Beauty tips from head to toes - Luise Hakasi - ebook

Beauty tips from head to toes ebook

Luise Hakasi



Know more about beauty and cosmetics, about your body, make-up, hair care, daily skin and body care. On the subject of algae for beauty, wellness and health a lot of interesting facts, information and advice have been compiled. In addition, massage and natural care products are addressed, hand and foot care, dental care, cellulite, as well as the current topics men's cosmetics, cosmetic surgery and spa at home.

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Luise Hakasi

Beauty tips from head to toes

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Know more about beauty and cosmetics, about your body, make-up, hair care, daily skin and body care. On the subject of algae for beauty, wellness and health a lot of interesting facts, information and advice have been compiled. In addition, massage and natural care products are addressed, hand and foot care, dental care, cellulite, as well as the current topics men's cosmetics, cosmetic surgery and spa at home.


How do you define beauty? Thoughts about the topic “beauty”


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it is changeable and not least time-bound. Each period of history has its own definition of beauty: What was rounded female hundreds of years ago is currently rather lean, sinewy or trained; rounded too much we bluntly call "fat" or “chubby”. Researchers found that over and over again certain measures or facial structures are preferred, so among other things at the annual beauty contests. Cleopatra also Marilyn Monroe and Jennifer Lopez possess this "perfect" dimensions, so they turn eye-catchers with their shapely proportions, spotlessly-youthful face and body skin and harmonious facial features.


But what about the inner beauty?

Intelligence, charm and above all an unmistakable personality also seem to count, even if less. Statistics confirm that beautiful people are believed to be more honest, intelligent and attractive; at least they are often self-conscious. Women are wearing makeup, false breasts and panty lingerie to hide weaknesses and highlight or offer their merits. The successful trend of straight teeth, plump buttocks and small straight nose comes probably from the advertising that meanwhile sno longer halts also not before men. Perfumes, peels, facials and lots of technical as well as chemical auxiliaries are used to enhance beauty; consumers are often not really informed about the side effects. Too many products or treatments are still missing results from long-term studies. Maybe the bills will be presented to us in a few years. Nonetheless, we want to be beautiful and attractive, seductive, sensual, long-haired, tanned, pimple-free, waterproof and more. Allergies and the like remain first hired back. Definitely the Internet to inform themselves intensively on customer comments, advice, prices, right of return and other consumer rights when purchsing beauty products or deciding to beauty treatments.


And be sometimes a bit critical: Is this Hollywood beauty just as impeccably beautiful as possible, or perhaps there is some Photo Shop help? Google out on this subject; you will be surprised, how "normal" to ugly or partially monster like many celebrities look in the normal course of the day or at the wrong time. After this shock you are allowed to sit down...


If you want then still have the lips of Angelina Jolie, the nose of Fergie and the Po of Jennifer Lopez keep in mind the following:

The cost of cosmetic treatment

The risks of cosmetic surgery

The "maintenance" of the new beauty.

Also envy makes ugly

Said and done? Fine, then you are now a real copy! EXIT!


Beauty in the second half of life


Arrive in the second half of life arrived, most of us have already become quieter and more contemplative, wiser and more relaxed. However, good looks and possibly no health problems are essential for well-being and are therefore extremely important. To guarantee excellent results, some general points should be noted, in the diet as well as in health.


Pay attention to skin care. Women in particular aime their attention at this age especially to the skin, exposed to daily sunlight, weather and other environmental conditions, and always visible; Lines and wrinkles can not be hidden.


To avoid age spots, adequate sunscreen is definitely needed. Nowadays almost all skin creams and makeups have built-in sunscreen of different intensity.


In your diet you should now pay increasingly attention to antioxidants, which are necessary for the purification of the body and for combating the harmful free radicals. Important are vitamins, minerals and fiber, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, adequate protein and carbohydrates, low in fat, sugar, alcohol and tobacco.


Equally important is proper hydration, especially in the form of water. Only in this way skin can stay beautiful and healthy.


Additionally, do not skip a good moisturizers that should be adapted to the age. Creams for advanced age also contain cell-nourishing and wrinkle-fighting substances, against skin aging. Many cosmetic companies offer complete care lines for older skin.


Algae for Health and Beauty

Seaweed (or microalgae) is used as food and cosmetics for centuries. In particular, the Japanese cuisine uses seaweed in sushi or salads; it contains numerous nutrients that are used against high blood pressure, metabolic disorders, weakness of the immune system, intestinal problems, obesity and more recently against cancer and in the bone-replacement therapy.


Approximately 100,000 algal species are known, but only 200 species are used. We know microalgae, green, brown and red algae. They can be cultivated or collected. Brown algae reduces swelling because it has an activating effect on the lymphatic flow. It has a skin-smoothing effects and protects the DNA of cells. Green algae are rich in minerals and trace elements; They act against itching and wrinkling. Unicellular organisms like plankton are rich in omega-3 fatty acid, which act against free radicals.


In cosmetic products algae are used against allergy, acne and cellulite, particularly in the thalassotherapy. They stimulate metabolism and blood circulation, ie they tighten the tissue; at the same time it can alleviate rheumatic complaints. Packs or baths quickly achieve a regenerative effect and show in further investigations a strong detoxifying effect. Fastest act naturally fresh algae; However, you can also rely on powdered or dried seaweed. There are as well oral capsules and tablets.


Simply start with your algae cure at home! Algae have no side effects, so you do not need a doctor's prescription nor a clinic. Enjoy seaweed baths in your own home, take care of your skin with seaweed cosmetics and you'll see how quickly an improvement of skin appearance and the little aches and pains can be achieved.


Cheap and good for the lips: white petrolatum (petroleum jelly).


At the age linoleic acid production declines: Replace with safflower oil - from the outside and from the inside!

Collagen in powder form


Powdered collagen: Why does his substance have so much power? Actually, it is merely a protein in powder form ... apart from the fact that 30% of our body protein are collagens, whose principal function is to create fibers, which support the skin.


Collagen for skin, bones, cartilage and joints

Collagen is produced naturally in our bodies. Extensively carried out scientific studies confirm, however, that from the age of 30 on an annual reduction of this substance by 1%. From the age of 50 this drop increases dramatically. Normally, barely 35% can be achieved!


For these reason, many nutritionists, dermatologists and orthomolecular physicians believe that there should be an additional intake of collagen products from the early age of 30, and in any case not later than at the age of 50.

The collagen of such collagen products derived from cartilage or bone mass of cattle and passes through a hidrosilysation process (breaking up of proteins / protein molecules) in order to be easily absorbed by the human body. Collagen fibers consist of amino acids and are so elastic that they can carry more than ten thousand times their own weight. (Also capsule form is available; however, a simple shake can already replace a snack between meals.


Collagen, the silver bullet against aging?

Collagen also appears to belong to the secret weapon of many stars and celebrities who are also in advanced age able to obtain body and skin youthful for a long time. This seems to be working. Kollagenpowder is practical and can be used nearly everywhere; it only has to be dissolved in water. Little work to lose those pesky lines and wrinkles a something good for those little joints. Collagen has a good tolerance and no side effects (be careful, only with protein allergy, young people, diabetics and during pregnancy, as well as with all other food additives).


Spiritual Beauty


For millennia, people strive for beauty, physical beauty and aesthetics. Colors and shapes to enhance the eyes, look attractive and arouse desires. Who does not want this? However, beauty also leads us to the heavy toll of pride, vanity, envy and greed. We want to set ourselves apart from the others, to emphasize with what others do not have. Therefore we are expanding our physical beauty with the desire for partners, children, clothes, home, garden and objects, such as cars, jewelry and the like. We want beauty in everything, always. What we consider ugly, we reject automatically. But was but physical beauty? A perfect body, lovely face, shiny hair? Someday our bodies age, we die, so we are only passengers ...


Personal care is the key, to maintain and keep clean is the task of us all. However, we do not need to transform our bodies to the absolute center of our attention. And that's what happens, isn`t it? So many people, the endless hours in the gym, spending too much money on plastic surgery, Lipo, remedies for weight loss or age retarding creams. We do not want to be good, but better, better still, best of all. Often the limit is exceeded. Is that why so many people are not be able to be happy? Flabby muscles, wrinkles, loss of freshness of the skin ... how big is the loss really? Sometimes all the suffering seems unnecessary ...


Maybe we should rather cultivate other things like love, kind words, patience, serenity, faith than withdrawing outselves lovingly with creams in the spiritual ugliness for a body which will dust later anyway. Currently, there is probably the plastic surgery that restores the moral beauty; considered by many as the most important investment for the future. In order to revive the beauty of the soul, it takes somewhat more discipline. Certainly it is not easy to judge the eye to something that perhaps awaits us beyond life on earth.


You can see that most people consider mainly materialistic values and the uplifting feeling that one takes centre stage during our short life on Earth. Rare seizing of thought is wanted on God. Since life on Earth only serves as a passage, we should act in accordance with the laws created by Him. They relate to people on a deep perception and the fact that everything is fleeting, that we are only passengers.


To live well has its real difficulties, because the temptation is very great: joys, conditions, feeling etc. have very strong appeals. They win and keep us tied to momentary pleasures and passions with their chains. Those who want to maintain the beauty of the soul must have discipline to know the immortal values of life, not to be detained in prison earthly lust for life, to free themselves from physical illusions. Those who turn their eyes to the stars know that life is much more than the flesh of the body. We are a part of the immense divine plan; the only beauty that counts is the Spirit.



Our largest organ: the skin


The structure of our protective layer

To understand how our skin works, you should have some basic knowledge: about the skin layers, the cell renovation, the hydrolipid film and the pH of the skin. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and is responsible for various functions: It regulates body temperature, protects organs against external influences and prevents the penetration of water into the body. We should therefore deal adequately with our skin and know the different skin types, including their needs and differentiated care. Our skin consists of three layers, of which all have a different characteristic and function: epidermis, dermis, hypodermis.


The hypodermis is the deepest layer of skin, which consists largely of fat cells and therefore may have different thicknesses. Through it a stable body temperature is guaranteed, because it collects the energy for the body functions and protects against physical trauma.


Dermis is the middle layer of skin, which contains collagen and elastin, which are responsible for resistance and skin elasticity. Night creams are penetrating into this skin layer, stimulating collagen and elastin so the skin improves its elasticity and maintains the volume.


Epidermis we call the outer skin layer; here we find the proteins keratin and melanin. Cosmetic products work in this layer and allow an improvement in the skin structure. Keratin protects the body from water loss; Keratin cells tightly stick together, similar to a brick wall, leaving little space for water evaporation. Melanin, the skin pigmentation, protects us from the sun effects, whereby the quantity depends on lighter or darker skin color.

A cell turnover is defined as the capacity of the organism, to replace old cells by newly produced cells. Dead cells are pushed upwards and arrive at the top layer of skin. This process lasts 28 days; this is the average life of a cell.


Now you already know the individual layers of the skin, but do you really know how you must protect your skin and maintain moisture?


Epidermis, the hidrolipide protective coating, is actually a layer of fat and sweat produced by the sweat glands and sebaceous glands. The fat-producing glands are located next to the hairs and produce sebum, which prevents the penetration of water, and protects the skin from dryness and cracking. Sweat glands are responsible for the temperature control and the elimination of residues. The entire hidrolipide skin coat has another important function: It protects our skin from external influences. Mixing sweat and water results in a certain degree of acidity in the skin, which protects against bacteria. PH value is the name of the acidity: neutral in the range 4.5 to 6.5. Down acidic, basic upward. Some factors, such as, inter alia, washing, removes the acid mantle from the skin. Without this acid mantle the skin dries and loses its natural protection. Care by creams is recommended.



Honey in cosmetics


Vanilla Honey Bubble Bath

A wonderfully fragrant recipe for all seasons, especially, however, for cold winter days and improved sentiment. You need: a cup of extra virgin oil (wheat germ oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, avocado oil, etc.), half a cup of honey, half a cup of liquid or fragrance free shower gel, a tablespoon of vanilla extract.


With the addition of honey your skin will become silky smooth. The combination of honey and vanilla presents a subtle, seductive scent. Should this fragrance bath become a gift, you can wrap it in colored glass bottles, seal with a cork, decorate with beads or glass marbles (hot glue).


Preparation: Mix all ingredients are mixed and in a clean bottle filled (preferably dark glass) with well-occlusive cover or cork stopper.

Application of the fragrance foam bath: Before each use, shake the bottle well and give about a quarter cup under running water directly into the bathtub. Sufficient for about eight full baths.


Banana honey mask with egg and oatmeal

An excellent mask for dry and sensitive skin: oatmeals heals and soothes, bananas contain vitamin A, egg lecithin and maintains the natural acid in honey regulates the pH of the skin.


Ingredients: half a mashed banana, a quarter cup of oatmeal boiled with a little milk, one egg, and half a tablespoon of honey.


Preparation of the face mask: Mix all ingredients carefully together and apply with slow, circular massaging movements to the face. Relax for 15 minutes (preferably lying down), then rinse with warm water and pat face dry.



Beauty appetizers: Beauty is easy to eat!



Be honest: How much time and money you have already invested in the fight against wrinkles? The old, endless struggle for the inevitable. What you could do is no smoking, do drinking, do not excessively expose to the sun, do physical activities and have the right things on your food plate. Load green vegetables, olive oil, nuts and wholemeal bread on it, reduce red meat, butter, sugary and processed foods.


Food against wrinkles? Where is such a thing to be found, you will say now. Too good to be true? Beauty is easy to eat! Continue reading...

Physically younger, healthier, leaner, wrinkle-free. But stuffed with antioxidants, those cellular warriors who fight against aging and disease, particularly against wrinkles. They are called zinc, selenium, vitamin A, C and E. They reduce the amount of free radicals and produce new cells.


Zinc, the miracle mineral for your skin:

Zinc is involved in the biochemical reactions in the body; is an excellent nutrient that prevents inter alia itchy, flaky skin. Zinc is contained in shellfish, lean ham, beef and lamb; Vegetarians have it here a little harder. 15mg is the recommended daily dose. Particularly rich in zinc are also oysters, chickpeas, lentils, nuts and dairy products.



Particularly rich in valuable antioxidants are further three top favorites: sweet potatoes, tomatoes and melons.



The top four against wrinkles are: oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit. Take advantage of these fruits not only as juice, but also add them to salads to keep your vitamin C levels above. The ingenious trick of Vitamin C: It helps in collagen production and supports the protein fibers, thus preventing lines and wrinkles, especially after age 30.


Famous foothing and smoothing effect is white, green and black tea. Four to six cups a day are enough. These teas are truly multi-talented: they do not only reduce inflammatory processes such as acne, but act against the sun-related skin aging and even help to prevent skin cancer. They attack tumor cells. The amino acid contained in green tea L-theanine activates the hormone cortisol and helps to keep collagen fibers intact.


Dark green vegetables like spinach, broccoli and turnip greens are full of vitamin A, important for cell growth and development. It prevents dry, flaky skin and hardening.



Experts also found extremely important: Omega3 fatty acids with restorative forces and active combat age. They protect against sunburn, prevent inflammation and improve the effect of sunscreen. Contained protein, enzyme and hormone repairs and forms new skin cells.






Bepanthen for your beauty! Effective and cheap.


For many women, this is nothing new; one finally strives constantly to get the latest tips. The question is, however: Does it really works? The answer is simply: YES. Clever women wouldn`t change Bepanthol for anything in the world!


Here is a brief list of beauty tips with Bepanthol:


Bepanthol ointment

Bepanthol ointment is ideally suited to care for cracked and chapped lips. Put it on overnight and the lips are restored until the next morning.

Bepanthol moistens dry skin regions such as elbows, knees and heels.

Bepanthol moisturizes and softens cuticles and nails, especially before the manicure.

Bepanthol is great for healing wounds.

Bepanthol also helps in moistening (hydration) of the hair; Cream as well as liquid Bepanthol. In addition, the hair roots are strengthened because Bepanthol regenerates.

Bepanthol soothes the skin after shaving or hair remover on the legs, genital area, armpits and face).


Bepanthol brightens dark areas within a few month (for example the armpits) and protects against a lack of hydration.

Bepanthol improves the appearance of dark circles. Use the cream at night, wear it on at bedtime and in the morning be astonished to find how beautiful the dark circles were smoothed.


Bepanthol Spray

Bepanthol Spray helps to moisten the hair and has healing power, additionally strengthens the hair roots and improves inflammatory symptoms (including dandruff) of the scalp, while reducing the itching. Bepanthol spray stimulates pigmentation, which may be of interest to slow the onset of gray hair.


Hydration recipes with Bepanthol

5 ml of liquid Bepanthol, 1 tablespoon brown or crystal sugar, 2 tablespoons cream

are stirred together for a moisturizing treatment for hair. Leave on for 15 to 30 minutes and then shampoo as normal.

PS: This recipe should be passed on only to your best friend!


Tone body and increase muscle mass


Personal Training for excellessnt results

Body toning and increasing the muscle mass to reach the best and most enduring with the 2-way combination exercise and diet. Three to five workouts per week quickly bring the desired top form; the training is to be split. So one day chest, back, biceps and triceps can be trained and on the next day of training legs and shoulders (2-day split). A 3-day split is possible: breast with back, shoulders separately with arms and legs. In this way, the training intensity can be increased.


Large muscle groups can be trained in compound movements; isolated exercises may be desired to bring to definition, however, require much more time. Note: The larger the muscle, the greater the capacity for growth! This applies especially to the legs, our largest muscle.


With regular training (preferably daily), the average caloric intake will be increased and will be depending on the body weight and sex plus (professional) activity at around 500 kcal daily. These calories should be composed of high quality: carbohydrates, high-quality protein (such as eggs, lean meat, cottage cheese, soy, whey protein), and fresh fruit and vegetables for vitamins and minerals.


Supplements (food additives / auxiliary products) may be recommended for intense exercise, such as creatine or whey.


Control unpleasant body odors


Smells can be pleasant or disturbingly unpleasant. You may know the smell of a henhouse, an outhouse or a monkey. As well human body odor can be extremely unpleasant. For this type of "stink", however, exist different types of troubleshooting, ie fighting.


Stinky pinkies

Most common are stinky pinkies. Approximately 250,000 sweat glands on the feet cause excessive sweating; by wet socks or too long worn shoes feet may begin to stink by the formation of bacteria. Solution? Wash feet, dry well and rub with a dilute solution of lemongrass oil or verbena. Also very effective are cinnamon slippers.


Underarm odor / forearm sweat

Unpleasant underarm odor really arises only when the sweat, caused by anxiety, hormones, armpit hair or sport, is decomposed and becomes sour. Also overactive sweat glands (hyperhidrosis) can cause underarm odor. Most people use deodorants, antiperspirants do not. If you suffer from severe underarm odor, you can try a solution of tannic acid or boric acid.


The sweat is still dripping?

Even with antibiotic creams multiplying bacteria can be killed. If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, you should talk to your doctor also once about Botox. Recent studies prove resounding successes. Beta-blockers (high blood pressure medications) could also alleviate chronic, stress-related sweating. Also talk about it with the doctor.


Also proven is the composition of 20 g aluminum chloride in 100 ml of distilled water. Often this formula is mixed with 10 g of Propylengelycolum. This mixture is applied at night and washed off in the morning.


Bad breath and flatulence

Bad breath and flatulence are often due to what you eat. Onions, garlic, curry and alcohol up in the bloodstream and the "aroma" or odors are then exhaled from the lungs and excretes through the skin. Although the intestinal pump is not working properly by too much carbohydrates or acid or bad bacteria is in the intestines, flatulence arises, eg  because of legumes. Probiotic foods before prevents this. Halitosis can be resolved through regular, intensive cleaning of teeth and tongue inclusive of using dental floss. Drink much water.



Seductively smooth skin with Brazilian Hair Removal: Allover Brazilian Waxing


With the increasing miniaturization of swimwear, the demand for professional hair removal in Brazil grew rapidly. Thousands osf cosmeticians specializing in hair removal, called depiladoras, take care of it, to completely remove the body hair of Brazilians (women AND men!). Here, hygienic as well as aesthetic reasons play a role.


Dewaxing is quick, thorough and permanent. If treatment with hot wax is carried out, it is less painful; This starts already when applying the wax. Most types of wax can also be used on sensitive skin; they are prepared on the basis of honey. There are also sugar-based waxes produced, which also have a very pleasant sweet scent. The warm wax is spread with a wooden spatula against the direction of hair growth and is pressed partway down. After a few seconds, the wax is pulled down with a jolt against the direction of hair growth. This can be done by means of a cotton strip or directly by hand. The leg position must often be altered so that all points are reached. Even the hair around the anus is removed. This may yet be very painful at first. The pain is unpleasant, but tolerable. Next time you are already less sensitive. The perfect results are really worth the short pain. The wax residue can be removed with special oil and a cotton swab.


Naturally produced oils can be rinsed off with cold water simply because they are water soluble. Since the hairs are pulled out by the roots, skin irritation can occur, such as red dots. However, this slight redness disappears until the next day. To soothe the skin can be baby powder dusted; however, one also achieves good results with an after-shave balm. But always make sure not to use perfume or deodorant in the next 24 hours, and do not expore the depilated areas to the sun; Also swimming is not advised. Hairs should have a length of 0.3 to 1.0 cm so that they are easier to remove. The Hair Professionals recommend a scrub 1 or 2 days prior to dewaxing. Before dewaxing no skin cream must be applied, otherwise the wax cannot uphold. Irritated or broken skin should not be waxed. The treated skin remains approximately 4-6 weeks silky and stubble-free; regrowing hairs are fine and with time they grow sparser after waxing. Facial hair can be reduced in this way, too. After the American series "Sex in the City", it has become fashionable to remove the hair in the genital area almost completely. However, this is nothing for sensitive women because there is some pain. In Brazil a complete treatment costs about 50 reais and should not cost more than 50 euros or 50 dollars in the USA. Absolute hygiene in the salon hair removal is essential!


If you want to try at home again: The "house recipe" for hot wax: cook 1 kg of sugar and 1 glass of lemon juice. The mass must be spreadable, neither too thin nor too thick. Before applying test skin temperature to prevent burns! This "wax" is just used as industrially produced wax: applying against the direction of hair growth, tearing off with a cotton fleece, washing with cool water, no cream, only baby powder. Voila! Baby-soft and sexy. Of course there are ready kits for home available. 


Remain young with the type correct skincare


Do not postpone it to a later date; Now you have to start with it. Face, body and hands should be cleaned and maintained daily, so signs of age can be delayed as long as possible. Just around the eyes and mouth visible and unsightly wrinkles are formed quickly caused by dryness; UV radiation (too much sun), air pollution, smoke and stress also call their toll.

What is well maintained at a young age shows up well preserved in old age; Aftereffects the experts call this. Skin also needs to be properly taken care of from the inside out, in other words: a natural, high-fiber diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals is necessary. Sporting activity (minimum twice or three times per week for at least 20 or 30 minutes) keeps body and mind fit.


Facial care morning and evening plus additional care

Begin each morning with a type-specific facial care: cleaning with cleansing cream, cleansing lotion or mild facial soap, cleaning with a facial toner on cotton swab plus facial care cream. Once a week skin should be exfoliated (remove dead skin cells), followed by face mask (deep care). Avoid strong pushing and rubbing the face. Sleeping on your back makes fewer wrinkles than a face buried in the pillow.


Type accessible skincare plus sunscreen

Day creams ideally contain adequate sunscreen. Night creams (evenings) may be a little more substantial, because during the night the skin is able to absorb nutrients and care substances even better.

A well-groomed face also shows well-maintained aint teeth and a subtle, type matching makeup.


Peeling - super care for face and body