern. "Oh, yeah," he moaned, "that's perfect, kid.

You just keep moving and I'll keep licking." He continued to eat out her cunt hole. It was all of it wet and juicy and hairy, just the kind of pie that young Mark Spencer loved to eat. Besides, it was even more exciting to know that this particular beaver dessert belonged to his sister.

They rode like that for some considerable time, floating up the ecstasy ladder with each other's tongues on their genitals. "I love doing this," said Mark's sister. "I can't get over how nice a real penis feels in my mouth." She scooped the head between her now recently experienced lips. And she rubbed. Back and forth, from side to side, she spread saliva and soft mouth flesh everywhere on her brother's hot cock muscle. "Mmmm," she hummed, "it's delicious!"

"O.k.," said Mark, "it's time for a little of the real McCoy." He got up out from under his sister's sweating flesh. He pushed her over on her back and crawled down between her smooth loins. She had her head at the foot of the bed, and they both together had their feet up around the place where the pillow goes. Mark mounted her quickly and efficiently, his long joint filling his sister's sweet, highly lickable, fuckable, suckable cunt hole. "Ahhhhh," she sighed, "it's so fucking big!"

"Bigger than a finger or a tongue," said Mark. "That's for sure." He smiled and pressed his open mouth against his sister's spread lips. He filled her oral cavity with his mouth muscle as he simultaneously jammed his hard bone into her meaty cunt hole. Everything was wet and juicy. She rubbed her slick tanned titties up against his hairy muscular chest, and she wrapped her hands around his buttocks, cupped his ass cheeks and drove a finger into the entrance to his asshole. Mark pumped Rita so full of hot cock that she nearly cried out. But he quickly lifted one hand to cover her face so that she wouldn't make a sound that would disturb their parents. He continued to stuff her cunt with his meaty wet joint.