Beauty in the Hunt - Stjepan Polic - ebook

Beauty in the Hunt ebook

Stjepan Polic



This book is telling a story about pleasure, passion and love between two and a woman. It tells about their desire to satisfy the passion between them, or including some other persons, but also about their wish of fair dealing, understanding and commitment to the idea of marriage.

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Table of contents
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Chapter VIII
Chapter IX
Chapter X
Chapter XI

Beauty in the Hunt

Stjepan Polic 

Copyright © 2015 by Stjepan Polic

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.


This book is telling the story about pleasure, passion and love between two people ...... man and woman.

Handsome middle-aged Italian in his late forties met a woman of his life, willing to keep her besides him, delighted by her beauty and intelligence. Her decency, elegancy and attraction tells him, he has to tolerate some things to keep them together, descovering such a things, are turning him on too!

He tells us the story, that shows their commitment to the idea of marriage, but also their wish to satysfie their passion, having some rare and explicite sexual adventures among themselves or involving some other persons.

The book is telling about theirs characters, fairdealing and understanding, which is of great importance for honest and fair relationship between them. Sincerity between them and ability to talk about "dark" sex desires, allows them to create proper assumptions for her marriage!

Dialogues among two main characters are showing respect and understanding, as the presumtion of good relationship. Their communication is asserting their racines and accepting of diversitys among them and ability of discernment knowledge.  

Expecting estimate readers to read his story with care, wishing to know what happened during wedding ceremony and wedding celebration, author left this part of the story as a topic for one of his next books! 

Chapter I

It was mid of  May, spring was in the air, after long and cold winter green leaves began to

appear on the trees, as a symbol of warmer days coming.

My name is Marco, I am living and working in Zagreb, Croatian capital, as a trade representant

of few big Italian firms, which are producing different  kind of fabrics or clothes. It was quite enjoyableway of living, because in last few years, I used to organize my work here that good and it became a real pleasure for me, with no stress at all. Dealing mostly with long time cooperants, enabled me a lot of freetime, which I was spending mostly in Zagreb down town, visiting lovely coffee bars, hanging around with friends, reading newspapers and watching beautiful girls walking around.

Staying here for a last couple of years, I learned Croatian language very good and it helped me a lot, to gain many of friends here.

There are a lot of beautiful women in Croatia, especially in Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and other

more populated towns. Comparing with my homeland Italy, girls here are definitely much more beautiful, but Italian girls were having just a bit more style wearing their clothes, or better to say, Croatian women were not in position, to buy their clothes that up to date with a latest  fashion trends. Crisis was visible everywhere, you could even touch it.

It was  Monday, I was sitting on a terrace of my favorite coffee bar, watching preety girls

passing by!

In one moment, I did notice very pretty girl comming in my direction, walking with elegance

on a high heels, wearing narowly tailored light brown rock, brown jacket and white shirt. High heels were so elegant making her legs outstanding beautiful, raising her butt........ wou,  for me she was one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Her beauty, dicency and elegancy was pushing her in front of the other girls......., she was so attractive...., I like the way she moved...!

She was brunette around 175 centimeters toll with a beautiful face, full lips, medium to large sized chests which seductively rocked following her walking rytham. Fabulously formed long

legs were absolutely splendid, merging with perfect hips and lifted buttocks. She was definetly my type of a woman.

I was not the only one who was looking, better to say, who was stearing at her..........., everybody around was watching her, probably with one thing on mind...., how to catch such a women?!

In the next moment she walked away watching right in front of her, paying no attention to

the other people around her. She was aware of her beauty and attraction, making her unconquerable!

According to my experience, such an attitude was definitely defending pose. She wanted to protect herself from agressive men, trying to seduce her. I promised myself, to invite her for a cup of coffee next time.

It was just one big problem, I saw her first time and I did not have any idea who was she, where she is working or going out ........, I did have no information about her. I told myself, to try

something in case I see her next time!

I used to visit that coffe bar every day approximately at the same time hoping to see her, but the

opportunity to see her again never came .........., I gave up, wanting to change my observing

place, totaly dissapointed with its non appearing!

After approximately two, too long weeks of failing seeking her, I was paying my bill and

I was about to leave......, then she appeared, elegant and beautiful as the first time. In one short

moment I met her eyes, but it was so fast and she did not give me any sign of interest.

I stept down from a terrace and started to follow her few meters......, surpassing her, turning around, telling her how beautiful is she.

We were both confused a bit, I was absolutely more, but she helped me with one lovely smile telling ....., thank you very much, it is so nice to hear such a compliment........! She was waiting for my next move.....!

I asked her to join me for a drink immedeately ....., she thanked me refusing my invitation

with her deep and clear voice, telling she is out of time right now, but willling to accept my invitation in one of the next days!

When I asked her to define exactly time and day ......, she told me watching my eyes........, I am sure that such a rave and charming man willl find me, if he really wants!

Next day never came....., I did not see her passing for a months, does not matter how often

I was waiting and looking for her.

I was disappointed, angry at myself ....., but that women was always on my mind, actually

she became my obsession, I was thinking about her every day ......, many times in a day!

Chapter II

Last days I was quite busy travelling around, trying to expand my business in Austria,

Germany and Switzerland.

One day, I used to have an business appointment in Graz, in one office near main train station, practically across the street. It was kind of meeting I did not like, talks were  havy, with no

sucess and I felt so tired. I left negotiation place and entered first coffee bar in nearest building.

I was enjoying my cappuccino and strawberry cake, reading domestic newspaper on German language and throwing my view sometimes on a street, watching people .......!

It was cold end of November and I wanted to buy some things before I drive away, but then I felt so tired and sleepy and I started to think, where I can have a little nap, to recover me quickly.

One idea felt on my mind......., to visit cinema in the main train station and close my eyes for a while, till movie is on.

Entering station complex, I moved to the nearest info point to find out about cinema and after that, I walked down the hall till coffee bar in front of the cinema entrance.

It was around  4 pm and coffee bar was almost empty, with just one couple sitting across the entrance, having cup of coffee.

I decided to drink something before cinema and I took a place two desks away from that couple. Lady was brunette, turned to me with her back and gentleman was handsome and elegant black guy in his fifties.

She was exposing her legs to a black man, who was talking to her and now and then watching her legs.

I noticed they were both quite horny. Few times in a short period, lady was crossing her legs, exposing them all the way up to her panties.

I was totally intrigued with all this and it made me really hot.

Accidentally I become a voayer!

Few minutes later they rose up, I was thinking they are on the way out, but they moved to

the cash desk buying a tickets for the movie. Entering cinema hall, I was able to see ladys face for the first time and I was thruly more then shocked!

This was beauty from Zagreb, object of all my desires in last six months. I couldnt belive my eyes, she was moving into porno cinema with a horny black male, better to say they were both horny.

She did not notice me and when I recovered myself from a shock, I decided to move in too.

I was waiting for a couple of minutes, then I moved in, holding my left hand in front of my face covering me, to give her no option to recognize me.

It was tottaly darkness and I stepped aside, to adjust my eyes to a new situation, trying to discover where they are.

On the first sight, I did nt see them sitting, it was just one older man sitting in the last row, left in front of me. When I moved closer behind  him, I saw him looking at the left side, behind the side wall.

I approached and saw them kissing ..., he was pulling her tight skirt up, fondeling her beautiful legs and hips rubbing her buttocks. She was kissing him with such a passion, fondeling his cock over his trousers.

In the next moment she pulled his giant dick out, stroking  big black shaft, which started to whimper.

They were in heaven, ready to fuck, blind and deaf for everything that was happening around them. 

His dick was truly impressive, it was a big peace of black meat, ready to satisfy white horny lady. In these extremely exciting moments she was also beautiful, elegant and object of all desires

for every man.

He was starting to push her head gently down to his whimpering glans..........! She crouched in front of him, spreading her beautiful legs, touching her pussy lips with one hand and grabing his big balls with another. She started to touch his dick with her tongue, licking his glans around .......... and sucking him, taking his dick deep into her throath........! He grabed her head starting to fuck her mouth, breathing heavily ........, she was rubbing her pussy lips, pushing her fingers sometimes deep into her vagina, circleing with her hips, making her more and more excited. In one moment she started to squirt her juices on the floor slapping her pussy.....!

I ve never seen a woman having such an intense orgasam!

Black man pulled his cock out of her mouth, rising her and pushing her against the wall, placing himself behind her, taking a condom, ready to dogg overheated white beauty.

Rising her head, turning it into my direction she recognized me, opening widely her eyes  blushing all over her face......., in one moment she was about to stop, but she was too excited, too hot to stop. Black lover wanted penetrate her juicy pussy, but she turned to him and told him to stay still....., let me please you ......she said.

She was focusing me, staying with one hand against the wall, grabing his cock with another,

starting to slide his glance against her pussy lips. In one moment, she supported herself with both hands against the wall, started to move her hips slowly, sliding her pussy lips against his

glans. I never saw something like that, she was moving her hips slowly, taking his glance  more and more inside her hot pussy, sliding down his rod, taking him deeper and deeper in her lovely count.

It was incredible sight, they were standing still, practically not moving their bodys...., she was just moving her hips slowly....! Her pussy was eating his big black rod ....., she started to move faster and faster, telling him with a voice full passion ...., come on, feed me up ........., feed my bitchy pussy!

Unbeliveble, she was fucking and stearing at me, I was able to see all her passion and excitement ........., she was totally shameless ....., but so beautiful in the same time.

In following moment, he pulled his cock out of her, removing condom and squirting warm

seed all over her ass and pussy. She was still coming, squirting down her legs, making floor wet, yelling and shaking! She crouched in front of him again, licking and cleaning his dick and balls, letting no drop to waste!

After that, she needed few minutes to recover from intense orgasm......., watching me, she

bent down and pulled up her panties, covering her fresh fucked pussy.

I used to have a feeling, like I gave her an additional impuls for such a great sex, for such a

passion to fuck.

Black lover was away immediately....., so we remained staying face to face telling no word,

just looking each other, calming down our excitement.

Yes, I was calming down myself too, it was so excited for me as a spectator, or better to say, as the occasionaly voyeur.

She moved closer to me, kissing my lips, asking me with her deep and sexy voice, still

muted from excitement .......... do you still like me ....?!

She run away through the exit door!

I dicided to follow her, I did not know what to think, what to do......, she was preffered women

in my life in last few months, person of all my desires.....!

Should I forget her after I saw her fucking........., but she was free women, I did not have any relationship to her, I just wanted her badly!

I went out few seconds later, seeing her walking down the street heading Graz center. I started to walk, tracking her on a decent distance, but after few minutes in front of the bridge she turned