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This book runs in the same vein as Fanny Hill, but is a lot more explicit. Arabella is the story of a proud and strong-willed woman of the Victorian era. In her own words she describes the erotic escapades and kinky amours that took place behind the closed doors of 1890s society.

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First digital edition 2017 by Anna Ruggieri



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Chapter 1


I am not - as I trust shall become clear - a woman given to bawdy talk or mere faithless, wanton ways. I have never indulged in the loose and immoral speech which nowadays cloaks so many novels. I find such productions crude and tasteless, lacking entirely in finesse and given to unlikely descriptions of equally unlikely behaviour by characters who are no more than cardboard people.

Even so, I am not a prude. Prudery is for those who fear the consequences of their own desires, however errant such desires may be. Neither will I countenance hypocrisy. There are always to be found a number of mealy-mouthed and self-inflated persons who would suppress all references to the most satisfying of physical pleasures. It is not my intention to do so here, but neither will I proclaim that they should be widely copied unless such art and sophistication is brought to them as I have been fortunate enough to be able to engender.

For I must make no bones about the fact that the comforts of wealth have provided often enough the wherewithal for many of my amorous luxuries. I call them that since they appertain to such voluptuous aspects of good living as the less well-to-do must mainly do without.

I am told by some that this view is false. All views to some are false. One can do no more or less than hold to one's own. I have known some quite pretty and adorable girls of the working classes. I have known, too, some doughty young males from the same milieu who could be counted upon to dispense with the normal crudities of their behaviour when in the presence of ladies. Removed temporarily from their drab surroundings and mean streets and brought into an atmosphere of luxury, their amorous abilities improved vastly, though ever requiring tuition.

But I must not delay my narrative too long by philosophising and shall commence with the many secret diary entries I have made throughout my life - beginning when I was seventeen. It was the year 1882 - that selfsame year when our dear Queen gave Epping Forest to the nation and the British Fleet bombarded Alexandria. I was proud to note such events in my early years, but as wisdom grew and the world progressed even more, so I devoted my immediate recollections to more personal events.

In the midsummer of that year, I was staying for a long weekend at the country house of one of my uncles. I needed not therefore to be accompanied by a chaperone, for my aunt played that role, or would have done had she been more alert to what was afoot all about her. The dear lady lived in dreamland, however, and this perhaps was all to the good insofar as it concerned my immediate education. The world is made up for the most part of fools and knaves, as the second Duke of Buckingham remarked. He was a writer indeed upon whose pleasantries I would have much cause to ponder in those next few days for it was he who first coined another phrase which was to become commonplace among those who neither knew nor cared about its source: "Ay, now the plot thickens very much upon us." This - for those whose learning would extend as does my own - occurs in the third act of his play, The Rehearsal.

Among my cousins was one Elaine. Six years my senior, she possessed my own medium height. Her ankles and calves were slender, her thighs well-fleshed as befits a woman. Her development otherwise tended to the 'bold', as we called it, for she more than amply fulfilled her dresses in respect of her breasts and bottom. Her eyes were large and her lips of medium size but slumbrous - a delicious peach of a mouth to kiss, as I was to discover. Infinitely more knowing then than I, she was to teach me much.

I should say that in the grander houses of the time, two distinct types of weekend parties were held. The most general was that at which up to sixty or even seventy people might be invited - invariably during the shooting season. On the whole I found these boring. There were too many people to encounter about the house at odd hours-and sometimes to embarrass one.

The other type of party was arranged only in more knowing circles. The guests were fewer and more selectively chosen. Discretion was total, for all knew that the merest buzz of scandal beyond the porticos of the mansion would eventually ruin other such occasions. Within this understanding, certain delicious licence was permitted and orgies were not unknown. I am speaking of gatherings, of course, of no more than a score of guests, including the host and hostess.

Perhaps I should say also that these were country gentry whose morals had altered not a wit from those of their immediate forebears. They preserved their traditions. If a young woman was to be"trodden," it was accepted that she should be. She was expected to return the virile salute of the lusty penis with the same passion that it was accorded her. Many a fair bottom have I seen wriggling for the first time on a manly piston while murmurs of encouragement spurred its flushed possessor on.

Often if a girl were shy, she would be coaxed and fondled by several of the ladies into receiving her injection. Flushed cheeks and snowy breasts were exposed - an apparently burning anguish showing in the eyes as her skirts were raised - all such were salt to the occasion. Girls too bold in their ways provided little sport for an expectant assembly, and such as might have been were given sufficient hints in private to bring them to struggle and sob with great realism while they were laid open-legged upon a dining room table or a waiting divan, there to receive their first dosage of ardent sperm.

But I digress - a habit I must in these early stages of my memoirs avoid. It is of a late hour that I speak and I would not have wandered from my room on that Saturday night, so far past midnight, had the servant not forgotten to fill my bedside carafe of water.

Wine had made me thirsty. Believing all to be asleep, I opened my door quietly, padded in my nightdress along the corridors and began to descend the wide, curving staircase. At mid-point, however, I stopped. There was a light below. It shone from the dining room where the door stood half open. I heard voices - a faint laugh.

"No, Harold - not here!" I heard, and recognised the voice immediately. It was that of Mrs. Witherington-Carey whose husband had been newly summoned to his regiment. Of less than fully-matured years, she was about thirty-seven, as I fancied - a brunette of some distinct charm.

Crouching down behind the railings of the bannisters then, I saw her. There was it seemed a playful chase going on. A hand seized her arm as she made apparently to flee. Her long dark hair appeared already tousled. There then came into my view the owner of that hand. It was my uncle. His evening jacket, tie and collar had been cast off and his braces dangled from his waist. In a moment, with no more pretence of flight, his victim was seized and thrust back over the table.

"Harold, no - please!" she begged, though I noticed that in so pleading her hands gripped his arms in such a manner that she appeared not to be thrusting away.

"Sweet devil, it has been too long," he replied. Bending over her so that her feet skittered on the carpet, her shoulders laid well back upon the polished surface of the table, he accorded her a kiss of such passion that I wondered in my naivety at their capacity for taking a breath, so long did their lips merge. Then, rising, he drew her up with him.

"As before, Helen - you must!"

In my comparative innocence, I did not then note the state of his breeches which in fact were thrust out alarmingly by the most monstrous protrusion.

"You hurt me!" came the lady's response, though I divined the words to be an invitation rather than a refusal, so coyly were they spoken. So also, apparently, thought my uncle for without further ado he spun her about and groped up her skirt at the same time.

I could scarcely believe my eyes. In every fleeting second I feared discovery by another guest wandering from their room, or worse the appearance of my aunt or one of my cousins. Fate was kind to me, however, for there came no interruption to the proceedings. Despite her fiercely protesting whispers, Helen's skirts were raised up high.

Ah, what a voluptuous spectacle presented itself! In the fashion of the times her stockings were richly patterned and of a dark blue shade. Sheathing the curving columns of her well-turned legs they rose to mid-thigh and there were ringed by broad garters. Above, the vista was even more enticing, for in affecting split drawers, as she had done that evening, the victim's posture showed in all their appealing nudity the two plump cheeks of her bottom which the broadly-separated halves of her garment exposed.

A last febrile attempt by her was made to rise. I know now of course that it was but a token movement. My uncle's hand had in any event fixed itself strongly upon the back of her neck while, with his other, he groped at his breeches.

Heavens! I confess that it was not the first time that I had seen the male organ, though the few I had glimpsed hitherto had been limp and soft. The upstanding girth and length of this one was beyond all my previous experience.

I judged its veined majesty a full nine inches in length and some five of circumference. The ruby head was full swollen, gleaming beneath the glittering light from the chandeliers. Full rigid, it menaced the deep crevice which presented itself so lewdly to him.

A muffled cry - quickly choked back as if by practise of discretion - sounded from her throat as the crest of my uncle's staff inserted itself within the inviting valley. The lady's hands clawed for a brief moment at the polished top and then her face sank sideways - fortunately in such a manner that she could in no wise raise her vision to mine, even had she been able to discern me up on the dark stairway.

"Too...too...too big, Harold!" she moaned.

A grunt came from her enamorata. Further fumbling ensued and then his breeches slid down his trunk-like thighs, betraying to my gaze the sight of his large testicles in profile beneath his manly organ which had but nestled its head twixt her bottom cheeks.

"Nonsense, Helen, you have taken it before."

His knees bent slightly and he seized her hips, relinquishing at last his grip upon her neck. A further moan came from her. The table trembled visibly, heavy as it was, the surface shimmering in the light.

"OH!" moaned she, though it seemed scarce a complaint but rather a petulant utterance of compliance.

With that the thick shaft urged in and evidently sank some three inches within her puckered rosette, causing its recipient to screw up her eyes and bite her lower lip. I knew not then of course whether she was in agony or in the throes of sweet enjoyment. Her large bottom endeavoured to wriggle sideways, but was held.

"Ah, dear love, what a bottom, what warmth, what tightness! You are as fetching as you were ten years ago," my uncle growled. His features strained and grew ever redder. A tall, bulky man, the power of his loins was all too evident to me-not to say also to Mrs. Witherington-Carey who received inch by inch his powerful prodder. For a moment she appeared to grit her teeth. Her eyes had a look of anguish that might also, as I even then surmised, cloak an uprising feeling of passion. A little cry from both and the shaft was fully embedded.

Patting her flanks and caressing her stockinged thighs, my uncle thus held her, savouring no doubt the plump rondeur of her nether cheeks against his belly. Her shoulders hunched, relaxed, and then she uttered a whimper.

"Part your legs, dearest - straddle them - hold well. Is it not delicious?"

Helen's eyes and lips opened simultaneously. She was as one entranced. A gentle movement of her hips sufficed then to show me the pleasure she was evidently sustaining. A soft humming sound issued from her throat.

"Do not move it for a moment, Harold. Kiss me. Ah, you beast!"

Her neck slewed round, her tongue distinctly protruded. Bending full over her as he then did, their lips met. Words that I could no longer distinguish came between their passionate kisses. That they were lewd I doubted not for her bottom began to move in little jerks back and forth.

It seemed impossible to me then, of course, that she could receive and contain it there, but I was to learn myself of the particular pleasure of this mode. Small puffing sounds were uttered by both as my uncle in turn began to work his penis steadily in her most secret orifice. The distinct sound of the brazen smacking and slapping of her bottom to his belly came to me. His shaft emerged a full three-quarters and then rammed in again, the motion being repeated on and on while the most fevered twisting of her hips occurred.

Their breaths came faster, his balls swinging steadily under the lower bulge of her derriere. Their moans of pleasure rose. Thrusting one hand down beneath her belly, his fingers searched and rubbed. Immediately her shoulders and head lifted the more. Her expression was one of ecstasy.

"C-C-Coming! AH! I am coming, Harold! Faster!" The table creaked. Some instinct told me that my uncle, too, was attaining the peak of his desire. A trembling of his legs became apparent. His hands clasped her hips more loosely. Rising up from over her, he hung his head back.

"H-H-Harold! Oh, fill me, yes! What floods!" Her bottom thrust to him aggressively, receiving all to the very root while - had I but known it - the rich juice from his balls was already impelling its leaping jets within the sucking tube of her bottom. Groaning, he made a last effort to eject the final spurts and then collapsed for a moment upon her back.

Thus they remained still save for slight twitchings of their loins while the last tinglings of bittersweet pleasure surged through them. Then at last - as if gathering himself - my uncle rose and withdrew the soaked shaft of love with a positively succulent sound, causing his victim to tighten her bottom cheeks and huddle into the table until he drew her up in turn.

Swivelling about in his arms, she afforded him a final kiss of some tenderness.

"How wicked you are to do it to me thus, Harold."

"How wicked you are to let me," he responded with a laugh. Continuing to hold her skirts up as he did, I could see the well-furred bush of her mount and the gathering limpness of his tool against which it was lovingly pressed. I dared stay no longer. At any moment they might, I feared, turn to the door. Discovery would present such a horror as I could not face. Gathering up the hem of my nightgown so that I would not trip over it, I tiptoed to the top of the stairs, all thoughts of my earlier thirst having vanished. Fully dizzy with what I had seen, I felt a curious, warming moisture between my thighs as I neared my door and was aware that my nipples had risen, teased by the cotton of my garment.

I had left my bedroom door on the latch, but saw now even in the gloom that it was ajar. Some errant draught had disturbed it, I thought, though my mind was really too distracted for such matters and my pulses were racing still. Pushing open the door I gave a little cry which I endeavoured as best as possible to suppress.

Lying upon my ruffled bed was a white-robed figure that stirred and rose up at my entrance.

It was my cousin, Elaine.

Chapter 2


"Oh, what a fright you gave me!" I gasped.

Quick as a flash, Elaine had bounded up from the bed and closed the door even as I faltered in the entrance.

"Shush! Do not make a sound! How you are trembling! Did I frighten you so? I could not sleep, Arabella. Forgive me, do, but I am so restless."

All this being said in a rush, and I scarcely having recovered from my double shock, she led me to the bed and drew me down upon it, passing her arms about me so to comfort me for my aroused fears, as she thought. Indeed, I trembled violently, though not so much from the scare she had given me as from the aftermath of what I had witnessed. Alas for feminine intuitions, I was not long to remain guardian of my secret.

"What have you been doing? Where were you?"

All such questions being thrown at me, I knew not how to reply for a moment. Her body being warm to mine and pressed thighs to thighs against me, I do not doubt that she could feel the risen perkiness of my nipples against the firm gourds of her own breasts.

"I, too, could not sleep - I went to get some water," I muttered.

At that, Elaine laughed and kissed me on the tip of my nose."Oh, you have seen something - I know you have. What is going on down there?" she asked.

Fretfully I tried to stir from her embrace, but curiosity had awoken devilment in her and she clasped me the tighter, I becoming aware of the silky feel of our bellies together through the cotton of our nightdresses and the fact that my nipples were stubbing against her titties.

"Nothing, I have seen nothing - what is to see?" I blustered.

"I know you have. That is why you are trembling, and beside I can feel your excitement," Elaine laughed. With that she insinuated one hand between us and so manipulated my breasts and felt my hard nipples that I gasped and twisted for the caress was more enervating than she knew and my burning globes swelled to her touch.

"I have not - oh, I have not."

I blustered fiercely and would have gone on doing so had she not then closed my trembling lips with hers. How sweet her mouth was! Never before had I kissed mouth to mouth with anyone, nor ever thought of doing so with another girl. Had my passions not been aroused by the lewd spectacle I had witnessed, I know not how I would have responded.

"I will make you tell, Arabella!"

Moist and full, her lips engaged mine more deeply. The sensation, coupled to the blatant wandering of her palm all about my thinly-covered breasts, caused me to surrender utterly. I responded. The tips of our tongues met. In that first moment of the true uncovering of my desires, Elaine knew beyond doubt - as she afterwards conveyed to me - that my heated mind held secrets that she was intent upon devouring. Knowing full well even then her capacity for seduction, she commenced easing up the hem of my nightgown while I all too feebly attempted to obstruct the effort.

"Come, darling, come, for you must be longing for it. Did you see them at it?"

"I am not - no! Oh, Elaine, what a naughty thing to do! St-stop f-feeling me-AH!"

Of a sudden I was bared to my hips. The tip of her forefinger engaged the oily lips of my nest and found my button. I twisted, writhed. I absorbed her tongue. My protestations fled. At the first ardent rubbing of her finger I was lost. Or rather, I should say, found. Oft since have we talked about that moment and how the net of fate ensnares us by the most casual of events. I refer of course to the fact that Elaine had caught me in that moment. My hips wriggled even as Mrs. Witherington-Carey's had done. My legs parted, enabling Elaine to slip full-length upon me. Withdrawing her urging finger as she did so, her furry nest sidled moistly against my own. I felt the rubbing of our lovelips, the tingling merging of our pubic hairs. Coiling her arms under my knees and raising and thrusting my legs back, she caused our honeypots to meet and rub fully. I gasped within her mouth, I clasped her shoulders. Our bottoms squirmed in mutual delight. In a moment a violent shuddering seized me and my belly felt as if invaded by bursting stars. Lashing her tongue wickedly all around my own, Elaine sprinkled my bush in turn with her own spattering lovejoy and then kissed me tenderly all about my hot face.

Alas, that one can never come within distance of such moments with mere words. Long have I practised such in my diaries, yet ever despairing of describing even the touch of lips to one's own in a manner that will communicate to the reader - even to myself. I who hold the dear memories of a thousand such moments of ineluctable bliss can frame them more closely in my mind than mere words can draw. The words provide but a sketch, the frailest outlines of reality. I trouble myself too much about it, perhaps. To Elaine I appear to possess a mastery of prose such as she can never attain to. Time and again in the years that have since passed after that first night of voluptuous discoveries, she has asked me again and again,"What did you write about it?" - referring of course to whatever event had last occurred. She has been party to almost all I have written, her eyes positively glowing as she has perused my diaries, while for myself I have fretted openly to her that I have failed to capture the fleshly bliss.

"Oh, if I could but write like you, I would write very naughty books," she has oftimes declared.

I have never been flattered by her praise, however. I know my faults, my shortcomings, the midnight wrestlings with words upon which I afterwards gaze with disappointed mien. However, I digress again and must return to the first ruffled bed in which we found ourselves alone and palpitating.

My nest throbbed. Our bodies were sticky together. With a sigh Elaine rolled off of me, though still continuing to cuddle and caress me. That I made no bones about letting her do so - and even returned her lascivious touchings - was the full sign that I had been drawn at last into my future realm. Hot-nippled as our breasts were, they rubbed together where our nightgowns had been drawn up to our armpits.

"Tell me now. What did you see? Who was it?"

I giggled foolishly, still somewhat naive as I was. That long night was however to temper me much in my attitudes and ways of thought. I recall not what I replied for I durst not tell her - as I then thought - that her own Papa was one of the participants. Indeed, in my own ridiculous fashion in those first moments of aftermath, I thought she would not believe me or would be shocked. Such veils of unknowing were soon to be rent from me. Persistent in her questioning and never ceasing to keep me thoroughly aroused between my thighs, Elaine at last after many hesitations and denials on my part, drew from me by simple methods of elimination of names the identity of Mrs. Witherington-Carey. Indeed, I bit my tongue and hid my face upon uttering the name. However, to my uttermost surprise, my cousin remarked with a charming laugh,"She is quite a beauty, is she not? How did he have at her? Were her drawers full down?"

"Oh, she had none on," I replied, realising for the first time that the lady had worn no such garment. Even as I spoke my breath was bubbling out again for upon Elaine's wicked forefinger as my dell was, I was yet about to come again.

It was over the table, I said. Who was the man, she demanded to know. Do not make me tell, I begged. At that she laughed and rolled me under her anew.

"I know - it was Papa. Oh, he has a big one!" she declared, to my perfect astonishment.

"Oh, it was Papa, then. What a big one he has!"

"Ah, Elaine!"

She had me exactly as she wanted. I was lost to her entirely. Raising my legs of my own accord, I wound them round her slim waist. Her words sang in my brain even as we kissed and rubbed and rose anew to a peak of bliss.

"How-how do you know?" I gasped, for all manner of thoughts were now raging in me.

"You sillykins, you do not know much, do you? Oh, you naughty thing, you are making me come again - is it not lovely?"

I could not but agree. The word painted but a ghost of the sensations I was prey to. The thorns of our nipples seemed to spin about one another's. Our lips indulged in the most lascivious kisses. The curls of our quims became matted with our merging spendings.

"We will do everything together, shall we not, Arabella?"

"Yes," I choked, though I knew not then the full import of her words nor to what scenes of libertine delights they were to lead us. Quietening ourselves at last, we lay quiet. In the milky gloom, Elaine bent over me and regarded me solemnly. Then, rising, she discarded her nightdress and bid me do the same. There being a flask of liqueur such as was kept for all guests in a side cabinet, we indulged ourselves by drinking from the neck of it. I knew not the time, nor cared.

"Shall we be naughty together?" Elaine asked. We sat up, our legs curled under us, hips touching.

"What can we do?" I asked naively.

"Everything, Arabella. I have long thought of it. Have you not wondered that I am not yet wed? It is of my own choosing. I may do so in a few years time, but for the nonce I do not mean to fetter myself to one man and one bed. I have learned too much for that, how utterly boring it would be! I am certain now that you share my feelings, or will soon do so, therefore I mean to confide in you. Do you know how many ways there are in which pleasure can be taken?"

I shook my head. I was all agog with wonder and so tremulous from the experiences of the night that I was ready to follow her in all.

"Let us consider, for I have read many naughty books that I filched from Papa's study, though he knows it not. Were all the things therein to be brought together, what exquisite pleasures one could have! Firstly, there are joys between ladies, such as we have just had and which are ever renewable. You were very easy to seduce, my love, for you were already in a fine fever for it. Supposing, though, that one seduced a girl who was not. What fun!"

"Oh, but she might hate it and make a fuss, Elaine!"

"Of course she would not - not for long. Girls are very understanding among themselves you know, and if she were a novice her delights would be threefold and we could teach her much. Then there is the mounting of a girl by a man. What a delight it is to watch! Supposing we could bring it about!"

My mouth parted, I could not believe what I was hearing, yet Elaine spoke not in a coy fashion but a very plain and practical one that stilled the amazed response I might otherwise have given. Indeed, I was dumbstruck, which she - perceiving my silence to be halfway towards assent on my part - took quick advantage of.

"It is perfectly possible, you know, for I have heard about it being done at hunt balls and such. It is called being put to the cock and many a fair young lady has been initiated thus during the revelry. Alas, Mama is very prim and proper, you know, and so has never let me attend one, nor my sisters. I have endeavoured to wheedle Papa into letting me accompany him on some pretext of going elsewhere, but he has resisted. For my part, of course, I have pretended ignorance to him of the goings on, merely saying that I wished to attend a grand affair, but he will not have it, saying they are by invitation only. All the world knows that, of course, but it would trouble him nothing to arrange our presence."

"But in that case you would see nothing, for surely it is not done before the whole company and your Papa could scarce be present when you did."

"You see how I have to educate you, my pet! Did it bother you a whit that Papa was not putting himself to his wife? Of course not! Did it bother Papa or Helen? Not for a second, Arabella. The pleasure is all. I mean to bring you to my way of thinking on this."

"You said he had..."

I could not finish the sentence no more than I could stop myself from uttering it.

"A big one? Well - has he not? How I know this I do not intend to tell you as yet, which I know will tease you much and therefore to listen to me ever more carefully. So you see, as to bringing a girl to the penis, that is more easily done than you would think, although the moment and the atmosphere must be right. I have witnessed it once, as you have, and found a perfect pleasure in doing so. What more could be gained than by gazing upon the intimate conjunction of the parts, by listening to the sighs, the moans, and seeing the rolling of the eyes and the passionate merging of lips."

"Yes, that is true," I exclaimed, for the more I then thought upon it, the more I wanted to see it again.

"Well, then, and so is much other than one can think and read of. What a waste were we to let it all pass by us, Arabella! What utter boredom to find oneself too early wed and the doors of adventure closed. Listen now, for there is much more than I have already said. To birch a girl is quite delicious, for instance."

"Oh, but that would hurt her!"

"My tender one, it would sting and burn her, yes, but if wielded properly - as from all I read - the ensuing pleasures are a perfect delight and not by any means to be scorned. The twigs burnish the bottom, cause it to become fervently heated and the cunny to moisten, and so all is well prepared for the amourous assault that needs follow."

"Is that true? Oh, I suppose I can imagine it a little! Papa has never birched me, though. Has yours?"

"No, my pet - he has been too busy on other ventures with other females to think of baring my bottom. But wait, for we have not by any means reached the end of our lists. There is riding, for instance, when the man - mounted on the same horse behind the female of his choosing - may put himself to her easily enough as she raises her bottom to the jogging of the horse. The reading of such an event much excited me, as I'm sure it would you. There is then also the binding of a girl by ropes or straps when she may be made to take the cock. I have heard it said that some girls are well held by other ladies to the same end at such rumbustious occasions as I have mentioned, so I see little difference in the matter save that by more elaborate means of bringing a girl to her fate one may take more time and have more enduring pleasure in it. But I see you are looking doubtful about it," declared Elaine, taking another swig from the flask and passing it to me.

Whether it was the headiness of the liqueur or that of her words, I knew not, but found myself shaking my head in denial. I averred only, and rather weakly, that it seemed a trifle cruel.

"That is because you have not thought about it, my pet, as I have. The girl would be well prepared beforehand by being tickled and kissed and teased, just as you have been this very night. Did you not surrender and willingly? I have no doubts at all that any sporty girl put to such mischief would soon enough take as much pleasure from it as you did. Think you now of other things, however, that one might do, as for instance entertaining two gentlemen at once."

My exclamation at this was such that she burst into laughter.

"I forget, Arabella, that you have not even been threaded yet and know only of the real pleasures by proxy. I must warn you though that they are not always brought forth with such voluptuous skills as you have witnessed, and indeed that bout itself was of brief duration from what you tell me. This is not to say that one might not sport briefly oneself of occasion - out of a sense of mischief, perhaps, if nothing else. We must ourselves enjoy all that we speak of, and more, or we shall remain as novices. What say you, cousin?"

What could I say? To venture her a negative reply would have been ludicrous, yet I teetered on the edge of all such wickednesses as she had spoken of, though a continued tingling in my cunny surreptitiously announced my pleasure at the thought of them. Nor was that all, for as Elaine had told me she had garnered many very naughty ideas from her father's secret store of books and had memorised them all.

Making not too much of my wondering silence, she stroked and fondled me, well seeing that I was all a-quiver still to receive her tongue and her fingers.

Ere dawn broke, Elaine had tasted my honeypot with her mouth and I hers. We trickled and spurted our pleasure between each other's lips. After doing so, we coiled our tongues together so that we might take a further taste of all that was mixed.

"Is it not more delicious than the finest of liqueurs? Come, leap with me into a divine course of wickedness. Say that you will!"

"Yes!" I assented. The die was cast. Never would I turn back.

Chapter 3


"First you must be threaded, darling, and have your cunny filled to the brim," Elaine murmured to me before departing for her own room. The sheet was long twisted under me from our rompings, yet I felt no discomfort from it. My passions stirred upon all the things of which we had talked. Amidst my musings I saw ever again and again the sturdy shaft that had reamed dear Helen who unexpectedly was later to become a dear and knowing friend. The vision of it enflamed me still. I toyed with myself and fell into the most vivid dreams wherein all earthly cares are cast aside. Upon waking at the entrance of a housemaid bringing tea the next morning, all churned up again within me, yet I could scarce believe it had all come to pass. The fevers of the night seemed to my drowsy mind but tattered emblems of a wild imagination. Indeed, a certain morbidity would, I believe, have seized me, had not Elaine once more entered upon the scene.

Attired in a pale pink peignoir adorned with lace, she looked perfectly lovely. Her legs, elegant as they were and full womanly at their juncture, twinkled palely through the gap in the fine, silky material. Her eyes were warm. Seeing my expression, she gave a loving smile and sat beside me, taking my hand.

"I meant all that I said, be not in doubt of it. Long have I waited to have an accomplice such as you," she declared. "You have such an air of angelic innocence and prettiness as will disguise many of our escapades. Your passion will know no more bounds than mine. Say that you are still of the same mind, Arabella, oh do!"

Such was the pleading in her tone that I laughed almost in relief at being lifted from my cloud of doubt. Taking this for all the assent that my expression was intended to reveal, she kissed me warmly.

"Repeat now the final lesson I taught you," she demanded. While I hesitated, she tapped my lips playfully with her fingers, saying that if the words did not come out she would tickle me to distraction. "Cock must come to... Come on, Arabella!"

I hid my face but could not suppress a grin. Her hand moved to tickle me beneath my armpits and I jumped.

"C-c-cock must come to cunny," I whispered.

"Yes - go on!" The excited impatience in her voice was evident.

"C-c-cock must come to bottom - lips must come to cock - pussy must come to pussy - lips must come to pussy... oh, Elaine, I forget!"

"Oh, you story, you do not - but that will do for the moment. But you have forgotten one thing: it does not matter whose they are so long as they are nice! There, you see, it sounds like a little song! But listen, for I have a most wonderful idea. You remember that I told you that I wished to attend one of the private gatherings and that Papa would not take me? Of course you do. Well, we shall exercise our devious powers, my pet, and to the advantage of us all. Papa is much smitten with you, as I happen to know, for 'tis always he who ensures your invitation here. Yes, you may well blush, but that is the truth of it. Now, as to my plan it is really very simple. I shall make it known to Papa - indeed, we shall do so - that you are much taken with the idea also. Of course, he will believe us innocent in the real affair of things, but no matter. The idea will come far more fetchingly from you and I feel certain he will not then resist."

I became almost pettish at first at the idea which I thought merely hot-headed, I confess.

"Elaine, we dare not, for whatever passes there will be seen by your Papa as much as we, and I would have no face to put upon it, let alone you."

"Have I not thought of that, my darling muddlehead? It will be known, of course, that Papa and I are kin and so discreet arrangements will be made to ensure our separation. I shall be whisked away - I have no doubt of that - but hence will still enjoy myself and, who knows, with the help of one or other may yet still peep in upon the proceedings. As for you, 'twill be quite other, for Papa will be discreet enough to withdraw from you, I know."

"Oh, Elaine, what boldness! I could not!"

"Ha! See how you scurry to your rabbit hole as soon as we begin!" Elaine jeered and made to rise, which reaction from her caused me to seize her wrist, for then - as now - I would never be taken for a coward, however bizarre all seemed to me then.

"I do not! I will do it, you will see!" I blurted, much to her satisfaction, for she embraced me and declared that she had really known it all along.

"Really, you have no need to bother about Papa any more than I, Arabella. He knows perfectly well what is afoot at such gatherings and will be well apprised when something naughty is about to begin. At that he will no more be able to face you than you him and so will take to one of the bedrooms with some lady of his choosing. To put not too fine a point upon it, the occasion will give him fair opportunity to do so."

"Yes," I countered, "but he will know that we know."

"Make not too much of that, my sweet. Papa may then see in you and I accomplices of a sort - already compromised by his own lights - and may see us well out of the affair. It would not come amiss were he to buy me the pearl necklace he has long promised!"

"Oh, you wicked one!" I declared, but could not help laughing at her boldness and her quaint determination. I have long thought that innocence was upon her in some part even then, and knew not the trepidations - which she afterwards confessed to me - which she experienced in embarking upon her course. My own uprising sense of mischief and daring gave strength to her. We were as wall and ivy, the one complementing the other in our upward reachings.