Jesse Road is the new assistant hired for a large corporation, Modeling Corp. Her boss, Paul Keller, was a powerful, no where near cold hearted, and sexy man that has her on edge. There is one thing for sure, might as well get it all out of her system because having sex with the boss is sure to end badly.

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D. Elizabeth Brown

A Sensational Touch

Harlequin Blaze

To all my romance friends and fans!BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

Chapter One


Jesse breathed in the warm summer air as she stepped out of her house to get her newspaper from the porch. Her neighbor across the street in a two storied yellow house waved at her before she went into the house. Jesse went into her kitchen and put on some coffee before sitting at the table and going through the newspaper. She jumped when her house phone on the wall right of her refrigerator began to ring. She stood and answered it, expecting it to be her mother or sister calling to ask for a favor, it was Modeling Corp. Jesse had done an application to work for Modeling Corp when they actually wanted her to come in for an interview.

She hang up and gathered her coffee to head out to the bus station to catch the next 16 to Modeling Corp. Jesse bumped into Michelle Little on her way there, a red head short woman with a fiery attitude. Michelle grinned at her, considering they were both 5'6 and have nothing in common, yet Michelle had been her best friend since middle school. "Hey girlie, where you headed?" Michelle asked her. Jesse threw away what was left of her coffe before answering her friend, "an interview at Modeling Corp." She said.

Michelle's eyes went all huge, apparently she heard of the magazine comapany, they were the best in New York City, big on fashion and passion. "Oh boy, did you know that the man that owns that company was cold-hearted?" Michelle asked shaking her head in horror. Jesse didn't care what she heard about the billionaire that owned the company, all she cared about was getting a job at the firm and build up to becoming a model, starting as an assistant. It had always been her dream to strut down an aisle with the best clothes designed by famous fashion designers.

"I heard a few stories." She admitted quietly, if anything the thought did not scare her from reaching her dreams. Michelle just stared at her, "and yet you still want to model there? Are you insane?" She asked. Jesse shook her head and pouted thoughtfully before answering, " no, just confident." Right when she answered the bus was pulling up and Michell gave her a hug before running across the street to Hayley's Diner. Jesse used her bus pass and took a seat at the front, she was never a back person, she liked being noticed.

It was a long ride to Modeling Corp, when she got there she was two minutes late, but they still accepted her. She walked up to the receptionest seated to the front of the building, The blonde's piercing blue eyes gave her a once over before asking, "may I help you?" She asked. Jesse was not bothered by her scrutiny, as a matter of fact, she challenged the receptionest with a calm gaze. The woman's gaze wavered and Jesse smiled satisfied, "yes I have an interview with the owner of the company." She said.

The woman was typing on the computer, "the job as the assistant, right?" The woman asked not once looking up, "Yes." Jesse answered. The woman pointed to her left at the end of a hall where a set of black doubled doors sat at the end. Above was a sign that said conference room, she took a deep breath and found her self walking towards the doubled doors that held her fate behind them.

Paul sat at the end of the table leaning back in his chair as he watched the gorgeous woman seated before him. For the third time he wondered why she didn't sign up for a modeling career instead of a lowly assistant. She had her hands placed in her lap and she kept his gaze with confidence, answering his questions with a short yet perfect answer. She was exactly what he looked for, it seemed that she matched him in every way, she was headstrong and meaningful on what her dreams was by actually working here at Modeling Corp.

"Well Ms. Road I'm proud to finally say that you are hired." He said leaning forward, he waited for an unexeptable outburst that would ruin her chance, but it never came. She just stood, shook his hand, and walked out, her hips swaying as she walked. Paul was impressed by her preformance and felt a twitch at the side of his mouth when before the doors closed she did a little yelp of happiness.

Paul had seen her records before hiring her, they were clean, although there was a gap in her teenaged life, which he planned to find out why one was there. He stood and left the conference to go to the elevator on the right side of the receptionest. Lillian grinned at him, "she seems great." She said before he got onto the elevator. Which she was right, despite the gap, Jesse Road would be a great assistant, he could just feel it.

As soon as he got into his office a call from his ex-wife came in, "Katie what is it?" He asked softly when he picked up the phone. Kaitlen Monroe is a woman with a warm heart, she was always considerate of others, but they soon realized that there had never been anything but friendship between them, so their marriage ended. Katie ended up marrying his brother Tyler and now they had a little boy named Greg, who happens to be Paul's favorite and only nephew.

"Just wanted to know if you ever found that assistant you needed?" She asked. He smiled, it was always said that he saved his smiles for his loved ones, which just might be true, "yeah, how's little man?" He said. There was a small thud in the background, then laughter, "he just found himself a new toy." She answered. He grinned, Greg was a bit like his mother and was always taking in strays, and he was only six. "So who's your new assistant?" She asked. Paul sat at his desk and began to come up with ideas on sexiest woman alive, he pulled out a picture of Jesse which was among other women and sat it in a pile of sexy women. "Jesse Road," He said, "she might be my assistant, but let me tell you that she would not be doing this job for long the way she looks."