Advances in Chemical Physics, Volume 153 -  - ebook

Advances in Chemical Physics, Volume 153 ebook

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Detailed reviews of new and emerging topics in chemicalphysics presented by leading experts The Advances in Chemical Physics series is dedicated toreviewing new and emerging topics as well as the latestdevelopments in traditional areas of study in the field of chemicalphysics. Each volume features detailed comprehensive analysescoupled with individual points of view that integrate the manydisciplines of science that are needed for a full understanding ofchemical physics. Volume 153 of Advances in Chemical Physicsfeatures six expertly written contributions: * Recent advances of ultrafast X-ray absorption spectroscopy formolecules in solution * Scaling perspective on intramolecular vibrational energy flow:analogies, insights, and challenges * Longest relaxation time of relaxation processes for classicaland quantum Brownian motion in a potential escape rate theoryapproach * Local fluctuations in solution: theory and applications * Macroscopic effects of microscopic heterogeneity * Ab initio methodology for pseudospin Hamiltonians ofanisotropic magnetic centers Reviews published in Advances in Chemical Physics aretypically longer than those published in journals, providing thespace needed for readers to fully grasp the topic: the fundamentalsas well as the latest discoveries, applications, and emergingavenues of research. Extensive cross-referencing enables readers toexplore the primary research studies underlying each topic. Advances in Chemical Physics is ideal for introducingnovices to topics in chemical physics. Moreover, the seriesprovides the foundation needed for more experienced researchers toadvance their own research studies and continue to expand theboundaries of our knowledge in chemical physics.

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