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Anatomy flashcards: Cerebellum and brainstem ebook

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A new approach to learning anatomy: Use your favorite ebook device and learn the most relevant anatomical structures of the Cerebellum and brainstem on the go. Look at an illustration of a structure and flip the page to see the answer in both english and latin terminology. Additional information (when available) about origins, insertions, innervation and functions of the structure teach you all the details. Make the most of the clearest, most accurate illustrations today. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of students around the world who have used to learn anatomy.

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Anatomy Flashcards
Cerebellum and brainstem
Dear Anatomy Geek,

Welcome to your Kenhub flashcards eBook.

This eBook is laid out in a flashcard style format, which means that you can learn anatomy easily and on the go. Oh- and without having to deal with a tidal wave of handmade flashcards flying around. Result!

So, how do I use this anatomy eBook?

It couldn’t be simpler. On the first page, you will see an illustration of an anatomical structure along with a question asking you to identify it. Allow yourself a few seconds to recall the name of the structure you see as well as its purpose in the body. Once you think you’ve got it, flip the page. Here you will see the answer in English and Latin, as well as some additional information about the structure.

It’s important to be honest with yourself.

Did you get it right? If so, great! Move onto the next card. If not, make a note to come back to it later before you move onto the next card.

And that’s it! It’s really that easy. Swipe the page to get started now.