Becoming Teacher's Pet - Naughty Nikita - ebook

18-year-old Amy wants to know more about the pulsing of hot pleasure than the books at school tell her.That's when her irresistable brute of a college professor steps in to teach her.She learns the hard way, especially when her roommate nearly walks in on them!

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Amy rushed into her room, slamming the front door. Tears streamed down her face as she raced up the stairs to the protection of her room. Throwing herself on the bed and grabbing her pillow, she buried her head.

No one would ever understand. She was an eighteen year old virgin. All her friends boasted that they'd fucked guys. Yet even though people told her she was beautiful, none of the college freshmen had asked her on a date.

Why do I have to be a virgin? I want to fuck! But what guy wants a virgin? It was so unfair!

"What's wrong?" Her sex-ed teacher's voice came through the door.

Oh, great! He'd never understand my problem. Amy sighed as she sat up, wondering what to tell her professor. Even though she really wanted to just be alone, she invited him in.

He walked into her room and sat down on her bed. He looked into her eyes as he placed his large hand on top of hers.

"Professor, I don't think you'd understand, but I'm a virgin." She hung her head in shame. She wouldn't know what to do with a guy. If he found out that she was a virgin, he'd laugh his head off.