Banging The Beast - Vol. I (4 STORY BUNDLE) - Kimmy Hicks - ebook

4 taboo tales of sweet human beauties who love to bang their canine beasts!BUNDLE INCLUDES:MY SWEET GIRLFRIEND FUCKS OUR DOG - My girlfriend Sadie was such a sweet, good girl...but I had always dreamed of watching sweet Sadie be taken by a big, furry dog. When I finally convinced Sadie to try some club drugs with me, I knew this would be my chance. When the drugs worked their magic and Sadie became desperately horny, she was more than willing to be filled and stretched by our big dog's knot!HORNY FOR THE HOUND - After a rough week at work, the only thing Katy wants for the weekend is to relax at home with her dog, and have a nice orgasm. As soon as she is in the door, she's naked and on all fours, ready to be mounted by her strong German Shepherd. Jack, her dog, wastes no time in mounting his horny bitch, happy to satisfy his hot owner's animal lust.THE GIRL NEXT DOOR IS A DOG SLUT - Jason has been watching his hot neighbor pass by on her morning runs with her dog every morning for weeks now. When he comes home from work, horny and ready to jerk off and go to sleep, he realizes he can see straight into Eve's apartment. Jason quickly realizes that she really is one hot bitch, as he watches the cute neighbor girl take her fill of her massive dog right in front of the open windowIN THE WOODS WITH HORNY HOUNDS - Mindy has gone on a solitary camping trip in the woods where she grew up, despite the ranger's warnings of a pack of feral dogs on the loose. As night falls, a lone hound finds her camp, but he is anything but menacing. She soon finds herself on all fours, alone in the woods, and in a more intimate position with the dog than she had ever intended.

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Banging The Beast - 4 Pack

Volume I


Kimmy Hicks

Copyright 2016 Kimmy Hicks

This work of fiction is intended for adult audiences only. All characters represented therein are aged 18 years or older and any resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental. Cover model has no affiliation with the publisher, author, or contents represented therein. This work is the property of Kimmy Hicks and may not be reproduced.

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My Sweet Girlfriend Fucks Our Dog

"Sadie, you know how I told you when we first got together that I wanted to do things with you that you had probably never dreamed of in your wildest dreams?" I stroked my girlfriend's fine honey brown hair and looked into her dilated pupils. She had a huge silly grin on her face that told me that the ecstasy pills had started to kick in.

"Yes," Sadie replied. "But you've still never told me what those things were."

"I never thought you were ready before tonight."

Our Golden Retriever, Max, had curled up beside her on the bed, and she was obsessively stroking his soft fur. He seemed to enjoy her heightened state of sensitivity. I was about to start enjoying it, too. Sadie was a good girl, and she only agreed to eat the pills with me after I showed her an article about how top doctors are now starting to use the drug to treat various emotional conditions. After she did her own extensive research, and read something about the experience being good for relationships, she finally agreed to try some with me.

Sadie rolled around on the soft bed, rubbing her hands over the comforter first, then the dog, then her own body. When her hands reached her breasts, she lingered them there, rubbing herself until her bra-less nipples were so hard they poked through her shirt.

Fuck yes, I thought. The drugs were good. The normal, uptight Sadie is nowhere to be seen tonight. This is going to be easy.

I rubbed my own hands over her flat stomach, and she let out a little moan of delight.

"Have your hands always felt this good?" Sadie giggled.

I slid my body beside hers, letting her feel my hard cock against her thigh. "Other parts of me will feel even better." I whispered in her ear, nibbling her earlobe and licking her neck.

Sadie was already going crazy with lust. She peeled her shirt off, and I began sucking her sweet pink nipples. She was already trying to grind her horny, drugged pussy against my thigh in an attempt to create some friction.

"Now, now, Sadie. We have all night. Let's make it last." I slapped her pussy gently through her leggings, and she moaned again under my touch. It seemed anything I did to her made her go wild. She laid her head against Max's brown fur, and spread her legs. He licked her face as I pulled her leggings down over her ankles and tossed them aside. I surveyed her delicate, pale skin and her wet, pink pussy.

"Do you want to make me happy, Sadie?" I asked her, kissing her belly.

"You know I do," she replied, looking me in the eye and spreading her legs.

I began licking her pussy, gently and slowly. She closed her eyes and relaxed.