A Willing Captive: Ravaged By The Outlaw - Elle London - ebook

Heat Level: SizzlingSarah is widowed, and the last thing on her mind is love, let alone sex. So when a gunfight breaks out between two outlaw groups and she's carried off to safety by the cocky outlaw, Jack Wallace, she doesn't know how to react. Jack will do the thinking for her as he presses his luck, making Sarah question everything as she gives into her deepest desires to let her body be used in every way by the rugged outlaw.Jack wants her badly, and when Jack Wallace wants something he takes it...

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A Willing Captive: Ravaged By The Outlaw


A Willing Captive


Elle London

Since her husband died, Sarah Wyland had mostly kept to herself. She had loved her husband, and she occasionally still felt the pang of his loss, but it had been several years, and she did not dwell on it. Life on the frontier was dangerous, both her and her former husband understood that. She had accepted his death, but did not see the need to talk to other people, and socialize. Friends would not keep her alive. Her constant vigilance would keep her alive. She lived several miles away from town, in a house she now owned outright, and had an acre of land to farm. She made a decent amount of money with her farm, and her talent for making medicinal pastes. People traveled the long and lonely road to her house when they were in desperate need of a healer, and the town doctor was away.

Despite her harsh attitude towards people she did feel lonely every once in a while. She was never able to have children, so she assumed she would probably die alone in this house, one of her clients coming in to find her. It was morbid, and part of her did not want to accept this as her fate. But she did not know how else to live, or how to change that. This was how she was raised to live, so she would die that way. She made few trips to the town, her farm being mostly self-reliant. She had a boy who came every harvest to take her crops and sell them, taking a portion for himself, and giving her the rest. She knew she could always sell them herself and keep the portion the boy took, but she didn’t want to. The people in the town saw her as the poor Wyland widow, and looked at her with pity. She did not want that, she would not be seen as weak.