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Taken By The Billionaire Russian Mob BossRachel is an African American woman working in a casino. Nikolav is the billionaire Russian owner, who flies in for an inspection for the very first time since Rachel started working there.Nikolav loves black women, and he's the type of man to always get what he wants.So when Rachel makes a mistake that costs thousands of dollars, Nikolav doesn't want to fire her... instead, he makes her an offer she can't refuse.She'll have to choose between her desires and her morals as the handsome Russian dominates her right then and there in his office.The Royal SlutMonica is an educated black woman living in the US. When she lands the opportunity of her lifetime working for Prince Nathanial, she accepts a first class flight over to his palace without hesitation. It's only when Nathanial's wife goes on a trip that he reveals his true reason for hiring her - he wants an ebony plaything, and he always gets what he wants. Monica will have to choose between a fling with the handsome prince and her morals... and the prince will stop at nothing to claim Monica hard, rough, and unprotected.Taking On The White BikersChantel gets a little too drunk at the club, and wakes up in the bed of an outlaw motorcycle gang member. Although she's embarrased at acting like a ho, she decides to stay and kick it for a while. And with no ride home she doesn't really have a choice. One game of strip poker and several drinks later, she finds herself the center of attention for the entire clubhouse. Soon she'll be taking on more than one white biker as she gives in to her deepest desires and does things she can never, ever admit to doing. Claimed By The AlphaWhen Alexis, a successful black lawyer, agrees to a charity auction with her as the prize she thinks it's going to be a boring time and a boring date... that is, until her own boss is the one to claim her with an incredible amount of money. What she doesn't know is that her boss isn't just a billionaire, he's a werewolf, and when he changes he becomes insatiable. With her white boss in an animalistic werewolf state can she resist his advances or give in to his uncontrollable lust?

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All White Alphas

Four Adult BWWM Stories

Aaliyah Jackson

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Taken By The Billionaire Russian Mob Boss | Aaliyah Jackson

The Royal Slut | Aaliyah Jackson

Taking On The White Bikers | Aaliyah Jackson

Claimed By The Alpha | Angelina White

She walked into the hotel and followed the signs for the charity date auction. The hotel was full of people milling around the lobby, some heading for the bar. Well, it was Friday afternoon, so it was to be expected. She made her way into the ballroom that was to hold the charity event, and was pleasantly surprised to see many men already there. She checked into the date auction, and grabbed herself a glass of champagne. As she sipped her champagne, she looked for anyone she might already know. As she was scanning the room, someone tapped her shoulder, startling her.

As the two walked out of the St. Regis hotel, Mark’s hand had descended past her waist and currently cupped her ass cheek. He certainly made his intentions clear. Alexis still had not decided what her own intentions were. Her body had certainly made up its mind, fitting itself next to his, a feeling that was too good to tear away from. As his limo pulled up, Mark removed his hand, to her dismay, and opened the door for her. “After you, please,” he said, as he helped her into the car. She sat down and looked around the limo. There was a mini bar with every alcohol you could possibly ask for, and a bottle of champagne in ice with two glasses next to it. The slamming of the door brought her attention back to Mark. The closeness of the car was suddenly made very clear to Alexis as he took his seat next to her. His shoulders brushed up against hers, sending a shiver down her spine.

Taken By The Billionaire Russian Mob Boss

Aaliyah Jackson

“Rachel, come in Rachel,” a voice said from beneath radio crackle. Rachel grabbed her radio from her belt, and answered, “Rachel here.” “Rachel, have you started in on the floor? Mr. Hargitay is due to arrive in two hours,” the voice replied. Shit, Rachel thought to herself. She thought she had more time. Rachel Wilson was a young African-American woman who worked at the Red Hotel and Casino in Vegas, and she was responsible for maintenance of all gambling machines. The owner, Nikolav Hargitay, was coming for an inspection that day. Rachel thought that he wasn’t coming until the late evening, maybe ten o’clock. But it was four, and he was going to be here in two hours. Her prep time was drastically cut, and she hadn’t finished anything.

“What? When did that change? I thought he was supposed to be coming in ten?” she asked into the radio, not masking the irritation in her voice. She would have to haul ass if she wanted to even pray that she could finish everything before he got here. “I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter,” the voice replied dryly. “It’s your job to get this done, so get it done Rachel. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.” Rachel cursed in her head. The hotel manager, Mike, ran the hotel when Nikolav was gone, and he expected her to do everything. He didn’t accept any excuses, and didn’t tolerate anyone failing or slacking in their job. He was not easy to impress. He wouldn’t care if she didn’t have enough time to complete all of her tasks, he would fire her if she didn’t finish everything.

She didn’t bother radioing Mike back. He wouldn’t care, and it would only infuriate her more. She would have enough on her plate as it was. She walked to the elevators, and pushed the down button. She would need to take care of the ground floor, and reset all of those machines. Of course, the ground floor was the main floor, and it was the busiest floor in the entire hotel. There were countless machines, and she had no idea how she was going to finish them all. A small Asian woman walked up to her while she waited for the elevators. “Hey Rachel,” she said. She looked and sounded exhausted. Of course, she was in charge of the restaurants within the hotel, so her job was insane as well. “Hey Sue,” Rachel replied. “How’s it going? Hear about Nikolav coming in two hours?” Sue shook her head, rubbing her temples. “Yes, I did. Its torture is what it is. I don’t know how we are expected to cut our prep time almost in half. But I’ve got help, it’s just you out on the ground floor right?” Sue asked. “Yeah, it’s just me,” she replied. The elevator arrived, and Rachel motioned for Sue to enter. “Thanks,” she replied. “And you’re the first thing he sees. Don’t screw it up for the rest of us,” she laughed jokingly. Rachel laughed with her, but didn’t find it very funny.

Rachel desperately needed this job; she would be fatally screwed if she lost it. And screwing this up was the sure-fire way to get herself fired. She couldn’t have that. But this wasn’t the time to lash out at Sue. She was just as stressed out and on edge as Rachel was. Everybody in this damned hotel was on edge. Nikolav was notorious for firing anyone who didn’t obey his every order. Having his hotel out of shape on one of his few visits to Las Vegas would be an easy excuse for him to fire everyone and start over from scratch. Sue and Rachel patiently waited for the elevator to take them to their floors, too stressed out to do the usual small talk. The elevator dinged as they reached the first floor, and again Rachel motioned for Sue to leave first. “Well, good luck, Rachel. Hopefully we will survive and see each other tomorrow,” Sue chuckled as she walked towards the restaurants. “Thanks, you too,” Rachel weakly replied.

She started in on the main penny and quarter slot machines, because they were always the most popular and widely used. As Rachel continued with the laborious and monotonous work, she thought about how she got here. As a child, she never imagined that she would be working in a casino in Vegas. She had always imagined that she would be working as a lawyer, or a doctor, or even a businesswoman. She would be owning the hotel, rather than working in it. But that didn’t work out for her. She went to an excellent college, and stuck it out two years. But when her mother got sick, and her bills started to pile up, Rachel couldn’t justify staying in school. It was just too expensive. So, she dropped out. She worked at various jobs around their small town in Texas, barely able to make ends meet. Then, her mom’s illness got worse. Rachel didn’t know what to do, until her doctor recommended a specialist in Las Vegas. It was expensive, but it would save her life. So, Rachel packed the two of them up, and moved them to Las Vegas. They found a house easily, and Rachel wasted no time in getting her mother the treatments that she needed. Rachel got a job at the hotel and casino, and made just enough money to pay their bills. Because of her mother, losing this job was not an option.

Sometimes she regrets not finishing her degree. She could possibly be making twice as much as she was now if she had finished college. But she couldn’t dwell on the past. Her mother’s health and happiness was most important to her, and she wouldn’t replace it for anything. That is what drove her to this job, and what kept her going through this shitty project. She knew that if she kept her head down, and didn’t screw anything up, she would be fine. Her job would be secure, and her bills would get paid. This visit was the only obstacle in her path at the moment, and she planned on slaying it.

She thought about the man behind all of her current stress – Nikolav Hargitay. Not much was known about him personally, he mostly kept himself out of the tabloids, and didn’t involve himself too much with public life. Not to say that he didn’t enjoy his life, certainly he lived his life to the fullest. He just did so privately, away from prying eyes. Some said it was the secret to his success. Rachel didn’t have an opinion on how or why he was successful, she only cared that he was. He was one of the youngest casino owners in Vegas, and used all of his own money, without lenders or investors. In today’s world, that was unheard of. Most people wanted the quickest route to money, and that was through investors and loans, in order to get your project off the ground. Nobody really knew how Nikolav got his money initially. He had a shady past in Moscow, where he held ownership of several hotels and casinos. After conquering his own hometown of Moscow, he decided to test his luck in America. Vegas was the casino capital of the United States, and the most logical place to begin his American empire. Red Hotel and Casino was an instant success, and quickly became the new “it” spot of the strip. Celebrities were constantly staying at the hotel, dropping hundreds of thousands at the casino, bars, and restaurants. It truly was a massive business.

It was clear to everyone who worked for Red Hotel and Casino, that Nikolav was a complete perfectionist. Anything out of place, or that inconvenienced him or his guests, would be instantly pruned. He did not care about excuses or tears, he wanted everything perfect, or you were gone. Perhaps that was the secret to his success, Rachel thought to herself. He did not care about anything beyond his business. The stories that did make it into the tabloids were usually his various girlfriends. He was without a doubt a playboy, who had a new model girlfriend as often as he desired. He owned multiple luxury cars, and owned his own yacht and private jet. He had the finest of everything, wanting for nothing. He was the ultimate casino tycoon, and Rachel had to respect him for that. He might be a jerk to work for, but the man knew how to run a business. Just look at the state of everyone in this hotel, she thought to herself. He hasn’t been to the hotel for at least a year and a half, but just the knowledge that he was coming back was driving the employees to the brink of a panic attack. The fear he inspired in his employees could not be underestimated. He was not a man to be trifled with.

She finished her rounds of the penny and quarter slots, and made her way across the casino floor, resetting every machine she came across. It was boring work, and she found herself lost in the repetitive motions. She watched as other employees ran around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to solve every problem. Of course, guests were still in the hotel and casino at all times. It was Vegas in the summer after all, and even Nikolav could not close his own hotel during this time. It was the peak season for Vegas, and the money was ripe for the picking. All they had to do was wait for it. Unfortunately, most of the machines on the ground floor were outdated, and needed to be reset in order to work properly. If they were not rest, the guests who used them would win every single time they played. That, of course, was something that could not be allowed. The casino would lose too much money, and guests could walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was unthinkable. It rested on Rachel’s shoulders to reset each and every machine, in order to ensure that this did not happen.

It was a ridiculously easy task, but very tedious, and easily boring. Besides the fact that there were countless machines, each reset meant that she had to take a guest off of the machine. Most people did not like to be bothered while gambling, and it was not a very popular policy amongst casinos either. But unfortunately, it had to be done. Rachel was used to all kinds of rude and insulting comments being thrown her way when she told a guest to step away from a machine, most of them being drunk off of free drinks that kept them glued to a machine. But Rachel almost always had security to help keep those people in line. Today, because of the arrival of Nikolav, most of security was busy in other parts of the hotel and casino. So, Rachel was on her own. Luckily it was still fairly early, at least in terms of intoxicated guests, and it wasn’t too bad so far. Some people wanted to ensure that their lucky spots would not be snatched up from underneath them if they left the seat, but Rachel promised profusely that they would be able to keep their spot. It pained her each and every time she had to have this talk with a guest, because it took valuable time away from her, time that she had better have used finishing resetting the machines. Her two hours were quickly dwindling, but she was almost done.