Angels and Beautiful Thoughts - Piotr Kiełbiewski - ebook

Angels and Beautiful Thoughts ebook

Piotr Kiełbiewski

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Short stories about Angels and their relation to people - sometimes funny, sometimes serious. Reading matter for children and grownups. Krótkie historie o aniołach i ich stosunkach z ludźmi. Czasami wesołe, czasami poważne. Lektura dla dzieci i dorosłych. Język angielski.

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Piotr Kiełbiewski




(Original title: ANIOŁY I PIĘKNE MYŚLI)

© Copyright by Piotr Kiełbiewski

Cover and picture (projekt okładki i zdjęcie) by Piotr Kiełbiewski

Translation from Polish by Piotr Kiełbiewski

Proofreading and correction by Ewa Kiełbiewska & Robert Miller

ISBN 978-83-272-3692-0

All rights reserved. Distributing and copying without written permission of the author forbidden. Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone. Rozpowszechnianie i kopiowanie całości lub części publikacji zabronione bez pisemnej zgody autora.

1st edition (Wydanie I)

Warszawa 2012

Publishing (Wydawnictwo) by

Originally released 2011 in addition to the novel „Returns in Sci-fi Mode”

Oryginalne wydanie 2011 jako dodatek do powieści „Powroty w tonacji sci-fi”

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Table of contents


Angels and Beautiful Thoughts

For all dreamers who never wake up

Angels and Beautiful Thoughts

The Human mind is like an ocean, filled with an unlimited flow of emotions and dreams. They float and sway on stormy seas, swelling into infinite waves and the highest imaginable tides. When this happens, people write beautiful books and poems.

I created this concept myself; I called it beautiful. Although I couldn't really say what kind of Angel was born from it?

Anyway, it's always good to write down every thought, which seems so beautiful.

Before they fade away...


We all know by now there are various Angels living among us, strongly related to the lives of all people.

There are of course The Normal Angels, but there are also Special Angels, 3 groups to be precise: The Angels of Dreams, the Angels of Thoughts and the Angels of Deeds. In certain circumstances they may switch roles, for example when human thoughts turn into deed.

Immediately after them are the Angels of Beautiful Thoughts, who are undoubtedly unique - they cannot fly, yet they effortlessly float within the oceans.


Beautiful thought will befall, when Angel of Dreams touches the human mind. Therefore every beautiful thought is proof that Angels exist.

For each beautiful thought created, the Angel of Beautiful Thought is born into the midst of the sky. But as it is not able to fly, the Angel, within an instant descends into the ocean.

From down here we often mistake his fall for a shooting star.


To create a beautiful thought, our mind does not have to be beautiful at all. At the moment of creation the Angel of Dreams takes over our pathways of thinking.

Each Angel of Dreams is overjoyed when presented with an opportunity to help a non-beautiful mind create a truly beautiful thought. Because of this the unexpected Angel of Beautiful Thought appears in our world, ever increasing the existence of Angels.

And to help this population grow is the secret and true intention of every Angel's existence.


Angels of Beautiful Thoughts cannot be born from the beautiful thoughts created by existing Angels of any kind. In contradiction to the secret intention of each Angel's existence, this rule helps to prevent the population of Angels from growing beyond control.

We know, after all, that all Angels, by their wonderful nature, are able to create an infinite number of beautiful thoughts in an instant.


Angels always express beautiful thoughts by singing, while we humans usually utter them.


There is no clear definition of beautiful thought. Only the Angel of Dreams really knows which thoughts deserve to be called beautiful and when a new Angel of Beautiful Thought appears.