A Spouse Alone: Taboo Erotica - Carmen Nichols - ebook

Excerpt:The occurrence of incest between members of Nancy's family is hardly the paragon of well-adjusted behavior either. One does not have to be a disciple of Sigmund Freud's doctrines to perceive that irreparable harm will probably be done to the children involved by their parents' grossly irresponsible use of their bodies for sexual purposes. As they reach adulthood, they will most, likely not have progressed much further in their ability to love others outside their family than they were as children.Fortunately, most of the sexually liberated sales prospects whom agents like Neil encounter confine their activities to those which most present day researchers do not consider harmful. Neil's experience was an anomaly even in the worldly wise profession of the door-to-door real estate agent."It is entirely possible that meeting Lyn and her gorgeous sister, Nancy, was really one of the great events in my life. I know that we all got to be good friends and I like all of them.

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A Spouse Alone

Carmen Nichols

Copyright © 2017

Table of Contents

CHAPTER ONE: A Personal Demonstration

CHAPTER TWO: A Good Piece of Land


CHAPTER FOUR: If I Ring Your Chimes ...

CHAPTER FIVE: A Couple of Mooches

CHAPTER ONE: A Personal Demonstration

"Why? Because in door-to-door selling I've learned one thing: orders I'll maybe get-but laid I'm sure to get.

"I don't know what it is, but it seems that about half the doorbells I ring have got a piece of ass behind that winds up pulling me into the sack. I am beginning to think that this is a country of neglected housewives, just starving for anyone to come off the street and make them come all over their little family household ...

"The trouble is that this sort of thing IS messing up my life. I mean, you never know what may happen. You ring a doorbell and find yourself with a potential customer who obviously has the hots. Now you don't lay her, then she is a woman scored and the best you can hope for is 'No Sale.' The worst is that she calls your company and complains that you made a pass at her. Just to get even. So okay, you lay her. Now that's hard on your nerves first of all, since you never know who might show up at any moment. Besides, just getting to the point of actual banging often messes up your clothes so that you are shot for any additional calls that day. And hell, you get all fucked out on the job and come home dragging your ass and sooner or later the little woman catches on that something is going on. So you have a tense situation at home.

"Oh, hell, I could go on describing what a pain in the ass all this public-relations fucking is, but I might as well describe a couple of incidents to illustrate the point.

"I'm handling upholstering fabrics now. We have a rather expensive line for the home, so I was assigned a territory well up in the upper middle-class area. You know, where the poor live in $65,000 homes.

"It's my first call of the day. Fancy house, expensive landscaping, a pool visible through the lush foliage. My sales case in hand I ring the bell and after a minute or so the door opens. It's a woman in her late twenties, I guess, dressed in some sort of floor-length nightgown with a housecoat over it. There's that first distrustful glance that women always have for strangers at the door, but I learned that a little smile and a warm glint in my eye can do wonders about that.

"I introduced myself and kept right on smiling and talking until I was well in the living room.

"Well, in a couple of minutes we were the best of friends. She tells me she's Mrs. Somebody Something the Third, but pretty soon we settle for Cindy. She tells me her kid is in the kitchen eating breakfast and she has got to get him off to school. It's the maid's day off. With my luck it's always the maid's day off. So while she is packing off the little brat I size up the house. Expensive, everything in decent taste. Nothing needs upholstering, but then the object of sales is not to give people what they need but to make them feel they need something they haven't got.

"Pretty soon Cindy has the kid on his bus and is back with me in the living room, only I notice that that nightgown is gone from under the housecoat. I take a better look at her. She's one of those cute and perky blondes with an innocent look about her, but with a neat little body and a sly glitter in her eyes.

"I get out my book of sample fabrics and go through my song and dance, extolling the virtues and outrageous prices of my product. She seems to listen, but manages to inform me her husband is a thousand miles away, the kid will not be back until the afternoon, and that she normally never, but never, lets in a stranger when she is home alone. Man, I hear that one and I know!

"So it's not much of a surprise that when she leans over one of my samples her coat opens a bit at the top and I get a good view of one of her breasts. She's got nothing on underneath. About this time I squat down to show her how a certain fabric contrasts with her carpeting. She smiles and agrees and squats down too. Almost as if by accident her knee slips between mine and applies firm pressure right onto my crotch. At the same time she looks up at me with that gleam in her eyes and smiles, showing a little red tongue between her teeth.

"Well, I'm only human. What with that teasing look, that tit dangling out, and her knee massaging my crotch, it's no wonder that old faithful down there reared his head to see where the action was. I could feel it harden and strain against her knee. She kind of squinted at me, ran her tongue slowly over her lips and bored in with that knee. My pecker reared up like a stallion at that and I thought: Christ, is this little witch going to bring me off with her damned knee? A knee job? Never heard of that one.

"I did the only thing under the circumstances. I grabbed that vagrant tit, cupped it in my hand, and took the nipple between thumb and forefinger. I felt it tighten and harden, the skin of the corona wrinkling up and shrinking just like the skin over my balls. I gave the nipple a hard twisting squeeze. Cindy whimpered with pleasure at the painful thrill which seemed to rip through her from the nipple to her pussy, because she gave a twitch down there and sank to her knees.

"With deft little hands she unzipped my pants and in a moment my pecker was blinking at the daylight. She kind of stared at the thing thrusting up from between her fingers, then she put her hand near the head and, squeezing tightly, drew down the foreskin as far as it would go. She strung that cock like a violin string, so taut I could feel her breath as she lowered her face over it. With just the tip of her tongue she caressed the head, poked it into the slit, and gently rubbed it underneath where the poor bastard has all his most sensitive nerves. Jesus, I almost came right there, but she noticed how the cock was straining to get in her mouth, because she relaxed that taut hold and eased off. A tiny drop of lubricating fluid gleamed at the tip of my cock, and her tongue gently wiped it off. She looked up at me, a long silvery thread of the fluid stretching from her lips to my cock: 'I hope you don't think I always do this,' she said and, grinning, sucked in the strand, 'I don't know what got into me.'

"Hell, I thought, if you want clichés ... 'Well,' I told her while scrambling out of my clothes, 'I just hope that you don't think that this is part of my regular sales pitch.'

"This broke us both up and I guess brought the whole thing down to the level where it belonged in the first place, because she stood up, tossed off that housecoat, and, hands on hips, gave my now naked body an appraising glance.

"I've been so hot these last few days I could hear my cunt squeak.' She grinned. 'And the minute you walked in I knew I was going to get laid even if I had to rip it off you. Thank God, you're hung like that-I'd have screamed if you popped up with some tiny little dinger!'

"There are those initial moments when one is first alone in the nude with a woman and there is just the tinge of embarrassment. Sort of, now what? Especially if you are relative strangers and really have nothing to say but feel you should do something before getting down to plain old fucking. But this was not the case with Cindy.

"I was standing amid a heap of clothing, my pecker sort of bobbing a bit as if on the scent of something good, when she comes up to me and folds herself into my arms. By standing on tiptoes she managed to straddle my cock, taking it into the hairy folds of her cunt without putting it into her vagina. Her firm breasts were hot against my chest and her hardened nipples felt like blazing little pebbles. That hungry little mouth closed over mine and her tongue started reaming out every nook and cranny while her hips moved back and forth, sliding that burning pussy over my cock. I felt it get warm and slimy from her lubricating fluids which were oozing out of her.

"I'm going to eat you up, you big cock, you,' she whispered, taking her mouth off mine. Settling down more on my straining shaft, she lowered her bps and licked my neck, my shoulders, and chest. Moving down further, she caused my cock to slip from between her legs and it smacked up against my belly like a shot from a sling. With her mouth now buried in one of my armpits, she grabbed at my balls and kneaded them up against my body.

"This standing up was getting too much for me, so I eased myself down onto the couch with her on top of me. Still clutching my balls, she twisted around on top of me until I suddenly found myself with her spread cunt at the tip of my nose and the warm sheath of her mouth sliding over my entire cock. I thrust with my hips to cram it in all the way, to her stomach for all I cared, and at the same time reached up to spread her ass and shove that hot cunt into my mouth.

"The moment her pussy enclosed my face and I shoved my tongue through those hot slimy walls in search of her clitoris, she gurgled over my cock and began to flail away with her hips, smearing my entire face with her juice. She came almost immediately, bouncing that twat of hers off my face as if off a trampoline.

"When she subsided a little, she eased away from my face and slowly drew my cock out of her sucking mouth. Tonguing it around the head she pumped it with her hand and looked at me with a wet smile.

"No one made me come that fast before,' she grinned. 'I feel as if I had been served instant coffee instead of the real perked thing ... You're not through yet, Mr. Salesman!'

"All I could do for the moment was wipe my face with the back of my hand and gasp for air. She kept on playing with my pecker, obviously enjoying my watching her. She'd pump it with her hand until the lubricating fluid started flowing, then smear the head over her lips, nose, eyes, and cheeks, her tongue never missing an opportunity for a slurp and a lick. Soon her whole face was glistening from my juice and she buried it on top of my cock, working her lips down the vein toward my balls. Her thumb expertly flipped the knob of my pecker as if she was cocking a six-shooter, and at the same time I felt one of my balls pop into the hot hole of her mouth. She mauled it, sending electric shocks from my crotch up my ass and spine and back down again. As one testicle left her mouth the other seemed to fall in, or maybe it charged in, for by this time my hips were thrashing around like a bronco on the loose. When she somehow got both my nuts inside that cunt of a face of hers, I couldn't stand it any longer and grabbed her butt again and jammed her crotch in my face. I'd give her one to remember!

"Her pussy was as wet as, or even wetter than, before and she lost no time getting it into action again. But this time I decided that the gentleman pussy-eater routine was passé. She wanted a fucking and she was going to get one with all the trimmings. As she bore her pelvis into my face, I worked my mouth over her clitoris, sucked it in from under its little hood, and, half clamping it between my teeth, worked my lips from side to side. I heard her moan with pain and she got off my balls and stuck my cock back in her mouth for comfort. Well, I now forgot about the old dong down there, there was time to take care of him later, and concentrated on the twitching cunt trying to shove its way down my throat. I released the clit from between my teeth and began to ream out with my tongue the length and width of that wild country. Her ass began to bob around in jerking spasms and her legs kept opening wider and wider. When I felt that she was reaching a peak, I eased back and let her suck at the air. This drove her wild and she flipped that snatch around looking for my tongue like a drowning man grabbing for a life belt. Then I gave her a few teasing licks and sucks, just kneading the clit a bit to tantalize her, only to back off again when she bore down eager for more. She now started to moan helplessly, near tears it sounded like, so I moved in for the kill. Her ass was already spread apart over me like over a torture rack, but I split it even more and at the same time bored into that frantic pussy. She shuddered and gurgled down in my crotch and I felt her fingernails dig into the base of my cock. I sucked in all I could of her pussy and clamped down on it as tightly as I could with my mouth.

"Holding on for dear life, I shook my head like a dog wanting to rip off a pant leg. She let go of my cock and shrieked, beating her fists on my thighs. Grabbing her with one arm across the small of her back, I ground her pussy down onto me and at the same time stuck a finger of my other hand up her ass. That did it. She went into convulsions and sobbing, her hands tearing at the couch, my legs, anything she could get a hold of. Twirling my, finger in her hole, I struggled to keep her ass from bucking away from me as she started coming in great frenzied heaves. She began to pound her cunt into my face with so much force I thought I'd lose teeth or at least get a split lip. Her juices had smeared me into a messy slimy state so that my face just slithered around her crotch like the head of a monstrous cock. I whipped my face back and forth, ramming everything with lips, gums, tongue, and teeth. Even my nose disappeared inside her snatch as she suddenly stiffened and, with a horrible scream, snapped her legs shut, almost popping my skull. She kept me stifled and clamped like that while her body went through some kind of personal earthquake, and then slowly, groaning and barely moving, her muscles relaxed and she collapsed into a puddle of content jelly on top of me.

"When I was able to get some air, I finally eased her off my body and glanced down at her face. Her eyes were glazed and my cock was sticking in her mouth as if it had been there since the day she was born. She munched on it feebly. I thought that I had overdone it, and that the lady had had it, but suddenly her eyes gleamed again and, taking the cock out, she sighed like a contented cow, looked at it lovingly, and said: 'Now it's your turn.'

"She knelt straddling my legs and began to suck me off in a very proficient manner. Holding the base of it between her fingers, and kneading my balls with the heel of her hand, she began to bob up and down on the engorged staff like one of those oil field pumps. With amazement I watched her rise up until she only had the tip in her mouth, then slide down taking the whole length into her. She was a small woman, how the hell could she get so much cock into her mouth? It went in smoothly, her lips sliding over the slimy shaft, her tongue warbling its way along the vein. Watching it slide in and out of her mouth excited me very quickly and I knew I could hold it no longer. There would be a smacking sound when she'd jam it in all the way, and I could feel the back of her throat on the tip. Unable to stand it any longer, I grabbed the back of her head with both hands and rammed her down on each stroke. In seconds I felt the dam bursting and with a roar I shoved my hips as far as I could against that face between my hands. The first burst went off deep in her throat and she coughed and gagged. I kept pumping her fucking face down until cream erupted up and down my shaft from her overfilled mouth. I kept right on squirting it into her with every shove, jamming and pounding. The semen engulfed her, she could not swallow fast enough. Coughing, she let it ooze out her mouth or, snorting, out her nose. I didn't care if it came out her ears, I was getting mine and wanted every drop of it inside that face of hers. When finally she drained off the last of it, I was a shuddering corpse and she looked as if she had fallen into a puddle of semen. It dribbled out of her nose, glistened on her chin, and, when she opened her mouth to gasp for air, it swayed in filmy strands between her lips.

"What a load,' she said when she finally caught her breath. 'For a minute I thought I was going to drown in it ... imagine the autopsy report: jism in the lungs!'

"I certainly did not feel like small talk at this point. This was my first call of the day and I had already literally blown half the morning. No orders, but a lot of ass. Still, at this point there was no use jumping into my clothes and getting on with the job. An orgasm like I had just had takes too much out of you to leave any enthusiasm for something all mundane as selling upholstery fabrics. In addition, I was sopping wet with sweat and needed cooling off.

"Cindy finally brought me around with a cup of coffee, like the good housewife that she obviously was. She asked me about my work and personal life as if nothing had happened. The only incongruous thing about the conversation was that we were both naked and she was playing with my limp cock while I sipped from a coffee mug. We did not discuss upholstery fabrics.

"You really like to wallow, in semen, don't you?' I said, for I observed she had not bothered washing it from her face. Some of it had already dried into crusts and would flake off when she touched her face to brush back her now scraggly blonde hair.

"Well, I guess it's like they say: you are what you eat. I don't know if I'd want a steady diet of It, but now and then a good hot load of it like yours just drives me crazy with excitement. I guess it's just the thought of all that life that I am making gush into me that turns me on. But sometimes I think it's almost like cannibalism. I mean, all those millions of sperm which could be children just draining off all over the place ... '

"Noticing that my interest was waning in this type of conversation and that my eyes began straying toward my clothes, my watch, and my book of fabric samples, she lay back on the couch and, sensually rubbing her breasts, looked at me provocatively.

"But I think I know what you like,' she said, and spread her legs. 'I saw the way you watched me suck your big cock. You like to see it all, don't you?'

"And with that she started to pinch her nipples and massage her breasts with one hand while the other hand sneaked down to her cunt. She kept on lying there before my eyes. Hell, she was right, it did turn me on to see everything. And now, letting me see this sexy piece fingering herself right in front of my nose was calculated to keep my mind from wandering.

"I forgot all about the coffee and door-to-door sales as I watched her middle finger delicately probe her pussy. Expertly she found her clitoris and began gently to massage it. Soon she was cooing with pleasure, her hips grinding around, her eyes still on me. She poked a finger into her vagina, then licked it off like a licorice stick. By the time she got; her whole hand over her twat and started kneading the entire business around, she had accomplished her goal, because I had run up the old flag again. She smiled as if greeting an old friend.

"Getting horny again, are you?' she smiled. 'Bet you would love to stick that tool up my cunt, wouldn't you? Come on, tell me how you would like to fuck me! Come on, I want to hear!'

"It has often amazed me how women from what must be considered the educated levels of society love dirty language. I often wondered if they did this only with their lovers or with their husbands as well. My own wife resented any four-letter word except 'shit,' a point the meaning of which escapes me.

"Anyway, if Cindy wanted me to tell her how she was going to be fucked, she was in for a small disappointment. Watching her diddle herself like that, seeing her fingers sliding in and out and getting all wet and glistening, entirely destroyed any desire for conversation on my part.

"You want to hear about it or do it?' I asked and, armed with my erect cock, I grabbed her off the sofa twirled her around, and pushed her toward an elegant antique table. She giggled and pretended to resist, but at the same time gave my cock a few yanks as if ringing for a damned butler. Since she was not very tall, the table was just right for her. I put her facedown over it and bent her over with her ass sticking up at me. Her breasts had flattened themselves on the tabletop and she peeked at me over her shoulder to see what I would do. Not that she had any doubts about it, I'm sure. She even placed her feet apart on the floor to get good balance and got a good grip on the table edge with her hands before I even rammed it into her. Well, if she thought she was going to get a simple rear-ender she was mistaken. I first just put my cock up against her pussy and let her wiggle around expectantly. When her juices had me well lubricated I started to tease her without insertion, just drawing it over her crack from above the clitoris all the way back to her asshole. The ridge around the bottom of my cock's head rippled over her goodies like a cartwheel over slimy cobblestones. Sometimes it almost fell into the trap of her vagina, sometimes it poked suggestively at her asshole, but every time she made a lunge to get it inside her I kept it out of range.

"She was getting pretty wild now, so I put my hand over one of hers and slipped it between her legs and under my probing cock. When she felt it sliding over her palm and fingers and up against her clitoris, she pressed it as hard as she could to her and began to breathe heavily. I took her by the hips and started weaving that tool around her crotch from side to side while working it in and out. As I increased the pace, I felt her ass tighten up and her back arch concavely, thrusting the buttocks at me. She closed her eyes and began to moan into an orgasm through clenched teeth. When she was reaching the peak, I pulled back for just one beat, then rammed it up her pussy as far as it would go.

"She gave a terrific yell and gasped as if she was going to throw up. The table rocked wildly as she started thrashing her ass in the throes of orgasm. Fingers dug into her and holding on for dear life, I rammed it to her with long precise strokes that half lifted her off her feet with each thrust. She shook as if trying to get me out of her, but I kept my equipment buried and working. Her cunt felt smooth but tight, closing as I withdrew and yielding reluctantly when I pushed home. She was now shaking terribly; she could not stop coming and her legs suddenly gave out while at the same time she lost her grip on the tabletop. Table, Cindy, and I, all crashed to the floor, knocking over some chair in the process. I still had my cock in her cunt and my hands on her hips. She was now uttering little high-pitched shrieks every time I smashed up into her and her body thrashed on the floor like' a landed fish. It was all I could do to stay inside her, and we grappled all over the place, her flailing legs and arms toppling smaller furniture and wrinkling a short Persian rug. Somehow I managed to work her over to the couch, somehow I got her on her back, and somehow she tipped up and put her legs over my shoulders. I felt her slide something under her ass propping it up for me. I plunged that cock of mine into her like a wildcatter after a gusher, reaming it and twisting around until I thought I'd see its tip come out of her open gasping mouth. She had been literally coming the entire time we had left the tabletop, and as I now started to deliver my end, that pussy of hers sounded like a wine barrel with a bunch of grape crushers dancing in it. She whooped as my semen shot into her, her legs thrashing and her hands raking my back: I squirted several more times and then fell to one side, my drained cock sliding out of that wild cunt along with a minor flood of semen and pussy juice.

"It was then I noticed what she had under her ass for a bolster. It was my open book of fabric samples, now thoroughly soaked with sweat, semen, and all the secretion of her cunt. It was obvious I had to take it to a dry cleaner before I could hope to make another sales presentation ... "

Implicit prostitution has been shown to be a part of the behavior pattern common to the salesmen who participate in door-to-door sex. Felix's case is no exception. Call it what you will-"stud hustling," or "public relations fucking," as Felix put it-intercourse of the sort described by the solicitors in this study is unmistakably one of the present-day variants of "the oldest profession." This type of on-the-job sex has all the disadvantages of basic mainline prostitution, such as the risk of venereal disease and prosecution, but none of the advantages. Just because the salesmen consent to have sex with potential customers does not guarantee that a sales will result. Rarely are verbal contracts made between salesmen and their clients prior to the coital act. Most of the time it is merely assumed that such sexual relations will be followed by the purchase of goods. Many times, that assumption turns out to be completely unfounded, but it proves to be correct frequently enough to place the solicitor who employs sex as a tool in the same mercenary category as the call girl, the streetwalker, and the brothel inmate.

Perhaps the slant of the commentary so far has led the reader to assume that the occurrence of most instances of door-to-door sex is the responsibility of the salesman alone. It is true that many salesmen are also clever seducers of women; much of the discussion up until this point has been spent in the proof of just that thesis. However, the facts of the case history of Felix demand that attention be directed toward those situations in which it is the female client who actively solicits the sexual favors of the door-to-door salesman. Some salesmen, particularly those like Felix who have taken up the occupation more because of sheer economic necessity than native talent, seem to meet with an entirely different situation that their more aggressive colleagues. Apparently, many women customers find these salesmen's relatively unpolished approaches so sincere and unassuming that they take it upon themselves to request that acts of implicit prostitution take place.

The fact that such an obviously large potential market exists for the services of professional male prostitutes is a sad testimony to the state of American middle-class marital relations. Felix was more than correct when he observed that "this is a country of neglected housewives." As matters stand today, prostitution in any form is illegal. This may be quite unfortunate, for although prostitution would hardly remedy the basic ills which seem to underlie the lack of sexual fulfillment found in many marriages, it could go far in relieving some of the sexual tension which many times leads to domestic quarreling. Ruth Dickson presents arguments in favor of legalized prostitution, in her contribution to Sexual Latitude: For and Against, which could easily be applied specifically to male prostitution.