Autumn is Coming - Guy New York - ebook

A small collection of very short stories about the coming of fall. Some sweet, some erotic, and some whimsical, each vignette will make you taste the cool wind, smell the apple cider, and long for a warm fire with someone you love.

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Very Short Stories for Fall

Guy New York


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Copyright © 2017 by Guy New York

Published by QNY

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ISBN: 9781537850757


Autumn is Coming on Friday

Autumn Isn’t Coming

Autumn is Brief

Next to Her on the Couch

Autumn Came

Color of Leaves

The Color of Pumpkin

A Cold Family Morning

Rain and Coffee

Autumn’s Cunt is Crimson

Kenji Miyazawa and a Tight Sweater

Hands and Fingers on the High Line

It’s My Favorite Season

When Autumn Leaves

New York In Fall

I Know It’s Fall

Her Or The Sea

Nowhere to go

Beginnings and Ends

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Autumn is coming on Friday.

She’s been gone for a year, but when I close my eyes I can still smell her on my fingers.

The glass she always uses still tastes like her wine, and there’s a mark on my windowsill from her brown leather boot.

“I might stay this time,” she said in a text message. I laughed, but I couldn’t resist the surge of hope in my chest when I contemplated the thought. I couldn’t resist the desire and want for more than her body. I wanted brunches and walks. I wanted enough of her time that we had to contemplate what we might do with an afternoon.

She texted me again later that night, “Have we ever fucked on the chair by your window?”

I laughed even louder this time, but I shook my head and brought myself back to the world. We’ve had sex on that chair exactly three times and each one stands out in my memory like a crisp fall morning. I can taste her hair and remember what she was wearing. I can see her knees on the armrest as I thrust into her from behind, and I can feel the wood on my back as she hovers above me, teasing me for hours.

“I don’t know,” I finally write back. “Maybe we should try it.”



I sat down next to Rhyming Jenny. Drunk. Tired. Cold.

“Autumn isn’t coming this year,” I told her over my glass. I had been drinking Manhattans with a splash of something smoky. They were good and they warmed me up, but I had lost count a couple drinks ago.

“Of course she is. She always comes for at least a night or two. That girl would climb a goddamn mountain to fuck you, even if she does leave the next morning to climb another one to fuck some other drunk writer.”

“Have you ever tried lying?” I asked her. She was deathly honest, and there was no way around it. She says she was cursed when she was young. I think it’s just a survival mechanism, but I don’t say that out loud.