Bared By The Bear Shifter - Angelina White - ebook

Her heart skipped a beat as she saw the lust-filled look in his eyes, barely human...Keith is cocky, arrogant, and always presses his luck. With his looks he's able to get away with it, but when Jenna Green moves out to the remote logging community for work, she does her best to resist his charm.Her best isn't good enough.Beyond his carefree smile, there lies a hidden secret. It's only when Jenna goes out late into the silent, moonlit forest that his secret is revealed - he's a bear shifter, and when he discovers her watching she realizes the reason he needs to keep it a secret - when he changes he becomes a different person. Muscles bulging, hair standing on end, and filled with animalistic lust, Keith wants only one thing.Jenna.

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Bared By The Bear Shifter | Angelina White

Bared By The Bear Shifter

Angelina White


Click, click, click. Jenna Greene couldn’t help but stop on her drive to her new job to take pictures of the beautiful Oregon landscape. She had grown up in New York City, where Central Park was the only natural scenery you ever saw. Unlike Central Park, Oregon had a natural, untamed beauty that man could not mimic, as hard as they tried. Jenna ran a nature blog, and this view would be perfect for it. She was always interested in wildlife, nature, and the outdoors. That’s why she jumped at the chance to take a job in the Oregon wilderness. It wasn’t exactly everybody’s cup of tea, and to be honest, Jenna had some misgivings about it herself. She would be the new accountant for a logging company in Oregon. Which sounded perfect, especially because how many people can say that they found a job right after graduating college? The only downfall was that she would be living on site. Meaning, she would be packing up her entire life and living in a cabin in the Oregon forest.

Living in the forest was what drew Jenna to the job. She was tired of the concrete jungle of New York, she wanted to experience and live in the real, natural world. She was not afraid of what may befall her while she was out here. She was an hour away from any form of civilization, but she was not afraid of the wildlife. If you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you.  Her blog would take off when she began to post about the gorgeous scenery, and all of the wonderful things she would find here. She was only worried about daily interactions with people. One thing New York definitely preconditions a person for, is living with people. No matter where you go, other people are around nearby. Jenna was tired of that kind of life, but she was still nervous about going from that to only seeing four burly, rugged loggers. She had not met them yet, but she didn’t imagine they would come over for tea.

Jenna was not a shy girl around men, but she was no social butterfly either. She had had several boyfriends, none of which were very serious. She enjoyed the company of men, but did not require it. But none of her experience with men in the city could prepare her for these men. She had no idea what kind of men loggers in Oregon were. They had to be rugged, and masculine, their job basically required it. She was nervous about their reaction to a female entering their domain. She knew that the only way that they came into contact with any women was if they made the long trek to the nearest town. She didn’t think they were animals, but the needs of men could not be underestimated. Of course, Jenna had her own needs to worry about. She could not pretend as if she did not feel the strong, overpowering desire to be with a man sometimes. It was only part of being human, she told herself. She would have to see what kind of men these loggers were, before she went any farther with that train of thought. Of course, she could always solve her physical needs by herself.