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She’s adored Mac forever…but he barely even knows she’s alive. That’s what Andi thinks, anyway, until she’s nearly killed in a freak swimming accident, and Mac has to use every bit of unorthodox skill he possesses to keep her alive.Why didn’t he ever give her the slightest hint of his true feelings? And now that she knows…will he be the one to teach her the glorious delights of making love?~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~Reid quietly stepped through the open auditorium doorway, then hesitated and blinked a few times in surprise. He tried to attend all of Andi’s swim meets, and he’d watched her cut through the water at a pretty fair clip. But he’d never seen her rocket down the narrow lane like a runaway shark! If she could manage this kind of speed in the competitions, she could win every race hands-down!Delighted, he stepped forward to applaud…and all hell broke loose.Andi caught a glimpse of him standing at the edge of the pool, and even through the chlorine haze burning her eyes, she recognized his distinctive profile.Mac! The one person she wanted to see the most!Dizzy elation threw her off stride—and instead of slapping the rim in a final spin that would allow her to coast to a comfortable stop, her right wrist connected with a sickening crunch that sent shrieking shockwaves of pain ricocheting through her entire body. Her anguished scream was choked off as she flipped backwards, desperately clutching her broken wrist, and sank to the bottom like a stone.“Andi!” Mac roared her name as blood stained the crystalline water. His feet were in motion before the first echo had rebounded back, and then he was diving so deep that he nearly shot past her. Her petite body was limp as he dragged her to the surface, and tried to hoist her head above water.Afterwards, he’d never be entirely sure how he managed to haul himself, and her, out of the pool without losing several layers of skin. “Breathe, Andi! Come on!” Urgently he shook her, then began to pump vigorously on her ribs. “Breathe!”Water trickled from her mouth. Swiftly he rolled her onto her side, and pounded on her back. He was rewarded by a sudden gush as she choked, and frantically sputtered for air.“Again!” More water exploded from her mouth and nose as he looped an arm around her waist, half-lifted her off the cement floor, and squeezed rhythmically in a modified Heimlich…Until finally, like the melodic trill of an angelic harp, he heard the sweet sound of air filling her lungs.“Thank you, God!” Relieved beyond measure, he gently lowered her to the floor again. “Andi, can you hear me?”Her low moan was an agonized rasp. And then he remembered the blood.Reid’s face paled as he stared at her wrist in icy horror. It looked like a clean break…but how could he tell for sure when both bones were jutting through the skin, and she was losing blood at an appalling rate?“Sweet Jesus!”

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Bikini Babes’ Carwash

“Andrea’s Ecstasy”

By Suzie McLean

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Copyright 2016 Suzie McLean

All characters in this book are 18 or older.

Chapter 1


She hadn’t meant to spy on them.

Grimacing, Andrea wound her long golden-brown hair into a clumsy bun, then shoved it under her ugly elastic swimming cap. She hated the thing, and every time she used it, she swore she was going to cut her hair pixie-short. Then her head wouldn’t feel so heavy and lopsided when she did her daily morning laps.

She looked like a cone-head, she thought, casting a bitter scowl at her reflection. Long sexy legs, slender hips, a flat stomach, generous D-cup breasts…and a hideous white rubber cap that bulged like some creepy science fiction monster’s skull.

She was an energetic swimmer, and regularly won the endurance races. But her speed laps were only mediocre. It wasn’t her fault, entirely. She tried, she really did! But what could she do when her breasts were simply too big? No matter how tightly she bound them before each competition, they slowed her down.

Well, she thought with a resigned sigh, they had other uses. In just a few short weeks, they’d be getting the attention they deserved when she bounced around outside the newly-opened Bikini Babes’ Carwash in a skintight G-string bikini. That would not only be good fun exercise, but it would help kick-start their exciting new business on the right foot…so to speak.

They’d worked hard for the past two weeks. The carwash had laid empty and derelict for five long years, ever since the last raging hurricane had battered their section of the curving Florida coastline. Fixing it up again, and creating jobs that would support the entire Alpha Beta Xi sorority, had been Phoebe’s idea. She’d been full of enthusiasm and high hopes, especially when Antonia, their brilliant business major, had worked out a strict budget that would allow them to make her dream come true.

She hadn’t been so bright and energetic lately, Andrea mused with a worried frown as she snagged a towel on her way out of the dreary college locker room. For nearly a month now, Phoebe had been uncharacteristically withdrawn and depressed. Normally she told Andi everything…but this time she hadn’t said a single word. She’d locked it all inside herself…and she whimpered Riley Thompson’s name in her sleep every night when she tossed and turned in her narrow bed.

Andrea liked Riley…cautiously. She hadn’t been certain, at first, that allowing their new landlord to become a full partner in their business was a good thing. Oh sure, in exchange for his ten percent cut, he’d waived all kinds of security deposits, and dropped the rent to half of his initial proposal. But he was old! How could someone in his early fifties, even if he was still in good enough shape to be really sexy, work well with a bunch of college students?

Much to her surprise, it had been working very well…so far. Phoebe and he kept circling each other like wary tomcats every time he dropped by the carwash to see how their renovations were coming along. But other than that, he was smart and funny, and he had plenty of good ideas that would quite probably help them succeed.

Their first week of work had been hot, grubby, and absolutely miserable. Gigantic piles of trash had filled the long bays. College frat parties, homeless vagrants, who knew? Maybe even some lazy people who hadn’t wanted to haul their unwanted junk all the way out to the dump. They’d found enough really weird stuff, as they’d picked their way through it, to believe just about anything.

Then everything had changed, in the blink of an eye. Nina had spotted an intact beer bottle woven ingeniously through the tied-up ends of a black plastic trash bag…and it had looked so strange that she’d hauled it out for a closer look. Andi’s twin sister, Selena, had opened it…and they’d all been stunned to find bundles upon bundles of twenty and hundred dollar bills inside!

Then Toni had appeared out of nowhere with their gorgeous new county building inspector hard on her heels—and a few minutes later, Riley had squealed into the lot, and taken the plastic bag and its stolen contents away. Jason and he had been thick as thieves ever since then, especially since Jason and Toni had started…

In a single instant, all her churning frustration came rushing back like an avalanche. She hadn’t meant to spy on them, she hadn’t! She’d only gone down to the supply shed to let Toni know they’d all arrived for work! If she’d had any idea…

But she’d heard a strange sound coming from inside the flimsy little building, and the door had been standing ajar. And she’d been so afraid that Toni had fallen and hurt herself, she hadn’t even thought to knock. She’d just swung it open…

God! A violent shudder rippled down her slender body as she remembered the incredibly erotic scene that had greeted her. Toni and Jason had been stark naked on the rickety old daybed, vigorously humping up and down. And as she’d gaped in stunned disbelief, Toni had cried out in frantic delight…and Jason’s long, muscular body had suddenly stiffened, and his head had snapped back in an erotic arch as he’d thrust even harder between her parted thighs.

Andi’s heart pounded like a marathon runner’s as she leaned against the nearest tile wall, and gulped for air. Oh man, that had been so incredibly hot! And she’d known it was wrong to stare at them in openmouthed wonder…but she just hadn’t been able to move! Every nerve in her body had been on fire, and her legs had felt so weak and trembling that she’d nearly crumpled right where she stood!

It was only after Jason had collapsed with a husky groan of exhaustion that her tingling feet had come alive again. She’d rocketed off so fast that she’d almost smashed into the side of the carwash…and it had taken nearly an hour before she’d felt calm enough, steady enough, to rejoin her sorority sisters and start working as if nothing at all had happened.

It was the sexiest thing she’d ever seen. And she wanted to experience it herself.

Not with Jason…he was Toni’s, and she wasn’t about to mess that up when Toni was practically glowing with happiness, even when he wasn’t around.

No, she wanted a man of her own. Someone who would treat her the same way Jason treated Toni. Sidelong little looks that spoke volumes. A light touch of the hand. A gentle kiss in the shadows. And hours and hours of sizzling-hot sex that would make her scream with exquisite delight!

She even knew who she wanted the man to be. She’d adored him as a child, and had a crush on him all through high school. And now that she was in college…

He barely even knew that she existed.

Sighing, she pushed herself upright, and stomped down the hallway to the college’s long Olympic-sized swimming pool. The harsh reek of chlorine didn’t faze her; she’d been breathing it nearly every day for five long years. Neither did the chilly water. She welcomed it, in fact, and hoped it would cool the fierce burning in her belly.

Fifty or sixty energetic laps might help burn off some of her frustration, too…she hoped.

Scowling, she tugged her cap a little more tightly over her long hair, and dove smoothly into the center channel. Water churned into white froth as she propelled herself down the long lane, spun at the far end, and kicked off again with practiced agility. Stroke, kick kick kick. Stroke, kick kick kick. The steady rhythm was soothing, and she felt her inner agitation ease a little.

Maybe she’d do a few hundred laps. She’d been working hard; she was in excellent shape. If that many vigorous laps couldn’t quench the fire, nothing could.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Someone triggered the sensors last night.”

Ben Corey’s grim announcement made each of the other men assembled in Riley Thompson’s cramped little trailer office jolt upright in alarm.

“Which location?”

“What time?”

“Was anything taken?”

“Do you know who it was?”

“Have the girls found out?”

They were an odd assortment, he mused as he looked at each of them in turn. Fate had thrown them together—or back together, since he’d known three of them from his college days—and shared interests had bonded them all into close friends.

Reid Holmes, their local fix-it genius who’d earned the nickname of ‘MacGyver’ because of his knack for cobbling together anything from discarded bits and pieces.

Jason Prescott, the new county building inspector who was eagerly romancing Antonia Zanetta, the BetaZeds’ drop-dead gorgeous business major.

Asher Cristobal, who’d been Seaside Bay’s star quarterback throughout college, and now worked for a local general contractor building pricy upscale apartments and condominiums.

Riley Thompson, who owned the dilapidated carwash lot the BetaZed sorority sisters were refurbishing.

He was probably the oddest one of them all, Ben thought with a wry inner smile: a promising young cop-turned-detective who’d been wounded in the line of fire. His injuries had forced him into early retirement, so he’d opened a small private investigating firm on the other side of town. Riley had hired him to protect the BetaZed sorority after they’d discovered that infamous trash bag filled with cash inside his broken-down old carwash.