Banging The BBC Stud - Pornelope - ebook

Pretty Melanie blackmailed sexy black stud Pierce into popping her cherry under the town bandstand. Now she wants more—she aches to take his huge black weapon all the way inside her! Will lots of practicing with sex toys help, or will he still be too big to fill her completely? ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ He’d called his big weapon ‘The Baseball Bat,’ she recalled with a quick little snicker. But he hadn’t been kidding. She hadn’t actually seen it…there had been no light at all under the bandstand…but she sure had felt it when she’d slid her eager hands up and down its slippery-wet length! And okay, her hands were small…she was small all over, especially compared to his 6’4” height and brawny shoulders. But anything she couldn’t curl her hands completely around definitely deserved to be called a baseball bat! She’d been going absolutely crazy since then. But she’d promised to be really, really careful so no one would guess what was going on between them. So no matter how badly she’d been tempted, she hadn’t gone by his place, or even by the church, after school or on the weekends. And when she’d seen him on the street, she hadn’t flirted and batted her long eyelashes the way she might have done with a cute boy. He hadn’t spoken to her, either, when they’d passed each other. But he’d smiled just a little, and nodded his head in greeting…and the look in his eyes had been so warm and gentle that she’d just about melted on the spot. She was so, so glad he wasn’t mad at her for blackmailing him into popping her cherry! He still liked her, and he still wanted to keep his own promise. Tonight her folks were going to visit some friends a few towns away, and they’d be gone all night. Melly could have gone along with them, of course. But Uncle Paul and Aunt Bernie were so old that their kids had already grown up and moved away, so there was no one for her to hang with. That was why she’d opted to stay home this time…well, that was her official story. And she was sticking to it. Pierce hadn’t even glanced down at her when her father had patted her shoulder and boasted how he wasn’t worried about leaving his baby girl at home because they lived in such a safe neighborhood. But she’d felt the heat pump off him when he’d politely excused himself, and slipped by her to go chat with another family. And she’d known that tonight would be The Night. After it got dark, he would come to her, and they’d pick up where they’d left off two weeks ago. She was ready.

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Book 2 of “Burning For The BBC Stud”

Banging the BBC Stud

By Pornelope

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Copyright @ 2018 – Pornelope

~~ All characters in this book are 18 or older. ~~

It still seemed like a dream. Even now, Melanie could hardly believe she’d gotten up the courage to, well, practically blackmail her youth counselor, Pierce Maxwell, into having sex with her during the big potluck supper two weeks ago! She’d never done a single wicked thing before in her entire life! Who’d have guessed that she, who had always been a shy little nobody, could be so bold and brazen?

The next morning when she’d woken up in her comfortable bed, she’d almost written it off as an incredible dream. But the throbbing ache between her thighs, and the faint traces of blood still clinging to her pale skin, had told their own damning story.

True, he hadn’t pushed his ginormous black cock inside her and fucked her like she’d really wanted. But that was because it was so incredibly huge, maybe even bigger than her wrist—and he hadn’t wanted to hurt her. So he’d used his hands and his mouth—on her and in her—and he’d made her feel absolutely fantastic!

Even though he hadn’t popped her cherry in the traditional way, she wasn’t a virgin anymore. And that was wildly exciting, but just a little scary, too. If her preacher’s harsh sermons could be believed, now she was ‘ruined.’

She didn’t feel ruined, though. She felt…very grown up. And really, really eager to try it again.

Even just thinking about what he’d done to her in the sheltered darkness beneath the bandstand made her so incredibly horny that she just had to touch herself like he had. Hot pleasure blossomed beneath her quickly-moving fingers, and she moaned in helpless delight. Eagerly she plunged two fingers deep inside her wet pussy and bucked her hips in a mad rhythm. He’d done that, she remembered, reaching so deep inside her that she’d nearly screamed with ecstasy.

She had screamed when he’d added a second finger, then probed energetically at her other hole with his big thumb. Who could have guessed that something so, well, dirty could feel so incredibly good?

Panting, she experimented with her other hand, and groaned with lusty delight when a flashpoint of explosive heat erupted from her shuddering belly and swept through her entire body. It was better than good…absolutely fantastic didn’t even come close!

Pierce, she thought with a hot flush of excitement, had promised to practice with her, using his hands and some sexy playtoys, until she could take his gigantic long cock just like she’d seen Miz Keegan do at the spring retreat last month.

Now that had been really, really incredible to watch! She hadn’t meant to spy, but after she’d heard a loud wail, and rushed to the window because she thought someone was hurt, and seen Miz Keegan bare-naked in one of the counselor’s cabins, her huge breasts bouncing like watermelons, squatting on the wide bed… Well, wild horses couldn’t have torn her away!

One of the male counselors had been under her, and she’d sunk down on his hard cock with a lusty cry of delight. Another one had knelt on the mattress behind her, and shoved his big cock into her other hole. She’d wailed even louder then, and they’d all humped back and forth like Mexican jumping beans until the two men had bellowed almost in unison, and she’d gone off like a rocket. Melly had almost climaxed just from watching them through the window!

And then…her heart began to pound even faster with renewed arousal…Miz Keegan had climbed onto Pierce’s quivering lap. He’d held her in the air, and slowly lowered her onto his gigantic black cock. She’d moaned with delight as she’d taken the entire thing, even though it must have been splitting her apart! Then she’d started bouncing up and down—and Pierce had clutched her big breasts, tossed his head back and forth, and arched his lean hips fast and hard until she’d screamed in wild, uncontrollable ecstasy. Then his muscular body had bucked wildly, nearly throwing her off the bed, when he’d cum deep inside her.

Melly wanted to scream in ecstasy, too! She had, that night under the bandstand, because she just hadn’t been able to help herself. Even though she’d known they might get caught if someone walked by and heard her, she just hadn’t been able to help it. His hands had felt so incredibly good!