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DESCRIPTION:A move to France after he has been laid off opens up a whole new world for Jack Sommersby, one where his incestuous relationship with his daughter flourishes, where he discovers the pleasure of buggering a teenage boy, and where he finds love with a wanton, beautiful French widow who willingly embraces the incestuous lifestyle with Jack and his daughter and eventually her own son!EXCERPT:Waking around eight the next morning, Jack spent a leisurely half hour sodomizing Nicole before breakfast and then left her sleeping in his bed when he went out for a jog. She was still there when he returned, lying on her stomach, the sheet thrown back from her shapely, sleep-warm body. Jack stripped his clothes off quickly and settled himself between her legs so his head was level with the cheeks of her ass. Then he slid his hands under her thighs and turned them outwards, exposing the peach of her pussy and the tiny pucker of her rosehole.Nicole let out a little moan of delight as her father started licking back and forth from the bud of her clit to the relaxed anal muscle, his tongue probing deeply into her rectum in search of the mass of creamy sperm deposited in her bowels. She squeezed to make the salty liquid fill her father’s mouth and Jack swallowed greedily, relishing the strong flavor and becoming so aroused that he had to repeat the exercise, first sodomizing and then felching his daughter until he felt sated and fell asleep, his head resting on the soft pillow of Nicole’s buttocks...

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by Alex Barton

Published by Lot’s Cave

A New Life, © 2017, Alex Barton

Cover by Morgaine Wrightman

All Rights Reserved

All Characters In This Chapter Are Age 18 Or Older

This eChapter is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this eChapter with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this eChapter and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This Chapter is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

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Author’s Note

Incest Exotica

Anal Erotica

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Part 1


All was well in Jack Sommersby’s world. In fact, it was more than well; it was close to orgasmic as he lay back on a sun-lounger by the side of his swimming pool, the late afternoon sun of the French Riviera warm on his naked body. Lying between his muscular thighs was a beautiful young Moroccan boy named Zidi, his fist sliding slowly up and down the engorged thickness of Jack’s cock which jutted up like an iron bar from the mass of black curls at his groin. Zidi’s fingers were smeared with baby oil and he masturbated Jack with a practiced skill, knowing exactly when to slather the mix of oil and semen seeping from the tip of Jack’s prick along the swollen shaft, and when to close his fingers tightly round the taut glans, cutting off Jack’s climax and prolonging his pleasure at the same time.

In the pool Jack’s teenage daughter Nicole, who had arrived from England the day before, was swimming naked with Zidi’s older brother, Rafiq, a handsome Moroccan in his early twenties who had knocked on the door the day Jack took possession of the house and offered to tend the olive trees in the adjoining grove. Knowing nothing of cultivation but keen to see the crop flourish as a source of income, Jack had accepted the offer eagerly and Rafiq had been helping him, as a paid gardener, handyman and interpreter, ever since, always calling him ‘Mr. Jack’ as a courtesy.

Jack was amused to see Rafiq was instantly attracted to Nicole and she in turn had quickly succumbed to Rafiq’s charm as Jack found out when he went to relieve himself after the journey from the airport. As he did so, he saw through the open window that Rafiq already had Nicole pinned against the car door, her denim jacket unbuttoned so that he could suckle her nipples, a hand thrust into the open zip of her jeans. From the ecstatic expression on Nicole’s face it was obvious Rafiq was masturbating her and Jack wasn’t surprised when, after lunch, as he settled down for an afternoon siesta on the couch in his studio, he heard the loud cries and moans of Nicole in the throes of sexual pleasure coming from the open window of her bedroom. Jack had no objection to Rafiq fucking Nicole: he owed the Moroccan a great debt when it came to pleasurable experiences.

Now, as Rafiq and Nicole played in the pool and Zidi sucked him off, Jack watched as time and again his daughter slipped away from Rafiq’s grasp, her big, heavy breasts buoyed up by the water, her long blonde hair snaking out behind her as she dived. The plump lips of her pussy opened as she scissored her legs in graceful strokes, swimming underwater between Rafiq’s legs, her playful fingers stroking his prick, her mouth repeatedly closing over the tip and then darting away. Jack could see a sly smile on the Moroccan man’s lips and knew it was only a matter of moments before he lifted Nicole out of the pool and subjected her to a ferocious fucking that would end, as it had the previous afternoon, with Rafiq’s massive prick buried to the hilt between the silky cheeks of his daughter’s bottom, filling her bowels to overflowing with the contents of his inexhaustible balls.

The thought made Jack’s cock throb and he let out a soft groan, a signal to Zidi to close his lips round the tip of Jack’s quivering penis. Thick spurts of semen filled the young boy’s mouth and Jack watched with delight as he swallowed greedily, this time using his fingers to pump the pulsing shaft, milking Jack’s overfull balls until they were drained.

Relaxing in the afterglow of his orgasm, Jack couldn’t help thinking back to a time not too long ago when he simply would not have believed such pleasure was possible, let alone be his to enjoy whenever he wanted…

“I’m sorry Jack but downsizing is a fact of business life,” said the newspaper’s Director of Personnel, tapping a pencil against his blotting pad, a gesture that irritated Jack intensely. “You know our decision isn’t personal.”

“It’s personal when it’s me that’s being downsized,” Jack said, struggling to keep the bitterness from his voice. “Can I ask why it’s me you’ve decided to let me go?”

“The commonest criteria, Jack. You’ve been with the company the shortest time–”

Jack cut in, “Is it alright if I point out I’m the oldest in my department so least likely to find a new job, my wife died three months ago, and I have a school—age daughter to bring up?”

“Which is why we’re giving you a substantial severance package to give you time to find a new job,” the director said smoothly, handing Jack a sealed white envelope. “The details are in here.”

Being handed the envelope made further argument futile and Jack felt his spirits plummet as a sense of hopelessness settled over him. As a newspaper photographer who moonlighted at the weekends taking wedding pictures, what else was he going to do? Become a matchmaker to ensure more weddings? Would he and Nicole be able to manage financially? For how long…?

But all Jack felt able to say was, “When does this take effect?”

“We’d prefer you didn’t go back to your office,” the director said, having the grace to look embarrassed by the callousness of his action. “It adversely affects the morale of continuing employees and of course–”

“You wouldn’t want me helping myself to company supplies or leaving something nasty on my computer’s hard drive. Okay, fine.”

Jack decided not to wait for the insincere denial the personnel director would make that he would never suspect a senior employee of doing something like that, and he stood up and left the office with as much dignity as he could muster.

Driving home, Jack couldn’t remember the last time he was free in the middle of the afternoon and he wondered what to do to fill in the time until Nicole finished school for the day so he could break the bad news to her. Maybe she wouldn’t react too badly, he thought; she had a habit of bolstering him up when life took a downturn and she had been a tower of strength when her mother had passed away after a long illness. Jack was not a particularly religious man but he still offered up a prayer his wife Angela was not around to worry about what had happened.

He considered making himself a drink and decided he had to keep a clear head so he could be positive with Nicole about their future prospects. He’d opened the envelope and found a check for three months’ salary, the legal minimum. After that, he and Nicole were on their own and Jack’s savings had been decimated by the costs of looking after Angela for the long months of her illness.

“Fuck!” shouted Jack, tears of frustration and anger springing to his eyes. “Bloody, bloody fuck!” he shouted even louder and then decided he would run a bath: a long, hot soak might do something to relieve the fury he felt at the injustice of having his career put in jeopardy when he was only in his mid-forties.

The bath felt good and Jack closed his eyes and relaxed, thinking about the various options open to him. Slowly the worry ebbed and his natural optimism surfaced. He and Angela had been through some pretty bad times, as all couples did, but that work. they’d managed to keep going, at least until Angela became ill and even then her passing was mercifully quick. Easier in his mind, Jack sat up, rinsed himself off and reached for his razor. A heavy mat of black hair covered much of his muscular body but he loved to keep his balls and scrotum shaved smooth, increasing the sensitivity of his genitals when he made love or masturbated. He was just finishing when he heard the front door close and Nicole’s voice call out, “Dad?”

“In the bathroom,” he shouted back.

His daughter appeared and smiled with pleasure to see him, bending over the edge of the bath to kiss his cheek.

“You’re not usually home at this time,” she said, pulling up the hem of her school skirt so that she could sit on the toilet and pee, spreading her legs wide so he could watch.

Jack knew there would be people who would condemn the way he and Angela had brought Nicole not to be inhibited in front of him. He noted with delight his daughter was not wearing panties and that the short, pleated skirt she wore to school barely covered the cheeks of her bottom. Her big heavy breasts strained against her white cotton blouse and threatened to overflow the lacy bra she had to wear for modesty’s sake that was clearly visible through the thin material.

“There’s something I need to tell you,” Jack said as he stood up in the bath and reached for the towel Nicole held out for him. “A problem with my job.”

While he toweled himself dry, Jack briefly explained what had happened. As he did so, he made an effort to reassure Nicole whose reaction was typical of teenage girl: a refusal to worry and a blind faith that her Dad would sort everything out. As she left the bathroom Jack called out, “Are you going out tonight?”

“I was, Daddy. Is that all right?”

“Of course, darling,” Jack said.

In his bedroom, he pulled on jeans and a t-shirt and made his way to the kitchen to make a coffee and scan the want ads in the paper. Nicole appeared ten minutes later wearing jeans that were so tight they looked like they’d been sprayed on and a halter neck t-shirt that left much of her creamy breasts bare. She was wearing light makeup that emphasized her high cheekbones and wide, full lips.

Jack smiled and said, “You look gorgeous. Back by 11.30, okay?”

“But it’s Friday night, Daddy,” Nicole protested. “All my friends can stay out ‘til 12.”

“Alright, midnight. But no later.”

“Yes, Daddy,” his daughter said and blew him a kiss as she closed the front door behind her.

Jack spent a quiet evening writing emails to friends and contacts telling them what had happened and hinting that any help they could offer would be greatly appreciated. He fixed himself dinner, read for a while and then went up to bed, stripping off to sleep in the nude as he always did.

He intended to stay awake and listen for Nicole coming in but knew he must have dozed off when he suddenly felt the softest of kisses against first one eyelid and then the other and a scent of perfume and warm skin filled his nose. He kept his eyes closed but leaned his head back a little and opened his mouth, closing his lips on the taut tip of a nipple. He sucked at the rubbery flesh and licked it with his tongue and heard a soft sigh of delight from somewhere above him, then the nipple was plucked free and another one took its place.

As he nursed on the expanse of smooth breast enveloping his face, Jack reached up and closed his hands on the cheeks of a plump, curvy ass. Quickly he slid the fingers of one hand along the divide until he reached the anal opening, its crinkled surface slippery with oily lube. At the same time he slid his other hand in between open thighs, making the figure in the darkness shudder with delight when his fingers located her clit and rubbed gently over the tiny, erect organ. Then, in front, he slid three fingers into her cunt, and, in back, slid two into her asshole. The figure above him bucked and pushed her breast even harder into his mouth, wanting to suffocate him with her femininity at the same moment as she was most vulnerable to his strong, male fingers fucking their way into her body.

Jack concentrated on breathing through his nose and worked his fingers back and forth in the slick wet depths of pussy and anus, determined to bring the figure to quivering orgasm before she could smother him into submission. His efforts paid off when he added his little finger to the others buried in her dripping cunt and started masturbating her hard, at the same time as he finger-fucked her asshole and opened his mouth to close his teeth round the nearest nipple, biting it gently. The figure let out a soft scream of ecstasy and shivered and shook in climax, her body bucking against Jack’s until she sagged down, lying between his open legs, her head resting on his chest.

“It better not be after midnight, young lady,” Jack said to his daughter.

“Sorry, Daddy,” Nicole said, lifting her face toward her father’s. The clock in the kitchen said 12.32, so I thought I’d do something to please you…”

Jack’s lips met his daughter’s in a hungry kiss and then he carefully withdrew the fingers that were pushed past the tight opening of her anal sphincter and brought them to her lips. Obediently, Nicole breathed in their scent and then opened her lips, taking them into her mouth to taste herself as Jack squirmed into position and thrust his hard cock into the wet hole of her pussy with a loud slurping noise. Already highly aroused, Jack groaned and humped upwards, a wave of pleasure washing over him as he spurted a huge load of come deep into Nicole’s welcoming cunt, making both father and daughter cry out in ecstasy.

Waking around eight the next morning, Jack spent a leisurely half hour sodomizing Nicole before breakfast and then left her sleeping in his bed when he went out for a jog. She was still there when he returned, lying on her stomach, the sheet thrown back from her shapely, sleep-warm body. Jack stripped his clothes off quickly and settled himself between her legs so his head was level with the cheeks of her ass. Then he slid his hands under her thighs and turned them outwards, exposing the peach of her pussy and the tiny pucker of her rosehole.

Nicole let out a little moan of delight as her father started licking back and forth from the bud of her clit to the relaxed anal muscle, his tongue probing deeply into her rectum in search of the mass of creamy sperm deposited in her bowels. She squeezed to make the salty liquid fill her father’s mouth and Jack swallowed greedily, relishing the strong flavor and becoming so aroused that he had to repeat the exercise, first sodomizing and then felching his daughter until he felt sated and fell asleep, his head resting on the soft pillow of Nicole’s buttocks.

When he woke, Jack showered and then made lunch for them both. Saturday afternoon usually meant standing around outside a church or registry office waiting for the blushing bride and groom to find their places as he took shots for the photo album they would treasure for their rest of their lives. Or until they divorced and it ended up in the attic. But this Saturday his diary was empty and he sat and scanned the national papers looking for jobs, ideas, anything that would offer a way forward while Nicole went out shopping with some of her many friends whose names he found it hard to keep track of.

Scanning the property section, Jack’s eye was caught by several ads for properties in France and one, in particular, sounded more than interesting. It was a converted farmhouse, with a swimming pool and an adjacent olive grove, perched on the side of a hill in a region of Provence he had often driven through on the way south for family holidays. The house looked as if it needed work, but the price was right and if he put his own house up for sale he would more than have enough to buy it and carry out the necessary improvements. Jack had no idea what Nicole’s reaction would be: she would have to stay with his late wife’s sister while she finished her schooling but she’d be able to spend every vacation with him, giving him time to make the renovations so she would see what he had achieved every time she visited.

But the biggest question was how would he earn money when he was there? It was time for a heart-to-heart with Nicole. If she liked the idea, then they were in business, whatever the complications…

There were times when the French legal system, not to mention the absence of a mains water supply and links to the village telephone system, seemed insurmountable but, now, six months after being let go, Jack was able to admit that he had beaten the difficulties and had a home that was close to perfect. Slowly but surely he picked up work, photo assignments from English and American newspapers and magazines, and took professional shots of properties for rental and sale on behalf of several local estate agents.

The hardest part was being separated from Nicole while she continued her schooling in England. Jack found it almost unbearable being without her, not only because he missed his daughter’s company and the laughter they shared, but because it meant going without sex, and especially anal sex, until she was able to join him. But then, about a week before Nicole was due to arrive for the long summer vacation, something happened that changed the situation and took Jack completely by surprise.

One morning, Rafiq turned up at the house with a boy he said was his brother, Zidi. He asked if Jack had any objection to the boy helping with the olive harvest.

“No, of course not,” Jack said, smiling at Zidi who was good-looking and graceful with black curling hair and dark mischievous eyes. Zidi wore nothing except blue denim shorts and his golden skin looked smooth and silky. He wasn't very tall but he was perfectly proportioned, and the shorts he was wearing hugged his cute little backside tightly. Jack also noticed, and put the reaction down to being intensely sexually frustrated, that the boy’s tight shorts showed off a surprisingly large bulge at his crotch.

As he watched Rafiq lead Zidi up the path toward the olive groves, Jack wondered whether to masturbate to ease his frustration and the longing he felt for Nicole, his mind filling with the vision of her naked under him, the softness of her breasts against his lips, her nails raking his back in passion as her body shuddered in response to the forceful thrusts of his cock into her ass, then withdrawing at the moment of climax so he could fill her mouth with his sperm. The vision was so intensely arousing Jack had to distract himself by going to the kitchen to prepare the beef stew with baby onions in red wine that would be Rafiq and Zidi’s reward for their morning’s labors.

Obsessed by lust for his daughter, Jack was monosyllabic during the meal and barely noticed that Rafiq was watching him closely, his eyes occasionally meeting Zidi’s. When Jack poured coffee, Rafiq reached for a small pouch and rolled a joint. When it was lit the Moroccan inhaled the fragrant smoke and said, as he passed the joint to Jack, “You are perhaps worrying about money, Mr. Jack?”

“No,” Jack said, smiling. “I just miss my daughter, Rafiq. I wish she was here.”

“She is how old, Mr. Jack?”


“Ah, is very nice age,” Rafiq nodded, taking a drag of the joint. “She is beautiful, too?”

“Oh yes, very beautiful. Like her mother.”

“Sexy with nice curves, big bosoms, a woman’s bottom?”

“Yes, Rafiq,” he said, laughing. “So just your type.”

Rafiq smiled and said, slyly, “She is not virgin, then?”

“I don’t think so, no,” Jack said, knowing his voice gave him away as passed the joint back.

Rafiq waited for a moment. Then he said, “In my country many fathers know the answer for sure. Because they are girl’s first lover when she reaches puberty. They fuck their daughter’s mouth, pussy and ass, especially ass because then she will not get pregnant.”

“Don’t their future husbands mind?”

Rafiq waved his hand, spreading the fragrant smoke of the joint. “No,” he said. “Because they in turn will have their own daughters.”

“And if they have no daughters?”

“Then they have son, also in ass. Is common custom and good one, I think. My father fucked Zidi and me, I fucked Zidi this morning in the olive groves when my balls were full.”

He reached out and put his arm round Zidi’s shoulders, pulling the boy to him and kissing him on the cheek. Zidi smiled happily.

“Goodness,” Jack said in surprise, helping himself to another glass of wine and unsure of how much further he wanted the conversation to go.

“But is not custom for father to fuck daughter in England,” Rafiq said as a statement not a question, his eyes watching Jack’s.

“No,” Jack said.

“That is a shame, Mr. Jack,” Rafiq said, his eyes glittering. “Because if a man has a beautiful daughter with nice curves, big bosoms and a shapely bottom it would be a pity not to enjoy her. And if a man liked to fuck the three holes of such a sexy girl, he would surely miss her when she was not with him…”

Maybe it was the couple of bottles of wine they’d drunk with lunch, or the dope, or both, but Jack knew his prick was standing up rigid in his pants, clearly visible to Rafiq and suddenly there seemed no point in hiding his feelings any longer.

“I have enjoyed Nicole many, many times, Rafiq,” he said slowly, his voice thick with lust. “Nothing is as enjoyable as fucking my daughter’s soft, warm bottom. Filling her asshole with my come and then licking it out, like sweet cream.”

Rafiq whispered something in Zidi’s ear who smiled broadly. The boy slid from his seat, walked over to Jack and took him by the hand.