A Town Bull (Taboo Erotica) - Dog Murphy - ebook

Table of ContentsCHAPTER ONE - IN THE BACK-PARLOUR OF AN AMERICAN SALOON 1CHAPTER TWO - THE RESULT OF AN ADVERTISEMENT 7CHAPTER THREE - AN ORGY OF GROWN-UP PEOPLE 11CHAPTER FOUR - RAVISHING A MAID 15CHAPTER FIVE - HELPING AN OLD MAN'S WIFE 19CHAPTER SIX - ADULTERY IN THE CONFESSIONAL 23CHAPTER SEVEN - DEBAUCHING A NEGRO-LAD 29CHAPTER EIGHT - THE FAREWELL OF A YANKEE MESSALINA 33CHAPTER NINE - LESSONS WITH A FRENCH-WOMAN 37CHAPTER TEN - GAMBOLS WITH RED-HOT VIRGINS 41CHAPTER ELEVEN - QUIETNESS ONCE A WEEK 45CHAPTER TWELVE - MARRIED TO AN OLD SWEETHEART 47CHAPTER THIRTEEN - A SOCIETY OF FREE-LOVERS 51CHAPTER FOURTEEN - FINAL SCENES OF LASCIVIOUSNESS 55******Excerpt******"Fuck me, diddle me. Think I am a common whore.""Well, my lovely harlot, how do you like that and that and that?" And I poured into her hot cunt thrust after thrust of a vigorous stroking as man ever gave. She yelled with delight. "Oh you darling, go on just as fast and hot as you can. I have a belly-full of hot stuff to bathe your splendid prick with. And it is coming." *************************Warning: This ebook contains explicit and forbidden descriptions of taboo sexual activity. It may include themes or elements of taboo, forbidden, and adult topics. It is intended for open minded mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.XXX Adults Only 18+ Graphic Content

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A Town Bull

Dog Murphy


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At twenty-one, I was in New York as clerk at a good salary, spending my money freely on wine and women, until one of those Wall Street panics shook the whole business-community and I found myself stranded with a few dollars only in my pocket. I paid my landlady, asked her to keep my trunk a few days, and strolled out to seek some cheap lodging, until I could find employment.

As I wandered through the fashionable promenades, the brilliant electric lights shone on a scene I knew full well, and on many free and easy women, into whose good graces my pocket-book had been an "Open Sesame." But now, what had I to do with them? They were earning their living; why harbor ugly thoughts if they passed me by? Rather leave this brilliant scene, and go into the by-ways, where pocket-books were as slim as mine.

As I wandered in the dingy streets on the East Side, I was thirsty. No half bottle of Roederer now; a glass of beer must suffice and I entered one of those small German saloons that abound in that quarter. A few bottles of cheap wine, a keg of beer, and a woman, fair, fat and forty were the table of contents. The buxom proprietress served me a foaming mug and chatted pleasantly, as she drank another herself. She seemed to take an interest in me; and thinking she might know some suitable lodging, I asked her. "Why," she said, "I am alone here and there are two bedrooms back of the shop. If you like, I will show them to you. But we must shut up shop first, as it's getting late. You just lock the door and pull down the shade, while I wash the glasses." And as I turned the key, she had her back turned to me and leaning away over the sink, was busy washing. By Jose! what an expanse of buttocks! What a magnificent pair of legs! The town-bull was ready to serve. "Ah, my dear, your splendid bum and legs have made me as stiff as a poker."

"Go away!" she said. Then in a moment changing her tune, "You have not seen them yet, would you like to?" And before I could answer, the lively woman, still leaning over, pulled her skirt up to the middle of her back and I was handling buttocks as luxurious and rosy as Rubens ever painted, and my fine erection was poking between them in a j if fey.

"Wait a minute, this ain't comfortable," and straightening up, the now eager woman lifted her clothes to her waist and threw herself on her back on a table. As my stick entered her, "Lord!" she cried, "What a big pego you must have." And as I worked my spigot hard and fast into her bung-hole, she sighed and wriggled, called me a splendid diddler, and spending, her juices oozed out around my prick, just as the foamy beer does round the in-driven spigot. As her heaving belly quickened and I sat down opposite, gazing at her richly developed charms, she continued to praise the way I had fucked her and jumping-up. "Let us go to bed." And in a small room, we, stark naked, mounted to bed. She was not bad; a mountain of firm fruity flesh, not heavy yet, but lively as a young girl, who has just begun to know the fun of tickling.

"Oh, what a whopper he is," as her plump hand grasped my already stiffening prick.

"What a fine comforter for a woman every night in the year. And his raising himself again so quick. Lord-how big he is getting! Oh, my dear boy, it is splendid, put it into me again!" And once again I made the buxom belly shake with the pleasure of a good hard diddle, till she squirmed, and vowed I fucked as hard as a bull.

As we rested, she played with the fallen pintle, I wanted her to kiss it to a stand. "No, I won't, I never kissed a man's cock and I won't. You can fuck me all you want, but I won't suck; it is nasty." Here was a kink in lechery. Many a dainty lady, supposed to be virtuous, have I had kiss and suck my ruby-headed spear; and yet, this rough child of the people, vulgar and perhaps coarse, would not touch it with her lips. In fact, from experience I know that the daintier and higher-toned the woman, the deeper she will go in lechery, if she once gets a taste for it; and my experience will prove it.

For a week my German Venus boarded me, fasted me, kept me in trim, to serve as stallion to her, and I took her adoration pleasantly. She even went so far in keeping me amused, as to rope in a young married woman, who lived over the shop, and for whom I expressed admiration, having seen her one day in the privy, with skirts up to her waist, making water. The woman's husband was at work, and as we saw her go up to her room-"Ah, my lusty plugger. I will see if I cannot get that pretty piece of virtue to take a taste of this,"-and my buxom mistress took out a good ten inches of rosy stiffness from my breeches: "Strip and go to bed in the back room." And as I lay on my back with perpendicular prick, "Lord-I am generous to give another cunt a taste of that, but I will!" and off she started. Soon I heard their voices in the shop. "What-you never tasted brandy! Oh! it is good, it warms your inside so, makes the blood boil!" and as I peeped into the room, my hostess was pouring out two big bumpers of Cognac, each enough to go to a man's head, let alone a woman's. Mrs. Virtue from up stairs seemed to like it, sipped it first, then took a big gulp:-"Oh, it makes one feel real good," she said. "There is not any trade this time of the day," said the knowing temptress, "I will lock the door and we can have a little spree all by ourselves." And the two glasses were filled again and emptied. "Oh, how lively it makes me," said Mrs. Virtue, "I feel as if I could dance like those girls at the theatre, who throw their heels as high as their heads."

"Let us both strip and try it," said the elder one; and in a second her clothes dropped to the ground. "Oh, what a fine woman you are," cried Mrs. Virtue. "Why don't you get married? Any man would like such a plump piece of flesh in bed with him."

"That is all very well, my dear, but I never felt like tying myself to one man. If I meet a fine fellow, it is so much nicer, you know, I can take a fuck out of him without fear of a jealous husband raising hell about it. Hurry up and get out of your clothes." And helping her, Mrs. Virtue was soon arranged in two pink stockings and a pretty garb of buff with woolly trimmings. "What a shame to keep such a pretty shape, for the pleasure of one cock only," cried our hostess. "Why don't you steal a nice little diddle now and then, when your husband is at work? Lots of men would pay you well to get into you."

"Oh, stop talking about men; let us dance." And the half tipsy Mrs. Virtue commenced kicking her pretty legs high in the air; she was limber and light on her feet, and in complete abandonment she threw her legs up in the air, whirled round and round the more solid seducer, who managed it so, that the lively girl gave me, peeping, the fullest possible view of every part of her. "How I would like to see you dancing up and down, with a good stiff prick in you," cried the elder. "If you had one I would," answered the girl, "I have often dreamed of trying it with other men, but never did. If you only had a cock growing out of that fat belly of yours, I would make you fuck me in two minutes." This was enough! Grabbing the girl, she pulled her into the bedroom, where I had hastily thrown myself on my back and pretended to be asleep.

The girl saw me and gave a little shriek.

"Hush, you will wake him. Ain't he a fine fellow? He is lazy and I keep him just to have his big prick always handy. Just feel it! Ain't it a beauty?" And the elder woman carried the younger's hand down on the ten inches of perpendicular, that stood out from my belly. As the plump little hand grasped it, I could stand no more, but springing up, grabbed Mrs. Virtue, laid her flat on her back and knelt between her thighs. "Fuck her! fuck her!" cried our hostess, "Let her feel, how much better stolen sweets are, than always diddling the same old cock."

"Well, my dear," said I, "would you like a few shakes of this?" And I held its bulky length out at her, the skin drawn down to show all its red readiness. The girl squirmed-"You shall," she cried, "Put it into me. I am drunk and my slit is ablaze. Quick, fuck me. The very sight of your big prick makes me ready to spend." And I was on her and the big prick fleshed in Mrs. Virtue's hot and eager cunt.