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Sarah knows that the second she gets married she'll never get laid again. And that's a problem.She's had a fantasy for as long as she can remember, and it's the one thought she can't get rid of before her wedding night. Sarah wants to be taken by men. Six of them, and all at once. She wants to be used and abused, and no matter how hard she tries, it's always by exactly the wrong six men.When the six groomsmen walk in on her getting dressed the day of her wedding, she's not sure if she can resist. And when they approach her one at a time to offer her gifts from her husband she knows it's over. As Sarah gives in to her lust and desires (that means she has sex with them all right before the ceremony) she finds her heart may be stronger than she thought.Full of passion, love, and hardcore unprotected sex, All The Groom's Men is a very dirty book intended for adults who like this sort of thing.

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The Bride’s First Menage

Guy New york


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All The Groom’s Men

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Sarah was getting married.

Like for real. After eighteen months of engagement, six years of dating, and more pressure from her family then she knew what to do with, it was finally going to happen. And she was terrified. Marriage meant everything would change. It meant excitement would lead to complacency and passion would dissolve into resentment. She’d seen it so many times with her friends, not to mention her parents, that it was simply inevitable.

She was going to get married, her vagina would dry up and she’d never have sex again. Sure they might have a baby or two, which meant she’d get laid at least twice, but it was over and she knew it. Goodbye blowjobs in the car, so long making out in the movie theater, and sayonara to fucking till the sun came up.

Three days before her wedding, she decided to confide in someone.

“Marriage is going to kill me,” she texted her maid of honor, Rachel.

“Stop being such a drama queen, you whore. You’ll be fine.”

“I’ll never get laid again.”

“Maybe not by your husband…”

“You’re a total bitch.”


“I love you.”

“I know.”

“Tonight’s the bachelor party. What should I do with myself?”

“Watch porn and then bury your libido in the back yard.”

“I hate you more.”

They texted for an hour before Sarah got up off the couch, made her way to the bathroom and ran the water in the tub. She poured in bath salts, lit a candle, opened a bottle of wine and slipped into the warm water, hoping it might at least calm her down.

The problem was that Mark was fantastic. He was sexy and smart, and he fucked her like mad. He was kinky and silly all at the same time, and their sex life was more than good. He listened to her without rolling his eyes, he scolded her when she was being a brat, and he held her and let her cry into his shoulder when she needed it most. He was fantastic and perfect. It was the worst combination imaginable, and she didn’t know what to do with herself.

The water was hot as she slipped in, and she let out a sigh of release as she felt the heat slowly begin to dissolve the tension in her muscles. She let her hands moved up and down her body, and everything felt good. She touched her leg and noticed how soft her fingers felt against her skin, and when her arms brushed her nipples they hardened in surprise and delight. She shifted her body, arched her back and looked down at her stomach to the small tangle of curls about her cunt.