A New York Situation - Selena Karina - ebook

A New York SituationWhen Emma, a 23 year old Virgin, meets a rich and daring stockbroker she thinks she has no chance with him. All that changes in an instance when she goes from hoping he would notice her, to hoping he would slow down on his advances!There's no chance of that as Craig, the rich and handsome stockbroker, makes her give up all the morals she once had... and her virginity!This book contains explicit sex scenes.

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A New York Situation


Selena Karina

Table of Contents

Title Page

A New York Situation

Emma is a college student from NYCU who studies law. Her family use to be wealthy and she grew up Manhattan, until one day her father’s company was accused of insider trading and her family lost everything. Her family moved to Iowa at the age of twelve, where she attended high school and her parents got divorced. At the age of 18 she moved back to New York to attended NYCU, her family didn't have a college fund for her so she had to work at a local coffee shop to pay for college.

She didn't have many friends and she kept to herself. She'd never dated or been with a man. She's now 23 and lives a pretty normal life, that was until she met Craig, the handsome Wall Street stock broker who came in for coffee every morning like clockwork. Every morning she would tell Craig the breakfast specials, until one morning she built up the courage to talk to him about something else. To her surprise he was interested in her conversation, asking her to sit down and talk. She couldn't though, as she was at work. He gave her his black and gold embossed business card and said to call him. Emma knew she'd never call him.

The next morning he was back at the coffee shop like usual, although this time before she could go take his order he got out of his seat and walked over to her. Emma stared at him as he walked towards her... He had the walk of a stallion. Only a man full of confidence would walk like that she thought.

"Emma, you never called me." He said in a stern voice. "No women has ever not called me back, you’re the first."

"Sorry sir," she said, "I didn't think a man like you would be interested in me."

"Well, you’re coming to dinner with me tonight, wear something black and tight. And make sure your brown hair is not up I want to see your hair flowing around your pretty face. Meet me here at 8pm, if you don't call me I'll assume you’re coming." He said as he winked at Emma walking out of the cafe. Black and tight?

I don't own anything like that, Emma thought to herself, I'd better go shopping. She had some savings in her account where she bought a sexy black dress from a small boutique on her way home from work.