American Bulldog Bible And the American Bulldog - Mark Manfield - ebook

Everything you need to know about the American Bulldog - from American Bulldog Puppies through to the adult American Bulldog, this is the definitive American Bulldog Book! Covers American Bulldogs, Bulldog Puppies for Sale and how to find them, and everything about raising a healthy and happy American Bulldog. Another informative and entertaining title from passionate dog owner Mark Manfield. As an American Bulldog lover, he enjoys advising on all aspects of American Bulldog care from American Bulldog Puppies to Bulldog Rescue, Mini Bulldogs, American Bulldog Training, the Johnson Bulldog & Bulldog Types, and everything in between. From bringing home your Baby Bulldog, Bulldog Food, finding good American Bulldog Breeders, Johnson American Bulldog and Johnson Bulldog Types, English Bulldogs vs. French Bulldogs vs. the American Bulldog- it's all covered! What to expect in a Bulldog Price and know if you're getting a good one. Full information on American Bulldog Temperament and all Bulldog Adoption considerations you should think about. Whether you are considering an American Bulldog for the first time - or a seasoned American Bulldog owner, the tricks and tips within this guide will prove invaluable. This book is a must have guide for anybody passionate about the American Bulldog. Whether it's Baby Bulldogs for sale, the Brindle American Bulldog, American Bulldog Kennels, Mini Bulldog Puppies, Rescue Bulldogs, Bulldog Breeders or anything in between the author lays out everything you need to know. The book is written in an easy to read and understandable style. In a straight forward, no nonsense fashion, Mark Manfield covers all aspects of deciding on, adopting or buying an American Bulldog, American Bulldog Breeders, selecting Bulldog Puppies, Care, Health, Bulldog Food, health through old age, travelling with your American Bulldog and having fun with your American Bulldog throughout its life. It's everything you need to know about the American Bulldog from American Bulldog Puppies to adult American Bulldogs, this is the definitive American Bulldog Book. As an American Bulldog lover, the author enjoys advising on all sides of American Bulldog care- American Bulldog Puppies to Bulldog Rescue, Mini Bulldogs, Training, Johnson Bulldogs, & More!

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Your Perfect American Bulldog Guide

Covers American Bulldog Puppies, Mini Bulldogs, American Bulldog Training, Johnson Bulldog, And More!

By Mark Manfield

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Table of Contents


Introduction to the American Bulldog Bible

Chapter 1 – American Bulldog History

The Old English Bulldog

The American Bulldog History in the United States

The Modern American Bulldog

The Johnson American Bulldog

The Scott Bulldog or the Standard American Bulldog

Comparable Bulldog Breeds - English Bulldog VS American Bulldog

Comparable Bulldog Breeds - French Bulldog

Comparable Bulldog Breeds - What is a Mini Bulldog or a Teacup Bulldog?

Comparable Bulldog Breeds - What is a Toy Bulldog and Are They Real?

Comparable Bulldog Breeds - the White Bulldog or the White English Bulldog

Chapter 2 - Characteristics of American Bulldogs

How to Spot a Purebred American Bulldog

Understanding the American Bulldog and Its Temperament

Chapter 3 - Bringing an American Bulldog or American Bulldog Puppies Into Your Life

Is the American Bulldog a Good Fit for You or Your Family?

Is Your Home Suitable for a Bulldog Breed or a Puppy Bulldog?

Are American Bulldogs or American Bulldog Puppies Aggressive Towards People?

Are American Bulldogs or American Bulldog Puppies Aggressive Towards Other Dogs?

Will American Bulldogs or American Bulldog Puppies Be Aggressive to Other Animals?

Does the American Bulldog Breed Have Any Serious Genetic Health Issues?

What Are the Pros and Cons for Having an American Bulldog or American Bulldog Puppies?

Chapter 4 - Finding American Bulldogs for Sale or American Bulldog Puppies for Sale

How to Find and Recognize Good American Bulldog Breeders

The Telltale Signs of Bad Bulldog Breeders for American Bulldog for Sale

American Bulldog Adoption or Bulldog Rescue

Chapter 5 - Choosing American Bulldog Puppies or Adults

Should You Bring Home an American Bulldog Puppy or an Adult?

Choosing the Right American Bulldog Puppies

How to Choose the Right Adult American Bulldog

American Bulldog Puppy VS French Bulldog Puppy VS English Bulldog Puppy

Chapter 6 - Preparing Your Home for an American Bulldog

The Essential Gear for Your American Bulldog

1. Crate

2. Food and Water Bowls

3. American Bulldog Harness or Bulldog Puppy Harness

4. Chew Toy

5. Brush

6. Your favorite dog shampoo

7. Your Vet’s Number

American Bulldog Proofing Your House

Choosing the Right Bulldog Food for Your Pet

Choosing the Right Bulldog Puppy Food

Introducing a New Kind of Bulldog Food to Your Bulldog’s Diet

Chapter 7 - Bringing Home Your American Bulldog

Introducing Your American Bulldog to Its New Home

Your American Bulldog’s First Night

House Training Your American Bulldog

Chapter 8 - Caring for Your American Bulldog or Your Baby Bulldog

Preventive Health Care and Maintenance for Your American Bulldog

Properly Exercising Your American Bulldog

Properly Grooming Your American Bulldog

Managing Your American Bulldog’s Diet

Chapter 9 - American Bulldog Training for Beginners

American Bulldog Training - How to Sit

American Bulldog Training - Calling Your Bulldog with a Whistle

American Bulldog Training - How to Stay

American Bulldog Training - Go to Crate

Chapter 10 - Fun Things to Do with Your American Bulldog

Hiking with Your Bulldog American

Hanging Out at the Beach with Your American Bulldog

Traveling with Your American Bulldog

Give Your American Bulldog a Skateboard

Chapter 11 - Conclusion to the American Bulldog Bible

Bonus Chapter: More American Bulldog Photos to Enjoy


Introduction to the American Bulldog Bible

You may have seen a dog parent jogging with his or her American Bulldog in the park, or you may have enjoyed petting American Bulldog puppies at a shelter. You may even have a friend who is already the proud parent of an American Bulldog and have an idea of what it takes to have this somewhat controversial dog breed as a pet. However way you noticed this beautiful dog, it probably got you thinking about what is needed to be a dog parent yourself to your own American Bulldog. But it takes a lot more to take care of an American Bulldog than just bringing one home.

The American Bulldog is a confident, intelligent, social, active dog. It is trainable, responsive, and forms strong bonds with its people. That being said, the American Bulldog is far from being your average pet dog; it is simply not for everyone. If you want a dog that is happy go lucky even when left by itself and requires very little of your attention, the American Bulldog is not for you. But if you want a dog that you want to forge a relationship with and a dog that is essentially part of the family and is included in most activities, then you will enjoy having an American Bulldog in your home.

You might not know it by looking at them, but American Bulldogs are very emotional creatures. This means that they require a lot more attention than your average dog breed and that they don’t handle alone time very well. They also have higher than average exercise needs and would fit in best with a human partner that also leads an active lifestyle. Daily walks in the park and other outdoor activities are non-optional for this working dog breed. Far from being passive, American Bulldogs can become destructive when they get too much idle time.

It’s not just about your lifestyle or how much time and attention you can give this particular dog breed. Used to being the alpha of the pack, an American Bulldog responds better to strong personalities. They need a firm and consistent hand, not someone that they can win against in a battle of wills. American Bulldogs are a strong-minded group, and they will test your limits and your rules. They need a human partner who is just as strong minded, if not more so.

Despite having a more complex personality than most dog breeds, the American Bulldog is still a favorite among dog lovers because of its loyalty, instinctively protective nature, and its sensitivity to human emotions. Believe it or not, this tough-looking, physically powerful animal has quite the sensitive side. It is just as quick to try and comfort you when you’re feeling down as to protect you when it senses danger.

More than most dog breeds, the behavior and personality of your American Bulldog will reflect the care and training that you give it, which is why I would highly recommend that only hands-on dog parents should bring this breed home. It’s also why understanding your American Bulldog is a crucial first step to becoming a responsible American Bulldog parent. If you treat your pet right by giving its needs due consideration, you can have a loyal and loving friend, and that’s where The American Bulldog book comes in.



The American Bulldog book is a comprehensive guide to both new and would-be American Bulldog parents as well as experienced parents who want to learn more about their beloved pet. From this unique and fascinating breed’s history and early beginnings to finding the best places to acquire an American Bulldog to caring for its health and grooming, we have everything you need to have a healthy and happy pet as part of your family.


Chapter 1 – American Bulldog History

Despite having a somewhat bad reputation among dog owners because of its association with dog fighting and how that suggests aggressive dog behavior, I’m happy to say that American Bulldogs have been gaining a lot of admirers in the past few years. In fact, while there’s no toppling the Labrador as the top dog breed for most households just yet, the popularity of the American Bulldog has been getting a lot of traction and here’s why.

American Bulldogs are fun-loving, affectionate, protective, and fiercely loyal. That’s not to say that they don’t come with baggage, but what it does mean is that with proper American Bulldog training, they make excellent household pets. I’ve had a lot of different dog breeds as pets in my day, and I’ll be the first to tell you that having an American Bulldog can be a very fulfilling experience as a dog parent, not only because of the breed’s inherent intelligence but also because of its responsiveness and the close bond that it instinctively forms with its human.

But if American Bulldogs make such great pets and companions, why do they have this image of violence and aggressiveness and surliness, traits that are completely undesirable in pet dogs? To understand this perception of the American Bulldog and to understand what drives your pet and how it thinks and feels, we need to take a closer look at its history as a breed.


A healthy and happy adult American Bulldog

The Old English Bulldog

The American Bulldog breed can trace its ancestry back to the 1800s to the large mastiff and its smaller cousin, the Old English Bulldog. A working dog even in ancestry, both the mastiff and the Old English Bulldog were used to guard and herd livestock. Both breeds were also used for bull baiting which, back then, was actually for practical uses as much as it was a sporting event. You see, back in those days, people believed that bulls that were exercised before they were slaughtered would produce more tender meat for butchers. The bulls that were baited by dogs were considered the higher quality meat, and bulls that weren’t baited were considered substandard, the cheaper meat. Plus, bull baiting had a lot of entertainment value, if a bit violent. It was said that Queen Elizabeth I enjoyed bull baiting and attended many of these events.

Did You Know?

Mastiffs - a bulldog ancestor - can trace their ancestry back to ancient war dogs that the Romans called pugnance britannicci, literally meaning fighting dogs.

The mastiff, while large and more capable to take on a bull, was often considered too slow to get the job done. Enter the Old English Bulldog, a much smaller but also faster breed that was just as powerful. They could dart in and out to harass the bulls, baiting them into action. Unfortunately, because of the entertainment value of bull baiting, it eventually branched out to dog fighting where the Old English Bulldog breed was used extensively.


After the passage of the Cruelty to Animals Act 1835, there was a general decline in bull baiting and dog fighting. The interest in the Old English Bulldog also waned which led to the breed’s extinction. However, because the common people were not allowed to own large dogs, they had already begun breeding smaller versions of the Old English Bulldog for themselves, which eventually led to plenty of modern bulldog breeds, including the English Bulldog and the American Bulldog.


Did You Know?

The Old English Bulldog is different from the modern breed the Olde English Bulldogge that was developed by David Leavitt in the 1970s. The Olde English Bulldogge breed is still alive and well to this day.

The American Bulldog History in the United States

When English settlers moved to the Americas, they understandably wanted to bring their prized bulldogs with them. After all, they needed all the help they could get in herding livestock, in protecting their homes, and in mastering the new world. They needed a robust and intelligent working dog, and the bulldog-type build was perfect for getting the job done.

The same tenacity and courage and physicality that let the Old English Bulldog bait bulls were still in this new bulldog-type stock. They became very valuable guardians for a lot of settlers and became one of the earliest ‘stock dogs’ as they played a major role in making sure the livestock were protected and contained. Back then, cattle and pigs were generally allowed to wander free so that they could feed on different areas and the early forms of the bulldog were essential to getting them back as well as protecting them. They were also excellent vermin repellants, ridding farms of rats and other unwanted creatures that generally lacked natural predators before the arrival of the settlers.

Those early bulldog-types were also great companions in a generally unwelcoming and hostile environment. Because they had a long history of working beside people, they developed a fierce loyalty, including their humans in their pack under the same pack mentality. To this day, the American Bulldog retains this characteristic, of being very loyal and protective of their family.