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Amanda is thirty four years-old, single, has low self-esteem, and is struggling to beat an addiction for which there is no help available. While alcoholics have the A.A. and drug addicts have drug rehab and counselling, emotional eaters—have fad diets that suck them dry of nutrients and energy. They also have starvation. These are Amanda’s only means of combating an addiction that is ruining her life. These are Amanda's diary entries.

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An Emotional Eater’s diary

A Book By

Dr. H Adam

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Entry #1 – What’s the point of all this?

Entry #2 – Start the diet tomorrow

Entry #3 – The nagging of a toddler

Entry #4 – Trials of an emotional eater

Entry #5 – Is it willpower?

Entry #6 – Be kind to yourself

Entry #7 – The scale dictate my mood

Entry #8 – Boredom

Entry #9 – Autopilot eating

Entry #10 – Start a diet after an event

Entry #11– Eating too fast

Entry #12–Second helping

Entry #13–Human dustbin

Entry #14–If you have the ability to love, love yourself first

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Entry #1 – What’s the point of all this?

Dear diary, I am an emotional eater, and I need your help. Ha, who am I kidding? This is I, Amanda Penman, the Queen of all those forgotten tomorrows, the purveyor of excuses—the binger of junk. I’m not sure how to start this, so I’m just going to let my mind roll with it.

I have a serious problem. I’m what the experts call an: ‘emotional eater’. What does that mean, exactly? It’s as simple as it sounds, really. I eat when I’m on a downer—but I’m not talking like some broken-hearted teenager that hugs a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream while she softens the pain with its contents. That would be okay. That wouldn’t be so bad, at least not as bad as this.

That jilted teen, and most other girls, who have ever suffered heartache, or rejection, will recover, and get over the loss. She’ll probably find another boyfriend or just get on with her life. She’ll burn off that tub of comfort with a few trips to the gym, and tell herself she’s better than him anyway. That girl, that girl is in control.

Me, on the other hand—I’ve been that