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Car is one of the major causes of back pain,especially if there is no adequate muscular activation of the abdominal and paravertebral walls that do not support the column as an anomaly in posture. In this case, the column is not well extended and therefore the postural load is not well offset. The pain warns that "something is wrong",that a state of equilibrium needs to be restored.The book proposes a series of exercises that have allowed many people to permanently resolve this discomfort by regaining their physical equilibrium. Simple exercises, explained with powerful illustrations and clear explanations, can be performed by anyone with immediate relief,provided the basic condition is healthy and free from vertebral pathologies.Great space is also given to the aspect of prevention:the importance of proper breathing, because both the body and mind require oxygen to function well, and since oxygen can not be stored, we must absolutely breathe well;of balanced nutrition, because what we bring into our body not only assures us of survival, but becomes part of us.So it should be spontaneous for everyone to choose the best foods and assume the right amount.Finally, a lifestyle that starts with this precise concept: We were born to move on! Enjoy the reading!

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Chapter 1


1.1 Human evolution

1.2.The spinal column

1.3 The deep muscle of the back

1.4. Breathing well is important!

1.5 Diaphragm: the most import breathing muscle

Chapter 2


2.1 The “back pain is normal for human being”

2.2 How can we save the back while we are behind the wheel?

2.3 Choosing the right seat

2.4 Keep the lumbar arch

2.5 Regulate the seat and the wheel

2.6 Smoking and mobile phone are very dangerous!

2.7 Air conditioning, pleasant but moderate

2.8 The automatic gearbox is better

2.9 You should always do your physical

Chapter 3


3.1 How to prevent neck and lumbar pain exercises

Exercise 1

Total mobilization

Exercise 2

Dorsal activation

Exercise 3

Lumabr mobilization

Exercise 4

Lumbar circumduction

Exercise 5

Lateral cervical activation

Exercise 6

Posterior cervical activation

Exercise 7

Shoulder circumductions

Exercise 8

Sun salutation

Exercise 9

Forward flex

Exercise 10




To my parents


The top ten best exercises

Developed by Dr. Nicola Radano


Since the beginning of my professional career as a wellness operator, kinesiologist and personal trainer, my goal has always been to find the best possible solution to the problems for which people asked for my help. Over time I found that, whatever the final objective predetermined, such as slimming, toning, etc., the common problem for many people, as well as the most constant, is the back pain. I have done a lot of research on this and, above all, I have applied the best existing kinesiologic techniques. One can safely say that in most cases the back pain is due to persistent physical inactivity, in particular to the maintenance of incorrect postures during work and during cars and motorcycles driving.

For this reason, I determined to pose the main focus of my research and experimentation the common back pain behind the wheel. The book is the result of this work: chapter 3 outlines the best exercises that have allowed many people to solve this problem. Simple exercises, that anyone can do with an immediate relief, with a healty basic condition without vertebral pathologies (such as hernias, protusions etc). In the presence of one spinal column disease, it is essential to contact a doctor. At the same way, if after a certain period of time that you do the exercises illustrated in this manual, you do not get any kind of improvement, it is entirely appropriate to do further diagnostic investigations in order to identify the physiological causes since the exercises illustrated are suitable for those who do not have pathologies.


Let's start from this precise concept: We were born to move!. For the well-being of our back it is important not only to avoid wrong postures, but it is also indispensable to be always in movement. The worst enemy of the muscles is the sedentary life. Your back is like an high performance clock where even a very small sand granule (a small lesion) can cause considerable problems (strong pain) [1]. However back is enormously stronger than one clock. The spine is one of the strongest structures of our body too, even if extremely complex. Its operation only depends on the "on board computer": the brain, which manages the correct equilibrium of the forces that discharge on it. The loss of this equilibrium implies the pain, indicating that the back is "out of shape" [2]. and "out of control". The car is one of the major causes of the back pain, especially if it lacks adequate muscle activation of abdominal and paravertebral walls that do not support the column in the right way when there is an anomaly in posture. In this case the column is not well in extension and, therefore, the postural load is not well compensated.

This book illustrates ten exercises that you should do in order to avoid and resolve back pain. Before to clarify all details about exercises that you should do in order to regain your lost “healty” column or to preserve it and to avoid the danger of damage arising from an incorrect posture, we should focus on other issues that we should curatein addition to our body training. The first issue is breathing.