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DESCRIPTIONTracey had never thought of having incestuous relationship with her son. Upon discovering his love of rough sex, erotic bondage, and depraved acts, Tracey introduces him to a more intimate side of sexual release. When her son uses Tracey’s erotic lessons to seduce and impregnate his long lost sister, just what secret fantasies will surface from the undying devotion of such a taboo loving family?EXCERPT“Yes, Son. For the next three months I will be your teacher in the fine art of erotic seduction. I will show you how to get any reasonable woman you desire. I just ask that you observe the rules I’ve set.”“I’m more than happy to live with that, but does that mean that you don’t want me to do what we did last night again?”“Oh no, I enjoyed that.” I confessed brightly to him. “Every other day I will be your whore and do exactly as you suggested. I won’t wear panties and you may do any wicked thing to me you would like provided it doesn’t leave marks. You will find that I am quite sexually adventurous and would love to bump into you at a concert.” I smiled teasingly at him.“Mother!” He gasped.“I’m glad I could surprise you. Fucking in public is one of my greatest fantasies, and I’ve only done it with your father. I’m sure you’ll help me experience it again?”“Absolutely.” He gasped.“You will discover that when you unlock a woman the right way, train her to love you as she trains you to love her, that there will be few things she will deny you. That’s what I want to show you. So, be creative and remember that on my nights, there is no guarantee I’ll take you to my bed.”“You wouldn’t leave me with blue balls, would you mother?”“That’s always a woman’s prerogative,” I smiled. Let’s see how well you do.” I stood before him without revealing a glimpse of anything. “Your stepfather will go to bed at 9:00 and should be asleep by 9:30. A woman likes a gentleman not a wolf; so I want you to meet me here in the living room. This is a date, so treat it as such; wear a suit for me.”“A suit?”“Yes darling, you can’t seduce a real woman, turn the lady into a whore, in blue jeans and a T-shirt. That’s the first thing you need to learn. The woman has control, not the man. It’s the man’s job to make us loose control and not to take it from us.” I smiled. “I think I understand?” He questioned.“Then why have you kept your seat? It’s customary for a gentleman to stand for a woman,” Paul leapt to his feet, and I approached him seductively. As I got to him, I took him into my arms and kissed him gently. Paul tried to be aggressive and I pulled away. “Uh-uh, just a taste for now.” I pressed my lips and body to him. I wasn’t wearing a bra either and I made sure to crush my large breasts against his chest so he could feel them. I was delighted to feel that he was rock hard for me.

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Surely Wilder

A Wilder Short

Published by Lot’s Cave

A Wilder Short

Accidental Incest, © 2015, Surely Wilder

All Rights Reserved

Cover by Moira Nelligar

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


Chapter 1 –Accidental

Chapter 2 –Thunder

Chapter 3 –Lightning

Chapter 4 –Tracy

Chapter 5 –Fire

Chapter 6–Dark

Chapter 7–Training

Chapter 8–No Accident


Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Incest Erotica

Other Novels

Chapter 1


Papa, I’m getting married.” I gushed as I came running through the door showing my glistening engagement ring with a sparkling diamond that was surrounded by a gazillion smaller ones. I displayed my hand and twirled in absolute delight.

“What?” Daddy asked.

“I’m getting married, Daddy, do you like the ring?”

“Wait a second; this is all coming a little fast.”

“I know,” I gushed, “I was so surprised when he asked.”

“Cassandra, I don’t even know who asked you. I didn’t think you were truly serious about anyone.”

“Oh, but I am Daddy, its Paul.”


“It’s Paul, the boy you’ve been trying to help. I was down at his shop earlier today and... OHHHH... he just got down on his knees, pulled out the ring and asked me to be his bride.” Dad’s face fell and he nodded slowly.

“Darling, you can’t.” Papa stated in almost a whisper. His statement took the wind out of me.

“Papa... I’m over eighteen, and this is my decision.”

“I know that darling, but you still can’t marry him.”

I looked at Daddy very carefully and knew that he wasn’t condemning Paul, but he was adamant. He didn’t want me to marry him.

“Why? I love him... You like him... He has excellent prospects, you even said that.” I stated as I squared up against him. Father and I had few disagreements really. We had fewer arguments when Mom left five years ago. She had found the new love of her life when I was thirteen, and she was out the door. End—finished—just like that.

“I can’t tell you.” Papa said.

“Well if you can’t tell me; you can’t stop me. You’d have to have one heck of a reason as to why Paul and I can’t get married to stop me... I love him.”

“I know you do.”

“So, I’m going to do it Daddy.”

“Cassie, he’s your brother.” Daddy’s words hit me in the pit of my stomach and I gasped. I actually stumbled and Dad moved fast as he took hold of me and guided me to a kitchen chair to sit me down.

“Papa, you can’t be serious.” I whispered in shock.

Dad quickly got the iced tea from the refrigerator and just started blurting out the story. “Two years before I met your mother, there was another woman. It was the late 60’s and she was a bit older than me. Her husband had been stationed in Vietnam and had only been deployed for two weeks. One day she got the standard letter from the state department that her husband had been killed in action. Tracey was distraught. I had been doing the gardening for them as a summer job and a couple of nights later she found me working in the yard. She was desperate and yes, she was drunk. But I didn’t rape her, if anything, that’s what she did to me no matter how willing I was. We were together for the next several days while she got her head together and I comforted her as much as I could. She decided to go back to live with her family. Neither of us knew that she was pregnant at the time, and her husband had been deployed so recently it was easy for her to claim it was his.”


“That’s why you can’t marry him. I didn’t even know he existed until two years ago.”


“Tracey wrote me a letter and told me the whole story. She told me that she had remarried eventually and loved the man she was with, but she wanted to know if I wanted to meet our son.”

“So what happened?”

“I took a trip and met them. Paul didn’t know the story as his mother had kept it a secret. She insisted that I do the same or she wouldn’t let me meet him. I thought I could set him up in business here if he wanted that and I could get to know him better. His mother was delighted with the idea because her husband was dying, and she didn’t want her son to have to go through that.”

“Papa, why didn’t you tell me?” I asked with near tears in my eyes.

“Tell you what, Cassie? That I had an affair two decades ago that resulted in a love child I didn’t know anything about??? You’re right. I like Paul. I can even say that I love him, but he’s my son, you are my daughter, and this would be incest. You can’t marry him.”

“Papa, I’m pregnant.”

Chapter 2


Life has a way of providing unseen surprises that unfold with astonishing moments of regularity as one lives year to year. I have seen blessings and curses unveil; and I was no longer surprised with how choices made in my youth affected my life today. The foolish decision to forgo sun block as I worked my summer job cutting grass for others resulted in the regular skin cancer checks I now had to undergo. The choice to save money at that time resulted in the healthy bank account I now possessed along with a number of stores and restaurants. Curses and blessings; some choices were wise, and others foolish. I see that now.

One of the most memorable moments that I pondered on long after was Tracey. Her husband had been deployed in Vietnam. She was going to be a school teacher and was a next door neighbor. I was more than happy when she told me that she’d love for me to take care of the yard. I watched her in the two weeks her husband had with her before his deployment. The two were inseparable. I mean that literally. They both knew it would be a long time before they could be together again and they took every moment to express their love to one another.

One night, a couple of days before he was to leave, I was sitting on the back porch of the house. It was twilight and I saw them come out to their backyard. It was quiet save for the sound of crickets, and there was a break in the bushes that allowed me to see into their yard. I stayed perfectly still as they began kissing one another. Tracey had come out in a bikini top and shorts and it was obvious they were both tongue wrestling each other and groping one another wildly. I watched with interest as her husband pulled off her top and began playing with Tracey’s substantial breasts. Tracey was magnificent, and it was clear that she loved her husband passionately.

In no time at all, he stripped her and had her panting with pleasure. It was now too dark for real details, but I could see her pulling off his pants and noticed that he sported a sizeable appendage. There was no hesitancy on her part as she sucked his dick into her mouth and began moving her head back and forth with obvious passion. This was getting really hot and I was hidden in the shadows. I took down my shorts as I watched their passion grow. He was kissing her crotch. Pornography wasn’t as readily available in those days, so I just studied him and realized that he was licking her gash and Tracey seemed to really like it as she continued sucking on him. She clearly enjoyed what he was doing and I heard her muffled moans of pleasure as he drove her to several orgasms. She never lost contact with his cock, only taking him deeper into her mouth each time she came.

After a time, he pushed Tracey onto her hands and knees; she was facing my direction, but couldn’t see me because of the darkness. Though their courtship was nothing short of beautiful, sacred even, I couldn’t help but squeeze my hard member as I watched them. He moved behind her as Tracey braced herself on all fours. I watched her face contort and knew that he had moved inside of her. The sound of crickets was joined with a rhythmic clapping sound and I could tell that they were fully connected in their carnal act of love. Tracey’s breast swayed obscenely below her and I saw her nod her head, heard her pant and moan, watched her whole body tense on several occasions.

He stilled for a moment and it looked like he was readjusting himself. I wasn’t certain what he was doing, but I was amazed with Tracey’s reaction. She began pawing at the grass and pulling out handfuls of the tender blades as she pushed back onto her husband’s torso. She reached between her legs with one hand and I saw her arm move. It seemed to help as she fell face first into the ground and groaned though she tried to keep quiet. Then I watched him still behind her as he held her haunches tightly to him.

Tracey turned and kissed her husband lovingly and I joined them in ecstasy as I came in that moment. I had never been with a woman, but seeing the beauty of what they did made me want to do that. It was strange though. Tracey was his and he was going off to war, a conflict I might have to join soon as I had just registered with the draft board. There was something sacred about that. I didn’t want Tracey, but I did want someone exactly like her especially if my number was called.

I never saw a repeat performance though I always waited on the porch at the same time each evening. Her husband deployed a few days later. Tracey seemed fine, but I couldn’t get the image of her naked body out of my mind even if all I saw was shadows. She had been so sensual and alive with all of it and to my mind, she was the perfect woman with softball sized breasts, soft reddish brown hair, and a beautiful bottom that I often got to enjoy because she sunbathed in bikinis a lot.

Of course I was the dumb teenager in love, but not obnoxious about it. I checked on her daily just to make sure she was okay. It was all innocent stuff, saying hi, seeing if she needed any work done, stupid stuff. It was about ten days after her husband’s deployment and I was working in her backyard. She had a nice garden that needed weeding. Tracey came out on the steps; I don’t even think she saw me. She had a glass in one hand, a note in the other, and she was crying. I stopped instantly and walked to her. I asked her if she was okay.

Tracey just handed the note to me and I read the news. It was awful, devastating. Her husband had been killed in action and it was all over. I looked at Tracey and she looked at me. I felt so badly for her because I knew she was devastated. I sat by her on the porch and put my arms around her to hold her. That’s all; and I do mean all that I intended.

I don’t know; the moment my arms wrapped around her it was like a security blanket for her and she wept with the agony of a love departed that would never return. I felt her loneliness; the emptiness; her heartbreak. I desperately wanted to take that from her so that she could be whole again. There wasn’t anything for me to do but just hold her and let her cry out her despair. We stayed like that for the longest time as the sun set and stars began to christen the evening sky. I just rubbed her back gently to let her know that I was there. I stroked the hair out of her face and held her tenderly in her mourning. Suddenly, I was aware of movement. Her face pressed tight into the nape of my neck and for the first time I felt her soft, sensuous lips upon me. She was kissing me, sending ripples of pleasure down my spine. I didn’t know what to think at first as her mouth moved quickly and the next thing I knew her lips were on mine and she was ravaging my mouth with her tongue. I didn’t know what was happening and felt guilty as I became aware of how my cock bloomed in my shorts. It was getting really tight, but I didn’t want to take advantage of her or the situation. I could taste the rum on her breath, and knew that Tracey was tipsy, but her passion was undeniable. She moaned gently as we kissed urgently and strong. She took my hand and guided it to her breast. She was only wearing a T-shirt and I could feel her naked globe yield underneath. It was so firm and at the same time soft. My fingers went instinctively for her nipples and I began gently pinching them until strong peaks emerged. Her whimpers of passion were turning into moans of desire as I felt her hand move to my thigh.

“Make love to me... Please!!!”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“I need this, no more talking.” She grabbed my hand and guided me inside her house. Before I knew it, we were on her bed and I was undressing her. She only had a T-shirt and shorts on with nothing underneath. Her body was a temple of feminine beauty and I gazed upon her soft heaving breasts, her perfectly taught stomach, and the bountiful forest of pubic hair that covered her fertile mound. She was amazing and I realized that what I was doing, what we were doing, was healing for her. I leaned forward and kissed her lips gently as my hands began to explore the hidden treasures of womanhood for the first time. Her sensitive breasts molded to my caress as I pinched her nipples until she erupted with moans of passion in my mouth. We were both panting as I began to kiss lower bestowing my admiration to her beautiful bosom. Tracey was fully passionate and I nearly came as I swirled my tongue on the pink nubs of her nipples. Over and over I blessed her tips with licks and nibbles of devotion as I devoured her tender flesh and allowed my hands to move lower until my fingertips were blessed with her passionate dew. I had never touched a woman’s vagina and there was something so romantic about it as I felt the slippery folds of her sex on my fingers and I was amazed how her body sucked them in as I reached her opening. I began grinding my fingers into her sex as I sucked her nipples. Tracey tensed in the moment and moans of pleasure followed. I knew that she was cumming and I wanted to do that for her again. I wanted to transform her sorrow into pleasure.

I began kissing lower as I had seen her husband do. I moved off of the bed as she spread her legs for me. Soon, I was gazing at her flowing channel. To be honest, I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I began kissing her gash and then swirling my tongue upon her. I listened for signs and realized that the dangly part was very sensitive for her. I began licking it with abandon and pushed my fingers back inside of her. Tracey was moaning wildly now and her thighs came up and hugged my face as she grabbed the back of my head.

As she calmed, I removed my pants. My cock was hard and throbbed with the need for release. I gently moved up Tracey’s body as I kissed her pelvis, belly button, the swell of her breasts, her nipples. Soon I had moved all the way up between her spread legs. I was looking into her eyes and she opened them to see me. She didn’t say a word, as she reached down and took hold of my hard dick. She was guiding me into place and I felt her press me inside.

Tracey moaned loudly as I began to burrow inside her hot moist cavern. I couldn’t believe that anything could feel this good, and I wasn’t all the way in. I kept backing out and pushing more and more into her until I sank completely inside and felt her satin walls caress me in full. Tracey was moaning loudly now and holding on to me. I stopped her moans of passion by kissing her again and she returned my passion in full as I began driving inside of her. Her core seemed to mold itself to my penis and I heard her moan with passion as her hands grabbed me tightly. She was cumming and I wanted her to enjoy that. Her hands moved to my back and I lifted off of her so I could watch her. She was simply beautiful, the epitome of femininity as we thrust our fertile loins together. Suddenly, her nails bit into the flesh of my back and I knew that she was again soaring with pleasure.

This was my virgin exploration and I didn’t know how fast things could happen. I wanted to go on, but the inevitable happened. Her body was simply too exquisite and I felt the stirrings happening in me. I began moaning and her eyes opened in wonder. She knew I was close and she moaned, “Yes... YES... Pump me... Fill me ...Cum inside of me!!!” She panted and I buried my hard prick inside of her and felt her wet walls massaging me as I came in her glorious vessel.