Wydawca: Lavirrealista Kategoria: Fantastyka i sci-fi Język: angielski Rok wydania: 2016

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Liczba stron: 34

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Opis ebooka Accidental Warrior - Lavirrealista

"Accidental Warrior is the prequel of "Change of State First Phase" and it comes free with the novel itself.The events start toward the middle of our millennium, that is more than one thousand years before the setting of Change of State. The world is on the brink of collapse. Climate change and consequently violent social unrest are the principal causes. Coastal cities are being lost to the oceans but the evacuation of millions of people is impossible. The Army is put in charge but for the majority there is no way out and they are left to their destiny. Only those who can prove they are able to contribute to future society, in one way or another, are given an exit pass.The story focuses on a group that manages to escape their devastated and flooded megalopolis in the Eastern hemisphere. They begin the construction on high ground of what will become one of the first Centres, the new human settlements. But there is more... genetically engineering will create the army of the future. An army of Saurians."Inspired by the ancient siege of Masada, Accidental Warrior is a story of despair and hope." Lavirrealista, 2016

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Fragment ebooka Accidental Warrior - Lavirrealista



Table of Contents


By the Same Author


About the Author


Accidental Warrior


ISBN 9781909078253

Front Cover:

Abstract background fifth woman face

© Jumpingsack, Dreamstime.com

Original Title: Guerriera Per Caso

Translation by: Virrealismo Publishing

First English Edition: August 2014


All rights reserved

By the Same Author



TALES FROM THE MOTHER GALAXY - A collection of five short stories:


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Non Fiction

Robotics And Virtuality - How The Future Will Be Transformed By Robotics And Virtual Reality


Accidental Warrior – The story of an early Saurian


A group of scientists, on behalf of the United Nations publishes a damning report and declares that the world is not prepared for climate change.  Thousands of scientific studies confirm that global warming will have a catastrophic impact “hard, widespread and irreversible” a threat to humanity.  Many remain skeptical, others accept the idea but only in words, and soon everyone forgets and continues to behave as if nothing had happened.

A few generations later, scientists are arming themselves but the military model is new.  They do not fight in defence of their property, their families, ideals or religions but to defend life.  And they have a novel weapon that was the first and ammunition that has accumulated over the centuries.



Lara was sitting on the bed of the cabin.  She seemed to be made of stone, a physical entity without the soft veil of emotion.  She continued to turn the curious thin flat box in her hands.  It was made of a shiny, perfectly smooth black polymer of an old design, but if what Sen Lao had said about the contents were true, then that small, strange object would reveal her past and her future.

The years had slipped away since she left the tall trees high up in the hills.  She could still smell the intense scent of damp earth, mushroom and wild orchids in her hair and on her skin.  She remembered the playful atmosphere of those endless days when she went exploring with her father and mother, chasing each other, jumping into the blue water and swimming under waterfalls, and at the end throwing themselves to the ground, looking at the sky asking each other questions or spending hours and hours intent on observing the hustle and bustle of life scattered in the grass, the small and fascinating world of insects.  She remembered the herbarium, the greenhouse and her little hideaway.  She had built it herself in a corner of the lab, which was the biggest room in the house.  From there she carefully observed her parents while they were growing social structures of microbes and classifying bacterial cultures, just as they all observed the few birds of the lake when they were bored with watching the ants.  Methodical and diligent she used to take note of all that they did.  Furtively, she sneaked into the lab, took what she needed, and returned to her little kingdom and imitated them.

Then one day at dawn, her mother woke her up gently and, together with her father, they all went down to the river.  They told her that from that moment her great adventure was beginning.  She stepped onto the boat.  That was the last time she saw the smile of her parents, curious, appearing and disappearing between the rhythmic movements of their arms that were intent on drawing the last loving farewell on the invisible blackboard of the air.