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Opis ebooka A Story About Global Journalism - Joel Landau

This book tells the story about several British journalists who are sent away to India, in order to inform the King about the situation there. What is most interesting here are the characters, who were shaped to behave like real journalists from the British News Network, and who act naturally in a situation like that. The main theme is located in India, although the focus sometimes goes to London, where the King George V is situated, and back.. Author Joel Landau has expressed in details what it takes to be a journalist, when pressure is dampening everything around you and puts your life on risk. The story is mainly fiction, although some events, historical figures and dates have been incorporated, to make the whole store more appealing to the average reader.

Opinie o ebooku A Story About Global Journalism - Joel Landau

Fragment ebooka A Story About Global Journalism - Joel Landau

Joel Landau

A Story About Global Journalism

If you have never heard of global journalism then you need to strap yourself in and enjoy an hour-or-two of this book.  The famous New York Daily News Author Joel Landau knows how to tell a storyBookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

London, England 1920

Joel Landau, knowing the truth, difficult and voiceless steps are directed to the set of Mike knew that his question which bears exactly in his room can cause everything in the brains of Mike, but still works for the honor and respect of the family Joel Landau and when honor is concerned, Williamson never relinquish objective, although it is the members of his family. But one part of his body to approve it because he felt guilty about what happened to Landau, as if it was his insistence and blackmail maybe this day would not happen, but fate is cruel, and more severe is the life every day is reduced as when the candle melts from flame that rises proudly at the top of the pomp candle. If the candle does not exist, then how would the flame proudly levitating and would be proud of the light that emerges? That in this situation is and Joel Landau, as would be proud of what it has today if it would not be burned by his own flame that produces his family. As you would be proud of what you have if there is no family, and family integrity. Joel Landau is a man who proudly walk on the ground, such as when King proudly raises his hand in front of his people knowing nothing wrong and that the path that remains behind is cleaner and mother tear.

When you enter the room Mike, chills went through his father's body, tears which timidly began to create his eye slid as a drop of water. This was the first tear the proud and strong Joel Landau, never in his life happened something so painful for the pain cause tears in his eyes. Took a carved old wooden chair stood before the mirror and move it to bed Mike. Its heavy and hairy hand trembling approach the gentle and frightened face of his son. His fingers suddenly began to move toward the lush and thick black hair making Mike's favorite touches of a father playing with his child. His sincere and very rare movements caused opening red and bruised eyes of the young. Mike suddenly stood up and tried to hold firm before his father in a tribute.

Son Mike, please do not be tense at this point I do not need your respect for this ancient and cruel father who never paid much attention to their children. For me it has always been important honor, respect and pride that slowly but surely separating me from you ...

Dad, please. So you know I'm never threw anything, I never refused your wishes and requirements.

Exactly my requirements they brought you to that point my son, they just stupid and unnecessary requirements they hurt the most, my dear. Oh, me and my stupid saying "show his masculinity" brought you to this extent and took away a young and innocent life -reche navednuvakji head with white hair, unable to withstand the weakness which bear at that moment.

Talk about Landau, right dad?

Yes, Mike, talk about Landau, ease his country - he said lifting his head which was contrite expression.

Dad, I want to talk to the father of Landau, do you still here Mr. Greenson?

Yes, my son is here and they expect you, in fact I have come here to ask you whether you can receive Mr. Greenson because he wants to put a few questions.

I know a father who these issues. Please tell him that Mr. Greenson free, you can come here, I want to get rid of this weight that dwell in my body.

Okay, son, I call to him and in the meantime if you want something? Would you like to drink?

No, Dad. Later we will drink tea with Anastasia. I have to give to something that belongs only to her.


The view and the way it looked at the eyes of Mike caused pain and guilt in proud Joel Landau. His steps now become heavier and pobezvuchni than the previous time coming in the room. The eyes of his son were repeatedly in his brain causing the mirror that he was able to create over the years. Mirror, which looked fear, trepidation and priceless solitude. Mike's eyes were deep and black as well drop without hope, without a trace of shine and light. They fear desperate eyes were born in his father's heart. Williamson was terribly frightened about the condition of his son. For the first time in his life he felt guilty and responsible for the accident in the life of Mike and Landau.

When Mr. Greenson herald his arrival set Mike's, which was pretty big, with huge windows which are located opposite the great French brown bed, Mike, his gaze had focused on the windows. The windows were covered with beautiful blue curtains that created comfort and serenity in the room. On top of the curtains was on wooden KORNEZOV created by the oak tree that firmly adheres dark blue curtains and drapes that touch coated floor which had a wonderful Islamic carpet in brown with white and brown flowers and leaves. On the bed hangs a white translucent curtain that hides the intimacy of Mike. At one end of the room is an oval mirror bordered with brown frame a wreath of vine leaves. Under the mirror is beautiful wooden plateau with two polukrivi feet, here it stands izrezbareno chair is currently before bed Mike.

When you feel the presence of Mr. Greenson, the view which was directed towards the large windows changed its course and headed toward Mr. Greenson who had a sad expression which overlooked a lot of things and events.

Welcome sir Greenson, sit beside me. Here is the chair I brought my dad when I was informed that you wanted to talk to me.

Thank you Mike. - Greenson direct its large and solid to small izrezbareno chair will be the only witness to the conversation that will soon come to pass. Sitting up in a chair, his heart was trembling like a leaf that flying high winds. Feeling sorry for Mike, Greenson his hand with blue - green veins began to touch the face of Mike.

Otturnuvajkji hand Mr. Greenson, Mike said:

Sir, I know why you want to talk to me - it looked tired and their modrikavi eyes.

Mike, I guess you know how I feel as a father, but there are many things that do not clear, there are many things I want to clarify and figure. I feel like a fog that blinded my eyes do not see our finger in front of the eye. I feel like the fog that covers everything, and stifles its density which for me is black. - His gaze was firmly fixed on the afflicted eyes of the young man who stood before him. He felt like a judge in court when examining a defendant who knows the truth, but not the power to recognize.

Greenson see sir, I am ready to answer all your questions. I am ready to move away the fog that dug into your eyes and Landau looking all around them. But before you answer your questions, I want to take a look to that statue standing on a cupboard next to my bed. - Mr. Greenson his gaze towards the statue standing in the closet of the lev by the bed. When Mike realizes that Mr. Greenson seen precisely in the statue said, Sir, it is the god Ganesha, the god of fortune. It is the god of our enemies Indians. You know, they have many gods, but this one is special to them. Ganpati Bappa Ganesha or. Each home has a statue of the god with an elephant's head and body fat kid believing it will bring happiness, but obviously I do not get it, and your son Landau. What happened out there know just me and him, but now I find out you and this whole room and all items that are in it, but the only difference would be that they, the truth will keep it to themselves and never contesting beyond this room, but you're the one who tells anywhere and at any time because ... words sound harsh gently interrupted the speech of Mike.

See Mike, you do not want to linger a long time, but I want you to know that I am willing to know the truth whatever it even be the cruelest until now I have heard Greenson said.

Everything happened quickly everything happened unexpected, something happens that changes our lives. During this time we live things occur that should not, such as colonization, murder, innocent lives and many other things that really ruin our lives, our lives and our existence. The day when Landau was shot I was going to be the one who died and not him, sir. -

The truth finally began performing on stage, finally necklace with actual words began to be ready. - You know what he did maybe I would do, but he - was again interrupted by Mr. Greenson.

You mean he saved your life? It want to say Mike? - The words coming out utmost bitterness began to prick like thorns firmly zadomile throat of Greenson as pressing the snake wrapped around his neck.

Yes sir, I would like to tell you. Your son without a single drop of fear fell at my frightened and cowardly corpse and received what was never meant to be found in his body, received hardly the embedded bullet which caused his death, the bullet that deeply penetrate it and open wound that will never heal. It mostly hurts Sir, hurt that Landau left this world defending me, defending Mike Coward, who did not know how to save your son. - The eyes that were dry, swollen and bruised now become dark and deep, it had carved biggest fear ever had it in his eyes. Majko eyes recognized the truth with his honest but frightened look that had no gleam of light.

Once the words flew out of the mouth of Mike there was heavy silence that proudly emphasized their teeth in malice and irony. My small, large, cheerful, gentle and brave Landau spinning in front of Greenson as carousel who has no intention to stop its spin, causing terrible pain in the old heart of the fifty Greenson. Suddenly his throat adhere creating tremendous pain that does not let him utter a word. Heart began to beat fast as you sweat which did not stop it getting wet his face started getting into his lips creating a feeling of nausea. This was the most difficult confronting reality, this was a moment that changes the events of a life yet to live.

Imaginary Mike did not notice what was happening to Mr. Greenson, she noticed that he experiences the most severe storm in his life. When suddenly remembered that to him stands a man who gave his life to the one who saved his began to speak. - We must face the reality that lies before us like a theater curtain before the show Mr. Greenson. Believe me that I still try to confront that reality but never come that day. - The view that was pointed at the windows watching how the light is lost and tactics darkness did not submit, suddenly in front of sweaty and dizzy Greenson. - Mr. Greenson, are you okay? Mister? Can you hear me? - Straightened brushing January bedding and sending her hands to the jug of water standing next to the statue of the god Ganesha. Mike with his fingers touched the cold water that is stuck on Grinsonovoto face and regain its lost and infatuation. - Sir, Greenson Do you feel good? Can you hear me?

Yes, Mike, listen, only I can not understand your hard words he heard my ears. - His eyes went towards the eyes of Mike.

I know Mr. Greenson finding it hard to understand my harsh words, but believe me that I am even more difficult to speak out since a long time they grow in me and cause choking. I just want to tell you that I am really sorry that Landau had to lose his life saving the mine, which leads us to hope and no future.

How did you meet? - Abruptly threw Greenson.

Well, based in Rajasthan sir, in India. We met where they never had to know.

Tell me! - Again threw Greenson.


A month after the British Army had arrived in India in the room where they stayed Mike reached new roommate who looked lost and frightened. His steps slowly heading towards the empty bed that was intended for a new roommate. Backpack that weighed like an old rock twist his shoulders who could no longer stand the weight. When he reached the bed immediately remove army backpack and put it on the floor. His shoulders were finally free and able to exhale. Sweat caused by pain and weight quickly began to flow to its well-constructed body soaking in the shirt which was a good defense system against army backpack. Once I left my backpack, he sat on the bed that stood on the cold green wall of the British Army based in Rajasthan, India. Two others who were present in the room number 208 followed tumultuous new roommate who had not yet spoken a word. Backpack that was so harsh and was on the floor pulled it towards him and opened it. Since he took several works including a photograph in a wooden frame yellow. The photo was on beautiful girl with long black hair gathered into a beautiful braid touching her back. The girl had beautiful brown eyes green and beautiful full lips. Its well arranged eyebrows complement her beauty, which was trapped between glass and wood of yellow wooden frame.

Once Landau has put the framework of wooden folding table, his army duffel bag and pulled a gold necklace with a cross pendant which was his protector and put it on his neck nabobreni veins. They spent ten minutes after the young man entered the room not speaking a single word with his roommates when suddenly approached one of the soldiers present.

Sorry, roommates, but I want to ask you something about the picture that you posted just a minute ago, here on the wooden table - spoke quickly with a little arrogance.

Yes, go ahead, feel free to ask me - said the new soldier roommate quiet and hoarse voice.

Where did you photograph this beautiful girl Anastasia? - Approaching the table where he was taken.

Standing up immediately from the bed, amazed by the fact that the soldier knows the name of his girlfriend said: - That's my girl, but where you know her name?

Haha, so she is my sister, silly - said the soldier potchuknuvajkji it on his shoulders. - What are you so afraid?

Your sister? Where did that come from? Should I trust you? - Landau asked looking at the picture to notice a similarity between the siblings.

Yes, she is my sister, I'm Mike Joel Landau, son of Mr. Joel Landau, the owner of "Invest" - smiled and headed to his bed taking his wallet that was in the drawer of his table. - Look, do not you look like? Would we have the same eyes and hair? - Smiled putting her image to his face for comparison.

Oh, really evident, you have almost the same eye color and shape you the same, and Wow and hair - she smiled, showing her beautiful white teeth. - I'm sorry I have not introduced myself, my name is Landau, Landau Greenson son of the owner of the factory whiskey "Greenson." - Landau reached out her hand to say hello to Mike's brother Anastasia.

And my name is Richard, Richard Makledin, but my dad is not even spostvenik bank, nor a factory for whiskey, I am an ordinary farmer - added another roommate who violently followed the introduction of Landau and Mike, but I am ready to I defend the British Empire although my father is a farmer.

Look, Richard, is that his name?

Yes, yes - said the soldier giving a hand to both.

What your father is a farmer and my owner

Bank is the smallest problem we face two years while we are here in India. Perhaps it is better that your father is a farmer - there was laughter by Mike - because it blowing your sLandauach as bagpipes - talking, laughing.

It really is crazy.

Thank you for the compliment Sir Richard. Now I Sir Landau want to tell me how you met my princess Anastasia ?! Better would have been to not cheat me because you'll get a fist that will shake up your supposedly beautiful jaw.

Mike really are impossible, I feel that it would be fun with you while you are here. Well ... see, I met Anastasia an evening of fun with a friend of mine, pretending that I was a waiter because ...


This is how I met Landau, sir Greenson, it was the desire of fate, we find ourselves in the same room together to spend their days and nights, and to share sorrow and happiness in the end your son gave his life for his brother his girlfriend.

I really can not believe that it happened and that fate really knows how to intervene fingers in everyone's life. - Wiping tears from his face. - You know that Landau was stramezhliv and shy, he did not have enough courage to face the struggle and hell that there are survivors, but really to this day I can not understand where so much courage to engage in these dangerous military lead and moreover to save your life ... - suddenly I heard the creaking of the wooden door suggestive one's presence, one's moving and crying. It was Mr. Joel Landau, determined to tell their stupidity, their cynicism and holy remorse.

I made him Greenson sir, I am guilty of the death of your son. I made him to accept the invitation to honor a soldier, I plunged into those dangerous waters military, I convinced him to show "masculinity" if you want the hand of my daughter. I just am.

The blood began to boil in Grinsonovite nabobreni veins, pressure began to rise along with anxiety and anger, predizvikuvajkji angrily. Grinsonovata right hand turned into a fist directly go towards Vilkinsovoto person. Followed more punches, slaps and finally Greenson their heavy arms to attach to the neck Joel Landau without drowning the blink of an eye. Mike got out of bed premoluvajkji Greenson him to release his father, but in vain. Nothing could prevent Greenson to abandon the intention to take away the life of Joel Landau, who was only guilty of what happened to Landau.

Trying to save a lot of weight Joel Landau tried to escape from the hands Greenson, but in vain. Began to feel pain in the Adam's apple, she began to lose air she looked like a diver loses its oxygen bottle, his face began to modree and the pupils of his eyes shrink. Death performed on stage. Now or never progovoi Greenson.

Rot, asshole, die.

Greenson sir, I beg you release my father, sir, live God please, sir, I beg you calm down in the name of Landau entreat. - Looking at the dumb scene and shouting as loud, suddenly Greenson them off his hands from Joel Landau and leaned against the wall, all sweaty and frantic, izligaven from its saliva shouting at Joel Landau while drowning. When he heard the name of Landau as lightning listen as the strongest wind to bring Landau's name. Calm down, got up and again headed toward Joel Landau.

Cursed be the day when you made my son to accept the invitation to honor a soldier, though I advised him not to accept, I said to pay Dad, you bribe people to deceive're not here because you know very well I call must be rejected, that every boy must accept and defend their homeland. Everything you do, everything that goes into that damned India in that hell, in this country where our filthy flies have nothing to eat. You my son rushed into the hole where the rot now, you Joel Landau, cursed and your cowardly son took his own life on my Landau, cursed be. - Derejkji as never before, hitting with their hands in dzdovite and cupboards, throwing subjects that will come to hand until they came to a door which was ajar due to the presence of Joel Landau while you eavesdrop on the conversation of Mike and Greenson.

I will forgive all of your son, I love you just like Landau. Take it, he was my son, all my wealth moved it in his name, only you can not tell me that, only it did not. - She started crying, I began to facilitate the soul as an infant.

Mike approached Greenson hugging as when the father embraces his child while crying. - Sir, I beg you calm down, I know you is hard, I know it's hard to accept fate, it is difficult to face the reality, but I'm here, I'll be your son, I will visit every day, looking for anything from you, just forgive me for me and my father, who desperately remorseful for what you did.

Greenson, please forgive me, I would not be able to return back but Landau ...

Do not even dare to pronounce his holy name prkletniku devil! - Ottrnuvajkji him Mike from their arms, straightened and his hand placed on the doorknob and look full of hatred cursed - you wanted it to happen to you and you Joel Landau, I wish you to see your son in a coffin and you to know the pain that gripped my heart, I wish thee my soul to you rot just like me, daylight can not see you, nor your family, I wish black cloud to overhang your house and never escape , lightning can you break down and never to be united as now. Crknete all prokletici. - Lupajkji the door and leaving furious ran up the stairs leaving the palace.



No matter how callous nature of a person, it will melt in the fire of love, if it still does not happen, then the fire was not strong enough.

Mahatma Gandhi



Winds of my life took me where I never imagined that I take. Strong winds that no one could stop them, not even itself I drag me in the most beautiful and most mysterious country that I have ever seen. Variety and colors scattered everywhere, smells and music spread and reverberate in my ears, eyes see the most beautiful and strangest colors ever have seen, bracelets who proudly show their beauty, boldly rise of women's hands that are proud of their adornment they draw. Sight which currently see is indescribable. I have no words that could describe the beauty that my eyes see and can not move away from it. The beauty I have never seen, not that my hometown will its beauty and fragrances, but I do not know why suddenly feel that this beautiful country is my country, my home, my peace and quiet.

Here the sun is different, its light is spread brighter than in my country, as here the sun shines like a light that will never cease to illuminate the way these people live here, including me. Its warmth spread like the smell of lilacs caressing my cheeks and creating fear and chills of which I feel wonderful and agreeable. His color is so gentle and compassionate making exceptional and unique. I do not remember such a sun in my country, it seems to me that here the sun is different, it seems to me that there has never been such a sun wants to caress and follow its light and heat.

Suradji, yes Suradji, well heard, it is the word for the sun in this wonderful and mystical country. Here the sun has a special role in the lives of people, religion and tradition. Mention in their prayers, Darshan and songs. Here the sun is God who gives life to plants and humans. Worship and obey, strange huh? No, no, there is nothing strange, everything here is real and true. I can not believe that there is such a country, such people and such izvondredni natural phenomena. I never would have thought that I could find myself in this part of the world, away from my home.

Here the nights are magical and romantic. Moon passes their head proudly not hiding his his extremely light which is the only source of light for some who shyly steal and hide in their rooms. Ah, what a beauty. I can not help but look away from this beautiful moon that adopts me as a little child who loses its beauty and light. Just like the sun, the moon looks different here from that which has in my country. Here the moon is so great that it seems like I can touch what they touch my buttonhole located on my blouse. Currently I look at Jaan that enchanted me with its beauty and grandeur. Just like the sun, the moon here has its own special role in the life, culture and tradition, especially in married life when the young bride prays for the long life of her husband. Also, the traditions and culture of this country say that even princesses have been ashamed of the beauty of the moon.

Stars that adorned the night sky add to the beauty and grandeur of the moon. Here the stars are the best friends of the moon. In this great country stars are arranged like jewels on the neck of a lady, who proudly points out proudly move on the streets knowing that she has the most precious jewelry that shines with its blinding shine. There is nothing more beautiful than this beautiful and mysterious country that has just met and who have yet to study. Khayyam did not is that I left my hometown, when here welcomed me so beauties of which the worst man yielded and softened. I hope that my life here will be like a fairy tale from which no exit.

Mrs. Anastasia, your lawyer. However maybe it still hopes.

Hope? For what hope talk sweet woman? For me hope has long since disappeared into the darkness which overcomes me here in this hole.

They say that hope dies last, but clearly not all, at least not for me. There were moments when hope was on the threshold of my life, but each time had to come, winds carried away from me and my life. I do not know why but I just have a feeling that he comes to me is unknown and that there is no meaning. Beautiful phenomena here greeted me when I arrived, as if they were glad that I admired their beauty and grace so now I can not reach out and take me out of this sordid, dark and dirty place. I will never forgive myself that my left and my homeland, but if you had not done it I would never introduce her to the beauty of love. It will never return to those wonderful and magical moments that I experienced here at the beginning of my arrival. Is was so bad and inhuman to make life turned my back and my protkae this fate? Just hope as always left me and went away like autumn leaves when leaving when spring comes.

Hope dies last, or not yet?

Somewhere in India around 1935

"Forget me. This is my last farewell, I continue to live without me! This is your journey, your way, continue to live without me! I pray for your glory, I pray to be blessed, you have to live without me. You are my bank, my support, you're my music, my saga, be their God. I'm a night are gone, and you're a new day, continue to live without me, continue to exist without me! "

Head, laid on in her lap, wrapped in red sari, leans toward lev hand, touching her knee, dropping him last breath. Tears leaked in that sweaty face, and his eyes were closed and he met with eternal darkness. The vast pinkish sun colored the sky pink - red tint while she took away his head and put it on the pillow, which is situated not white marble terrace. Them move their feet that were under her ass and stretched out beside him, watching him sleeping, seeing him so calm and peaceful, easy surrender to death and ended with life-famous ...


Reality is arround

Jaipur - Rajasthan, India - exactly ten years ago

That night crickets with their usual tempting tune complement the wonderful summer, dark night. Adorned with many stars flickered as in love heart, which for the first time felt that the so-called "magic" change people.

Trees that complement the melody of crickets, aided by the slight, gentle breeze, and were proud that they participate in the creation of this wonderful summer tune. Palace "Sarasvatichandra" had onlooker wonderful evening of melody which its allure stopluvashe one heart trapped in a female figure, who was sitting on the terrace with marble plates with whimsical design for those confused eyes. Trying to understand this strange design thought, "each his honor the one who thought" , as they strove to dark blue eyes, they still could not understand and fit design that cause slight irritation. Giving up the idea to understand and fit the design of those "damned" marble tiles, with their trapped legs of cotton sari yellow, covered with green flower petals and dominant pink color, which formed a small but striking flowers, woman his hand, adorned with glass bangles in a similar color as the sari, took the book with rough covers. After I took a woman with cotton saris sat on a wooden chair that stood next to the table on which there was a jug of cold water. For a moment, the book covers with rough find these marble tiles that could not understand, although they looked every day for the last forty years. Not taking care of her favorite book, with quick steps heading towards the interior of the palace.

Her heart began to beat the drum as the strongest who had heard. Not seeing anything in front of him, and not paying attention to the slippery marble tiles that worshiped, are found in the living room where the extraordinary event took place, very awkward for her motherly eyes with wonderful warmth that calms every sad face.

Stairs that connect the lower floor to the upper, black rolling suitcases who begged not to be treated as they are treated in this moment. Young, handsome man with anger kicked bags as stones preprechuvaat his way to the goal. One of those black suitcases found at the feet of a young boy with a gorgeous black, lush olive and heavy hair. The boy had a sad expression on her too young and pure person who had a sad look. Tears sprang like a fountain that cools his terrified cheeks. Not realizing the fate barely audible voice tremendously and asked, "Cui grandmother?" Why dad repeatedly said the boy, whose issue as if he wanted to be spoken, but with inexplicable force was deliberately pushed his lips.

Woman with cotton sari try to grasp this stupid scene that must immediately be removed from this difficult and unusual situation. With his bare feet that felt the smoothness of her favorite tiles, climb the stairs which are a great weight at this point. Trying to razjasne this situation, it was rejected by the hands of his son, who was heading to the young boy with vdzhashteni cheeks and head bowed. His solid and big hands caught the young boy to find ejected hour before the great white wooden door. Bags that were rolling stairs suddenly found themselves in flying condition, heading out the door. One of them hit the young person violating it, while others headed for the earth pot where you are tulsi. The boy without a single attempt to return to his father's house gathered his bags and leave. His soul is dark, his heart tightened and tears starting up as well. With heavy footsteps leaving the house hoping that one day he would return.

Inside the palace, the worst scenario of ruthless director still going on. Ramdzheshvar with a loud voice that echoed from all sides and clung to the ears of the two women who were not allowed to spoke them a word. Hearing his words, curses and bad insults with his head down, hiding their faces with Bela the sari which are stretched across the head, the mother of the young man spoke: "Why?" - Why did you do that? - Would it away forever? - Our son?

Pudzha, he is our son, forget it? Better like this happened, believe me. Face the reality!

Realities that make your beta - rose the voice of the woman with the yellow cotton sari.

Reality is more real and the true mother. A reality that had to happen. That bastard who does not deserve this family must go, the man who wants to be part of this family must go! - Cried loudly. Its performance anger rose to the surface, his veins are on his head, especially at the temples nabobrea because of his rage, his face blushed and began to sweat flows on its hot face powering his pores.

Beta , is that what happened can not be overcome? Delete?

Unable mother, would you chased him out of my house if the situation was different? I repeat, for those who do not deserve my roof, my bread, has no place in this house.

Ramdzheshvar, do I have sinned? Is sasuma not sinned? Then why did you expel Raj? Explain to me! Would I have deservedly me away from this house? Why it away? Forgive him! - Jets wet tears to her motherly eyes, spilling out of her purple sari with green dots.

What are you talking about Pudzha? Are you listening? What is? Would you want you out of this house? Wants you to join? Go, then, let you waiting for, go, waved to me and you too. You wave at you and the widow who rot in the basement. Go, besramnichki.

Beta? - Unable to embody these words, did not understand what happened in this way to respond her son. - Beta What are these words: Why Arohi involved in this? Why did you chase Pudzha? Why?

Wag me and you and your Pudzha, and the widow who brought me only misfortune and misery. And wave at all.

I am a widow, Ramdzheshvar! Would I wear your misfortunes and miseries? I, your own mother, a mother who sacrificed everything for you and your loved ones besramniku, bezdushniku!

Slap that are found on the cheeks of the women who supported and defended the young man echoed in their ears, trying to imagine the unimaginable, trying to forget that those hard hands are not found on their faces. The ego of a mother break for a moment, as it built a house that is falling apart because of the uncertainty of the foundations that hold.

Insulted his mother, the woman with cotton sari that he could not understand the strange stains on the marble terrace, now has a more difficult task now she could not understand how her son raised his hand to his own mother, who is respected as gods in the sky. Cheeks still its zhezhea, the sound of the slap reverberated like an echo which does not dare to create.

Removing the glass bracelets, Ladzho with pensive gaze saw the image of her late husband which lay a wreath of orange blossoms and asked: - "Do you know how much it hurts slap set of blood"? Thick tears rolling down his face, which was flushed from the slap.

Wiping his tears, the old Ladzho feel the heat of his old hands. With his legs trapped by cotton sari heading to his bed at that moment that seemed so dark. He sat on the soft and cold bed. His hands were on her head trying to break pundzhata of her head. Once dissolved hair Ladzho kept taking his glasses as it was a birthday gift from Rahul. Pulling them recalled Rahul and her immense love for him, put the night folding table that stood next to her bed. White sari, which was on the soft bed and cold envelops the body of Ladzho, her cotton sari put it in the closet where all her daily sari. With bare feet walked to her bed and her head found on the soft pillow that gradually conclusion of maternal hot tears that burned her face.

Jaipur - Rajasthan, India - 1920

The sun's rays just scatter into blue skies marked the birth of a new day which was to pass the night. The fresh air that flowed through the village Jaipur did not prevent residents to start their unusual day. All those who wanted to hear the morning prayer in the posted 2 Devi Ram, with head coverings tread without any feeling of coldness.

Usually in Jaipur mornings are cool and cold due to the impact of the Himalayas, which later turned into very warm and hot days filled with the warmth of the big yellow - orange sun which caresses the faces of all the people, animals and plants. Here the sun is a source of warmth and love that spreads like the smell of jasmine, but also a great enemy of those who can not stand his heat and hide in the palaces occupied by the British army. Apparently they white Britons are not accusLandaued to such heat and heat that destroys their skin.

This morning it brought freshness to the strength of the wind and managed to open the window ajar cause little noise, but enough to wake a middle-aged woman who was completely passed to bed and dream of silk, with excellent markings of a lotus flower. Right hand it was under big pillow that matched the bedding from which radiated serenity and courage. Listening to small clinking noise caused by the window, the little old woman opened her dark brown eyes saying - Jieshi Krishna Bhagwan Namaste, folding his hands in namaste. 3