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Beth has always called DJ 'Mama's good boy.' An endearing expression, and one she still uses even though he's now an adult. Lately, for some reason, he's been getting upset when she says it. But Beth has bigger problems; like her husband cheating on her. When she discovers DJ's having sexual fantasies about her, Beth decides it's time for her son to once again Be Mama's Good Boy: in every way! ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ "That's why you were so freaked out over this dress, isn't it?" Beth demanded. "What's the matter, seeing me dress like the whores in these movies really get you hot for me?" "Mom, I don't want you!" He put his hands up. "I'm sorry, I know this is creepy and weird, but..." "You don't want me?" Beth laughed. "You really are your father's son!" "Huh?" "Never mind!" Beth snapped. "But that's it isn't? You had the nerve to act like you were offended I was going out like this and it was turning you on!" "No!" "You've done this before!" Beth's voice was rising as she gestured wildly at the bed. "You come in here when we're not home and play with my lingerie!" When DJ lowered his head, she laughed harshly. "Yeah, can't even lie can you? Bet you've jerked off all over my clothes then washed them and put them back, haven't you?" "Mom, don't talk like that." He pointed to her. "You're mad and I don't blame you, but let's talk about this tomorrow." "We talk about it now!" She grabbed the t-shirt he'd just picked up and tried to slip on away from him. "You stay right where you are, naked on mommy's bed. Are you still hard under there? Is me yelling at you getting you excited?" "Mom, don't say things like that." "Did you sit there thinking about me in this dress? Think about guys looking at your mother and wanting her??" DJ started to speak, but she pressed her fingers to his lips. "You get nastier than that" You think about me lifting this dress and bending over something so you can take me?" DJ shook his head, but his eyes were on her breasts which, with her leaning over, were close to falling out. Beth saw what he was doing and smirked. "Like them? You think about pulling my top down? Maybe giving mommy a pearl necklace?" His eyes widened and she laughed again. "What, you don't think I like to talk dirty? Bet I act pretty dirty in all your nasty little fantasies don't I?" Beth shoved him back into the pillows. "Bet just me talking like that has you hot doesn't it?" "No," he said weakly shaking his head. "No?" Beth raised her eyebrows at him. "You don't want me calling you mama's good boy anymore because it turns you on." "Mom," "Mom? Why not call me Mama? Like that boy in the movie? How many times you watch it? Jerk off to it? So many times that I can't call you what I have since you were able to talk because now an affectionate expression has turned into something dirty for you?" Beth paused in her ranting to catch her breath and try to calm down. Her anger wasn't just at him, but had become an outlet for her frustration over being betrayed by her husband.  Now here she was yelling at her son who she had just discovered had some kind of misplaced sexual desire for her, or if not an outright desire, an outlet for some weird taboo fetish he'd developed...

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Be Mama’s Good Boy


Laura Lovecraft

Artwork by Moira Nellinger

* * * * *

PUBLISHED BY: L.L. Craft Publications

Be Mama’s Good Boy

Copyright © 2018 by Laura Lovecraft

Chapter One

“Like what you see, baby?” Beth asked her reflection, staring into her dark brown eyes. “You want to take this sexy cougar home and be my hot little boy toy?”

Beth cocked her head, and slowly licked her red lips while narrowing her eyes into what she hoped was a seductive look. After a moment, she rolled her eyes and waved her hand in disgust.

“Sexy cougar,” she muttered still looking in the mirror. “Hot boy toy, you sound like a goddamn idiot.”

She slumped back into the chair in front of her bureau and added in a subdued tone. “No, just someone who hasn’t flirted since friggin college.”

Beth continued to eye her reflection. Having owned and operated a small but successful advertising agency with her husband for the last fifteen years she decided to look at tonight, in terms of work.

In this case Beth herself was the product she was looking to market. As she would with an actual product, Beth thought on what her selling points were as well as what she wanted to take focus away from.

Her strength was her appearance, Beth wasn’t vain by nature, but she was aware of the fact she was an attractive woman. At forty five, an age where most women were going with shorter hair styles, she continued to enjoy her long chestnut brown hair.

Beth loved how long and lustrous her hair was, lustrous, she allowed herself a small smile, now that’s an advertising, lay it on thick term, if she ever heard one. In this case it fit, her hair was still thick with a natural shine to it and she always felt it looked damn sexy, especially when she took the time to put some curl in it like she had tonight.

Her eyes were the color of her hair and equally bright, along with being wide and expressive. When she was acting naturally and not posing in the mirror, her eyes could smolder dangerously, and as she had been told by Donald many times in their younger years, could look very inviting, bedroom eyes he called them.

She used to get a thrill out of that line back when he meant it. Now it was just part of his brand of adverting and sales schmoozing. Beth’s jaw clenched and her lips turned down in a scowl at the thought of her husband of twenty two years using that line on whatever little slut he was paying to fuck him on his ‘business trips’.

Beth blinked and took a deep breath; this wasn’t the time to think about that. Tonight was about getting what she wanted. Not just wanted, but desperately needed, and enjoying every fucking minute of it.

She relaxed, and turned her scowl into a big fake smile as she tilted her head and batted her eyes. She was aiming for a ‘hey, baby, come on over’ look, instead she looked like she had something in her eye as the forced smile looked more like a grimace.

“Less is more, let the product sell itself,” she told the no longer smiling woman in the mirror.

If less was more then she should wipe off and start again with her makeup. Beth normally wore minimal make up. Enough blush to accentuate her high cheek bones and some eye liner to call out her large, expressive brown eyes.

Beth’s lips were full to the point of being puffy, a feature that could look either sensual or bratty depending on her mood. For many men, bratty could be considered sensual, and she was well aware that to most men her lips would make them think of one thing, and it wasn’t kissing.

Beth did miss kissing; long, deep, passionate, tongue filled kissing, but found lately she missed the other thing her lips were good for even more. That other thing Beth missed, and had been shamelessly craving was sucking cock

She sought to satisfy that craving tonight, in which case her current shade of slut red lipstick was the appropriate look. If that was the case then she may as well leave the heavier than usual blush, eye shadow and thick mascara alone as well.

For tonight, Beth’s usually tastefully done make up and professional appearance, had given away to what could only be described as trashy, and again that suited tonight’s goal of getting dressed up to get messed up.

If her cosmetic style was the more in her less is more approach, her dress was definitely the less. Beth’s eyes lowered to take in her plunging neckline. Not only did it show off an improper amount of cleavage, but plummeted enough to show off the inner half of her breasts.

Beth’s already ample breasts were pushed up by the dress to look even more impressive and so tight that despite the thin padding it featured so it could be worn without a bra, she could see the faint outline of her nipples and they weren’t even erect at the moment.

The hem of the one piece blood red dress, a perfect match for her bold lipstick, was as high as the top was low. Glancing down, she noted that just sitting in the chair she was exposing a lot of thigh.

Beth crossed her legs, and watched the hem rise further. Short of a bathing suit she had never worn anything that showed this much leg. The bathing suit analogy was what she used to tell herself it was okay to where the dress when it had caught her eye at the boutique last night.

Now it occurred to her a bathing suit, even bikini was different; everyone wore them by the pool or at the beach. To wear something this revealing, no, scratch that word, to wear something this slutty out to a bar was completely different and required a confidence she wasn’t sure she was feeling right now.

Beth told herself she had nothing to worry about; her insecurities were based on having been with one man for the past twenty three years and not putting herself out there.

Putting herself out there? In this outfit she may as well have a free lunch sign around her neck. Or maybe a more accurate one that read desperate and horny.

“Well if the shoe fits wear it.” Beth mumbled.

Speaking of shoes, she turned in the chair and looked down at the floor. Between her bare feet was the pair of red stilettos she’d bought to go with the dress. The shoes were open toed and she’d gone for a pedicure right after work and had her toes done to match her long fingernails fingers which matched the dress and that all made her…the lady in way too much red.

Another sign she either had no clue what she was doing or was trying to send a pretty obvious message of what she was looking to do. Beth continued to stare at the heels now doubting she’d be able to dance in them if anyone happened to ask, she’d be lucky to just walk in them without tripping.

They were hot though, with straps that cross-crossed over the top of her foot and wound up over her ankle. They might not be practical, but of all went well they’d look great in the air or on top of some sexy young stud’s shoulders.

On his shoulders when he fucked her and across his back when he went down on her. Those thoughts immediately affected her nipples and looking in the mirror Beth saw they were prominent through the dress even with the skimpy padding that consisted of her ‘bra’ for the night.

Her nipples, and the impressive breasts they accentuated, gave her confidence a much needed boost. Beth was a good looking woman with attractive features under her too heavy makeup, and more importantly for tonight she did have a body worth showing off.

Beth’s chest was her most noticeable feature from the neck down and had been since she’d blossomed into a full d-cup by freshmen year of high school. They’d always gotten her a lot of attention and when she had a boyfriend, or later when she was married, she’d dress to conceal them in order to avoid stares and the attention she’d formerly enjoyed.

Even in her mid forties her breasts were still the ‘things of wonder’ a boyfriend in college had once referred to them as. From their perfect shape, to her large wine colored nipples, and best of all at her age, they were still holding their own in the war against gravity.

Making them stand out even more was the fact Beth wasn’t busty other than her chest. At five nine, Beth was tall and slender with long well toned legs, just enough hips to give her a nice shape and a small heart shaped ass.

Beth had worked hard to keep her legs and ass looking good, jogging, yoga, and the elliptical machine at the gym twice a week, was a lot to fit in around a fifty hour work week, but she made the effort and it paid off.

That effort wasn’t just about being healthy, but she’d wanted to look good for Donald. Beth hadn’t wanted them to become the typical professional middle aged couple with the successful business, nice house, good looking son, and everything on the surface, but no longer any passion.

That passion had faded anyway the last couple of years and Beth had done everything she could to rekindle it. She worked harder than ever on her appearance and although never a prude, had become raunchier in bed, talking dirty, trying different positions, watching porn, and even suggesting role playing.

Despite her best efforts Donald’s interest continued to wan. He blamed the fact he was six years older than her, working too many hours, stress and every other excuse. When Beth began to go from trying her best to getting frustrated and calling BS on his excuses, it turned into arguing and him accusing her of having a midlife and trying to recapture her youth by acting like a sex starved teenager.

The arguments had gotten nastier with Beth point blank telling him any other man would be thrilled to have a wife who tried so hard to be sexy for him. Not just sexy, but professional respectable business woman by day and his eager and willing personal porn star at night.

Donald told her she was a little too cocky about both her looks and ‘performance’. That led to several months without sex and he seemed fine with it. That’s when Beth had been contacted by a long time client, Jim Dixon who had sent her proof of the real reason Donald was no longer interested in sex with her.

Because apparently what she was wasn’t the issue, it was what she wasn’t; and that was a blonde escort in pig tails and a naughty school girl outfit who didn’t look like she was old enough to legally drink.

Jim had suspected Donald was cheating on her, but hadn’t said anything because he had no proof. Over the years he’d become far more than a client, but a great friend to the point their twenty year old son DJ still referred to him as Uncle Jim.

Jim decided he needed to know once and for all and had hired a PI when he and Donald attended a marketing convention in Chicago. The pictures he’d sent left no room for doubt; the little slut on her knees between her husband’s legs.

Her on all fours on the bed, her skirt over her hips and Donald pulling on her pig tails as he fucked her. There was even a short video clip of her riding him and while playing with her perky little tits and asking ‘Mr. Roberts’ if she were earning her A.

Donald had told her not two weeks before Jim had him followed that role playing was ridiculous and something ‘kids would do’. Now Beth knew what he really meant was it was something you did with kids.

Kid was the key word because after Jim had supplied her with evidence, Beth had decided to stay quiet for the moment and hired a local PI to follow Donald locally. Within six weeks he’d provided her with photos of her husband with four other girls.

All were young, ranging from 19 to 21 according to the man she’d hired who’d more than earned his money by going the extra mile and checking into the girls. All had come from the same agency that sold ‘companionship’ but of course claimed they were paid for time, any sex was the girl’s choice and was…free.

The PI had also discovered Donald had two credit cards she wasn’t aware of one personal, one a corporate card even their accountant wasn’t aware of. The agency showed up on the cards a mind numbing forty five times in the last two years.

That was local, there were charges on the corporate card every time Donald went out of town that wasn’t hotels, rental cars or dining related. Those charges all appeared on their main business card.

He’d been out of town when she’d gotten the pictures from Jim, then again when her PI had supplied her with everything he could in the time frame she’d paid him for. That was for the best as her instant reaction, and most would agree the correct one, would have been to throw the pictures in his face, toss him out of the house and get a lawyer.

Both times Beth drank some wine to relax enough to try and look at the big picture, or at least long term versus. heat of the moment. Everything in her was to tell him to get the fuck out of her life and get ready to lose half your shit.

Beth rightfully felt angry, humiliated and betrayed. The humiliation hit her the hardest. Here she was a good woman dealing with sexual frustration because her husband no longer seemed interested in sex.

She had continued to push for sex before she’d found out he was cheating, practically begging at times, asking him what was wrong, and dealing with him acting like she was wrong for wanting it. What she’d never done was even for a second think about finding it elsewhere. If her sex life was to never be more than toys and masturbating while watching porn, with an occasional five minute boring missionary fuck tossed in then she’d deal with it.

She’d chalked it up to the hazard of marrying someone ten years older than her. She was in her prime; he was just shy of fifty five and ‘not a kid anymore’ as he kept saying before he’d gotten nasty.

His nastiness was an extra dagger of humiliation, the gall of him treating her like she should be ashamed of her desire while he fucked girls their son’s age. One of the first things that hit her was the fact when she’d met Donald he was already a successful advertising agent and she was an intern in her third year of college.

She’d been ten years younger and knew that was part of his initial attraction to her. Difference being he wasn’t married back then. He had been in a semi serious relationship which ended not long before their flirting at the office turned into him asking her out.

Now Beth wondered if he’d only said the relationship had ended. Had he been fucking her while still seeing his girlfriend? Regardless, for all his talking of her ‘midlife crisis’ because she craved sex more than ever, here he was paying young girls to have sex with him.

As it did every time she thought of it, Beth’s anger flared and using it to convince herself tonight was going to happen just as she wanted it to, she bent over and put on the fuck me shoes, strapping them tightly around her ankles.

As she did, Beth caught a glimpse of herself in the full length mirror on the open door of her walk in closet. Bent over, her breasts looked ready to spill out of her dress. Her long hair looked sexy falling down over one side of her face and lying across her chest.

She had what it took to get what she wanted tonight, there was no doubt about that, just the nagging doubt about this being the right way to handle things. Beth knew it wasn’t. The right way was what everything in her wanted to do’ divorce Donald and make sure everyone knew what a cheating dog he was.

Right now only Jim knew and Beth had his word he would say nothing until she made things public, if she chose to. He did say from now on he would only work with her or one of the other reps and never with Donald and would come up with a reason other than the truth for that decision.

A divorce, like many ‘right ways’ to do things’ however, would come with two heavy prices, and Beth decided she couldn’t meet either of them. The first was DJ. Granted her son was twenty years old. He was no longer a boy, but a young man and in his case mature and far more serious than most men his age.

He could handle his parents divorcing and at his age things like visitation and custody were irrelevant, DJ could still be just as close to both of them. Beth’s issue was that DJ didn’t just look up to his father, he all but worshipped him.

Part of that stemmed from Donald being an excellent father, who in spite of his long hours and frequent traveling, had always been there to support their son. Unlike many work obsessed fathers, Donald never missed a birthday, award presentation at school, graduations even at the preschool level, and never missed one DJ’s starts when he played baseball in high school.

DJ was already interning at their firm in the summers and wanted nothing more than to follow in their footsteps and although Beth was as good as Donald in their field, it was natural that as a boy DJ spent more time learning at his father’s feet.

To find out his father was cheating would be a devastating blow to DJ. Especially seeing Donald had raised DJ to be respectful to girls and always stressed that if you were going to be with one woman, than be with just that woman.

That hypocrisy would piss DJ off as much as it did her. As close as he was to his father, DJ shared that closeness with her as well. Where most boys his age didn’t spend must time with their mothers, or made a fuss if they had to, DJ was surprisingly affectionate with Beth, and they still kept up their weekly movie night they’d stared back when he was ten.

DJ wasn’t just more serious than most, but a bit sensitive, and he would be heartbroken for her. That would turn to anger and resentment towards his father and although well deserved, Beth cherished how close their family was and wasn’t willing to ruin that just yet.

The second reason was the firm. Donald was already a top exec when she met him and after they’d married and she’d begun making a name for herself, they’d gotten a loan, took money out of the house, and borrowed from family to open B&D advertising. Considering they had a young son at home many people thought it was a risk for them both to give up their steady jobs, but they took the plunge and never looked back.

They’d just celebrated the agency’s eighteenth anniversary and they were going stronger than ever with forty employees in addition to several freelance designers and photographers they frequently called in when they had a backlog of work.

A divorce wouldn’t mean the end of the company as far as they were concerned. Beth was sure they both loved it enough to manage to still run it together, but their reputation would suffer. B& D was built on family values, both in the marriage of the founders, and in the types of campaigns they and who they would represent.

Over the years they had turned down good money because of the dubious values of a client and had cut ties with one of their biggest at the time when it was discovered the owner had been arrested for domestic abuse.

A divorce would be a bad look for them period, but I the reason was ever discovered, many people would see Donald as the hypocrite she now knew him as. The hazard of having morals and values and holding others to that standard was if it was discovered you were doing the same, people would line up to crucify you.

So at this point Beth had not even made Donald aware she knew of his affairs. Affairs, she grunted in disgust, an affair at least meant there was something there; this was nothing but a series of fucks and all with young girls.

Not one girl in the two dozen pictures she had on her phone and not one name the PI had checked out at the agencies Donald used was older than twenty one. Some were only eighteen. ’Barely legal’ is what those girls were referred to in porn, and it wasn’t a coincidence; Donald had picked these girls profiles off the agencies website.

That angered her as well and she knew it wasn’t just the age, but it made her feel inadequate. Donald wasn’t with these girls just for looks or their willingness to please, Beth was good looking and an enthusiastic lover and no prude in anyway, but there was nothing she could do about her age.

Donald claimed his age and no longer having the drive he had before or even the interest in sex. Yet he had plenty of drive for these little whores. It wasn’t her age, it was hers and she was having a hard time dealing with that.

That increased her anger along with pure old fashioned revenge had led her to tonight. Beth knew if she confronted Donald it wouldn’t stay at just a fight between them. If he knew she knew and she didn’t throw his dog ass out of the house and marriage, then she would look even more pathetic than she felt.

So she’d decided for now to get even a different way. Beth had been sexually frustrated and all but throwing herself at him for two years and going without. All the while he was living any dirty little girl fantasy he could think of and on top of it still touting his ‘good man’ reputation.