Beautifully Bare - Lily Weidner - ebook

When Britney decides to take advantage of a stranger’s affections, things turn kinky fast. What Britney wasn’t prepared for though was the perfect stranger turning out to be her estranged father! Now, Britney and her father must face the predicament they find themselves fighting. Hot and lusting for each other’s touch again, will Britney and her father commit to embracing the ultimate taboo?

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Lily Weidner’s

Family Secrets Series

Published by Lot’s Cave

Family Secrets No.02

Beautifully Bare, © 2016, by Lily Weidner

All Rights Reserved

Cover by Moira Nelligar

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


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Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Taboo Erotica

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Chapter 1

Who reads this stuff?”

Britney looked up from the book she had considered buying confused to find a grown man standing in the teenage oriented section of the local bookstore. The sight wasn’t too uncommon, but his disgruntled remarks drove a curious part of her. Noticing the title he had happened to pick up, she smiled. “That’s actually a good book. You should read it. There’s worse out there… that’s for sure.”

The man dropped the book, prompting a soft giggle to escape Britney’s lips. Blushing as he looked up at her, she looked down at her feet. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to surprise you.”

“It’s alright.” Brady studied the young girl who had taken it upon herself to start a conversation with him. The soft redness of her cheeks told him she had become embarrassed, perhaps by his acceptance of her sudden want for conversation if not outright attention. Noticing the girl had taken to staring down at the floor in her embarrassment, he quickly put the book down on the shelf before smiling at her. “Would you like to help me?”

Surprised by the question, Britney managed to look up from the floor. He wants my help? What could I possibly help him with? He’s not one of those guys… is he? He’s too cute to be weird like that. Oh my god! Did I just think he’s cute? I did! Oh God! This is terrible. I can’t even control myself. As her thoughts seemed to spiral out of control, Britney felt a dampness growing in her panties. Something within her had always been attracted to older men and she had learned this instinctual urge went much deeper than she wanted to admit. As much as she wanted to deny the part of her that longed for the companionship only found in the arms of an older man, Britney still never quite managed to stop daydreaming whenever a handsome one walked by. Now, all she could do was helplessly follow the older man’s lead. “Sure, I can help you with whatever you like.”

Amused by the blush deepening on the young girl’s face, Brady tried not to encourage more. There’s no way she knows what she’s saying. She’s probably just an innocent girl who got caught in saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. It’s common at her age to do that… at least I suppose it is if she’s that nervous all the time. Brady turned his attention back to the bookshelf, before sighing. “I’m looking for a gift… for a girl about your age… she loves to read, but I can’t imagine picking any of these books for her… they’re not my thing.”

“Ah, a girl my age huh?” Britney realized her tone had an edge to it now, one that made her cringe. Am I jealous? Oh God! I’m getting jealous! This is stupid. I’m being so stupid and immature. No wonder I can’t get a guy his age to like me. Taking a deep breath, Britney tried to recover forcing her voice to return to its natural sweet tone. “As opposed to an older guy like you?”

Brady noticed the sarcastic tint to Britney’s voice. Surprised such a sweet looking girl could have such a cunning whit to her, he laughed despite himself. Fuck! I shouldn’t have been so quick to point out her age. She probably thinks I see her as a child. At least she has an interesting way of pointing such things out… using humor… though with a little sarcasm. I’ve always liked that in a girl. With the atmosphere between them starting to relax, Brady picked another book from the shelf. “Tell you what, I feel old… far too old in this section of books. Whatever happened to reading decent material? I was reading Dickens… Poe… hell I even read Chaucer at your age. Don’t kids read that stuff anymore?”

Taking the book away from him, Britney laughed. “You’re kidding right?”

“No, I’m not.” Pausing to notice the way Britney strained to reach the top shelf to return the book to its proper shelf, Brady forced himself to look away from the shapely legs and rounded out skirt his new companion wore. When she turned back to face him quicker than anticipated, his eyes met hers in an almost guilty confession of his self-indulgence. Clearing his throat, he tried not to notice the way the young girl’s eyes seemed to search his longing for him to voice the desires trapped within his thoughts. “Wh-why don’t you guys read anything worth reading anymore?”

Quick to lean against the bookshelves giving Brady the view of her body he seemed too polite to ask for, Britney decided to answer his question with one of her own. “Which did you prefer to read?”

Brady noticed the playful way the young girl’s hands slid up to the edge of her skirt, toying with the fabric as she waited for his answer. While the gesture allowed him a better view of the luscious curves hidden underneath the girl’s skirt, he knew she hadn’t intended it as such. Trying to look away, he gave thought to her question. “Chaucer, I’ve probably read his work a thousand times over.”

Smirking, Britney let out a laugh before turning to the bookshelf behind her. Taking a single book from the shelf, she handed it to him. “Here, give your girlfriend this then. It’s a little um… adult… but it’s along the same lines. I guess it’s easier to read than that old language you fancy, but the stories are just as good.”

“Is it really?” Brady glanced down at the book noticing the erotic imagery. If he hadn’t known better, he would have sworn the book had been placed there by accident. Has she read this? She seems to have read it and liked it. Perhaps this young girl isn’t as innocent as I thought. Turning the book over, he read a few words on the back before looking up. “This does look like an interesting read.”

“You like it?” A blush formed on Britney’s face as the man seemed to genuinely approve of her choice. “I’ve read the book in pieces here in the store, but never managed to finish the whole thing. It’s a newer title, so the odds are she won’t have it yet… your girlfriend, I mean.”

Confused, Brady looked back up at Britney. “Why do you think this is for my girlfriend?”

Motioning to his hand, she shrugged her shoulders. “You’re not wearing a ring. Either you have a girlfriend or it’s a wife you’re not too satisfied with. Since you’re buying her a gift, I’m going with girlfriend.”

The way Britney worded things made him smile. For her to notice he wore no ring, at least at her age, told him he wasn’t the only older guy she’d ever been interested in. Adding into the equation her innocent nature and he was still forced to ponder the possibility of Britney remaining a virgin. Glancing back down at the book she’d handed him though, he began wondering if she hadn’t been caught up in an active imagination that gave way to fantasies much more mature than he first thought. Keeping his voice playful, Brady chanced teasing the girl himself. “Some boyfriend I must be… flirting with you and all.”

Britney nibbled on her bottom lip, unable to believe he could say such a thing. Oh God! I offended him! The one guy nice enough to talk to me, and I offended him! Great! How am I going to fix this? Panic stricken, she tried to correct her statement. “I… I didn’t… I didn’t mean to insult you. Relationships are well… they’re complicated. What you and your girlfriend worked out is none of my business. I just… I just—”

“Relax.” The girl’s rush of words suddenly halted, allowing him time to breathe again. “I was only joking. I’m actually single. This is a gift for someone else entirely. A platonic someone.”

Covering her mouth with a soft delicate hand to hide her embarrassment, Britney studied Brady’s expression until she understood it had only been a joke. “That’s so mean!”

“Hey, you earned it. You’ve been nothing but a tease the entire time you were supposed to be helping me.” Brady noticed the hand drop from the girl’s mouth, though the embarrassment still stayed apparent in her eyes. God! That’s sexy as hell! What I wouldn’t give to publically humiliate a girl like her. Corrupt an innocent young girl. As his thought continued to trail on, Brady looked at the floor realizing he had perhaps come off too strongly for the girl to handle. When her sweet voice reached his ears, he couldn’t hide the expression of shock that came over his face.

“I didn’t… didn’t mean to tease you.” Britney looked down at the floor, before sighing. “I always do this. I’m always flirting with people and don’t even realize it. I’m so sorry. I just… I just thought you were cute. I’m so tired of not being able to find a guy like you. I always ruin things before they start because I do stupid things like this.”

Surprised to find the young girl so quick to show him her insecurities, Brady smiled recovering from his look of shock. She scares boys her own age away. They couldn’t handle her honesty. I don’t think many men my own age could handle her honesty… her perceptive nature… poor girl. Wanting to give Britney some comfort, he set the book down momentarily on the shelf before speaking. “You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. You’re young yet… trying to figure things out. Hey, you’re already doing better than most girls your age.”

Rolling her eyes, Britney couldn’t hide the bitterness in her tone now. “Yeah, I’m doing so much better. No boyfriend. No fun experiences. Hell, I don’t even do anything spontaneous. I’m doing so well for myself.”

Brady laughed remembering back to a time he could have said much the same thing. “You’ve never done something spontaneous? I have trouble believing that.”

“It’s true, it’s true and you know it is.” Sighing, Britney tried not to sulk.

“Then let me fix that for you, it’s the least I can do since you helped me out. Will you let me do that?” The situation he found himself was an unusual one, but Brady could think of worse ways to spend his morning. Besides that, he had started to take a liking to the younger girl. “If you really want to do something spontaneous, have coffee with me?”

“Really?” Britney knew she should say no, everything in her life had advised against coffee with a stranger still she wanted to say yes more than anything. This handsome guy is asking me out? I mean… he’s single… and asking me to have coffee with him… that’s… that’s a date right? Unsure of how to properly accept his offer while still maintaining a neutral appearance to the matter, Britney nodded. “Are you sure though? I don’t want to like… impose or anything.”

A smile crept onto Brady’s lips as he knew what the girl really meant. Am I really doing this? Am I really trying to convince a girl half my age to have coffee with me? Fuck it’ll probably be the lamest date she’s ever been on. Even as his thought questioned whether they would turn out a good match, Brady continued to encourage their potential date. “You won’t be imposing at all. Besides, I could really use the company of an intelligent woman like you. We can talk about all the great books you’re supposed to have already read. I promise, I’ll be the perfect gentlemen to you.”

The expression on Brady’s face made Britney conscious of the growing pool between her legs. With his eyes wandering along her body, she paid special attention to where they came to rest. He’s careful to keep his eyes on mine but… but he’s still checking me out. It feels kind of nice to be noticed... to be treated like an adult woman...a sexual creature in my own right. Enjoying the attention as much as she enjoyed the conversation herself, Britney found herself nodding. “Alright, then I’ll do it. I’ll have coffee with you.”

“Great!” Brady let his happiness show openly, as the smile it earned him on the young girl’s face already seemed priceless to him. “May I?”

Britney glanced down noticing Brady’s extended arm. Oh wow! He… he wants to touch? Like he actually wants to touch me? With a blush forming on her face, Britney’s smile widened. “Sure, I don’t mind that. I kind of like to be tou—”

“Touched?” Brady smiled as he wrapped his arm around her waist. The scent of the girl’s strawberry shampoo filled his nose making a part of him stir. Feminine scents were always a turn on to him, and Britney’s smelled especially sweet. She’s so… soft. Does she know what it’s like to be this excited? he wondered. When he felt her body pressing closer to his, Brady found himself in an almost inescapable answer to his very question.

Walking toward the café area of the bookstore, Britney tried not to notice the sensation of pure heat coursing through her body in an uncontrollable never ending wave. He’s turning me on and he’s not even trying! Oh jeez! Why can’t I seem to control myself? Britney tried not to think of how flushed her cheeks had become, as she stopped at the coffee counter. “What… what um… do you want?”

Grinning at the nervous look in Britney’s eyes, Brady answered her question more playfully than he usually would have. “Probably some coffee.”

With her face growing hotter, Britney couldn’t help but laugh. “You don’t say. You know, it comes in different flavors nowadays. Not to mention if you want cream and sugar or not… there are just too many options now to guess.”

“Well, what kind do you like?”

Britney thought things over suddenly feeling put on the spot. Despite usually ordering the same drink every time, she had trouble remembering with those gorgeous eyes now locked on hers commanding attention despite their warmth. “Um, I um… I like both. I mean… I like cream and sugar.” Britney looked down at the floor, knowing her words were coming out in a frantic jumbled mess. Why does my mind always go there? Can’t my thoughts just be normal for ten minutes! Taking a deep breath, Britney tried again. “I usually just get a mocha.”

Trying not to laugh at the way Britney seemed defeated in her admittance; Brady ordered them two mochas before heading toward a more secluded table. Out of the corner of his eye he kept staring at the cute flush of Britney’s cheeks, the sight stirring his mind as well as his lower body. Damn! That look is far sexier than any I’ve seen in a long time. She’s young and innocence… but her honesty is refreshing. Could I be turned on by it? Is that what’s making me so damn hard? Trying not to frighten the girl by his obvious arousal, Brady gratefully accepted the tabletop obstructing Britney’s view as they sat down. “So, tell me more about you. How does a young girl end up reading Chaucer these days?”

The question made Britney smile over the rim of her coffee cup. “High school requirement. I just happened to take a liking to the stories.”

“What did you like about them?” Brady took a sip of coffee to hide the growing smile on his face. Will she really tell me why she liked them? There’s only one reason people really like those stories these days. I can’t imagine her opening that door. But what if she does? he could he but wonder.

With a slight blush returning to her face, Britney couldn’t believe he had asked her such a question. While the interest seemed harmless enough, she knew better by the mischievous smile on Brady’s face he failed to hide. He knows! He knows why I like them… he’s just asking to embarrass me! That’s so mean… so unfair! What do I say? As she tried to think up a neutral response, Britney remembered how she was trying to be spontaneous. Taking a deep breath, she tried to find the best words to voice how she really felt. “I um… I’ll be honest… I kind of liked them for their raunchier humor.”

Nearly choking on his coffee, Brady quickly wiped a few drops of coffee from his mouth. She did not say that. No blush on her face. No obvious embarrassment. Where is this comfortability suddenly coming from? Noticing a hardness building in the confines of his jeans, Brady took another sip of coffee to collect his thoughts before continuing their conversation. “Raunchy humor? How does such an innocent girl like you even manage to say the word raunchy in such an even toned way?”

Britney laughed, before signs of her insecurity started to show in the softness of her voice. “Maybe I’m not so innocent… at least… not in what I think of things.”

Feeling a hand placed on his knee, Brady found his cock only grew harder. Fuck! I didn’t expect her to do this. Why is she doing this? Does she think it’s a mandatory thing? She doesn’t have to… but fuck! Look at her eyes… the seductive way her lips seem to part… fuuuuck! Brady relaxed the tightened grip on his coffee cup, before looking down at Britney’s hand.

“What’s wrong? Is this… is this too much?” Looking down at her lap, Britney removed her hand suddenly insecure.

Brady took hold of her hand, enveloping it in his. “No, it’s not. I just… I just don’t want to feel like you have to. Does that make sense? I want you to be yourself.” The hesitant glance up on Britney’s part made him smile, the warmth of his smile enough to melt away her insecurities.

“What if it’s not about being myself… but rather… what if it’s more about being who I want to be?” The words seemed too much out loud, and Britney cursed herself for being so foolish.