Architecture The Whole Story - Rogers Richard, Gumuchdjian Philip - książka

Architecture The Whole Story książka papierowa

Rogers Richard, Gumuchdjian Philip


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From ancient and classical masterpieces to contemporary, cutting-edge buildings, architecture has defined our world throughout history. Drawing its examples from all around the globe, 'Architecture: The Whole Story' is a richly illustrated and comprehensive account of the architects, plans, designs and constructions that over the centuries have most engaged our minds, inspired our imaginations and raised our spirits.

For everyone who has ever wished for greater insight into the art of building design, Architecture: The Whole Story provides the analytical tools to appreciate to the fullest the variety of architectural achievement and the built environment in the world.

Liczba stron: 576

Format (wymiary): 17.5x25.5cm

ISBN: 9780500291481