A New Beginning (#4 of California Dreaming) A Los Angeles Series - Andrew J. Smith - ebook

James Alliston's life has changed completely since his wife Karen left him, with a divorce behind him and a three-year-old girl to grow up, under the advice of his best friend and literary agent, Andy Jackson, decides to move in Los Angeles, the city where he grew up, to reappropriate his life and to try to rediscover his literary creativity, lost for years now. His arrival in the city will be for him a beginning and a chance to redeem himself from his past that still torments him. Stacy, a sweet and gentle woman with a sunny smile, with whom she had a serious history before getting to know Karen, his current ex-wife, will help him step by step to rebuild his self-esteem lost in these years, following his marriage bankruptcy. James, will be forced to keep a secret to the woman that concerns Allison, a young and fresh sixteen year old, arrogant and self-confident at the same time, which could compromise the trust and feelings that were born recently between James and his old flame, Stacy . Meanwhile, his agent, in full marriage crisis with his wife, will be entangled in comical sexual trials that will see him as a protagonist. Meanwhile, Glenn, Stacy's ex-husband will make a big announcement that will leave everyone speechless, making his engagement with Penelope official, and asking her to marry him. James, will try slowly to leave behind the past and just when he decide to do so, a call from Karen will plunge back into distant memories that he believed he had forgotten. In the fourth chapter of California Dreaming, a series created by the award-winning international writer Andrew J. Smith and produced by California Dreaming Production, we’ll see James Alliston, the famous and sexy novelist in various scenes of sensual and funny, but at the same time must have the courage to make difficult decisions or compromise the future of his daughter, Elizabeth. This will be a "New Beginning" for the fun and entertaining writer, James Alliston.

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Title | A New Beginning (#1 of the California Dreaming series)

Author | Andrew J. Smith

Publisher: Independently Published

Cover image by California Dreaming Prod.

ISBN | 9788827849293  

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© All rights reserved to the Author























James woke up in the bed of his apartment with a huge headache, due to the hangover of the night before. He opened his eyes and thank God he was in his bed rather than in a cold cell. Andy's words had made him think. And the fact that he did not give up peace was ruining his life, and slowly, his past with Karen, was dragging him to the bottom. How long had he moved to Los Angeles, now... a week? Two maybe... and he had already managed to get a contract with a publishing house and had met a beautiful woman with whom he could possibly think of a serious story. While drinking the hot cup of steaming coffee in his hand, he watched the sun's rays illuminate the living room of his apartment on that sunny morning. First, he would meet Stacy, after which he would undertake to find something serious to write. He could not fuck anymore, it was time to get serious.

Once out of the apartment, he got into the car and headed for the center.

He arrived shortly thereafter, and parked right in front of the bookstore, deliberately ignoring the prohibition sign. He went down and entered.

He saw Stacy almost immediately, behind the counter talking to one of her employees. She was on her back, and she didn’t see him right away. He took a few steps toward her, but someone tapped him on the shoulder and he turned.

«Hi.» She said, all beaming, Allison.

He could not explain how little pleasure he felt in seeing her again, but he preferred to say nothing.

«Hey.» He replied.

«Is this the way to greet? You're rather rude to a woman.» She said, still in that same sly smile.

«Let me know if you see anyone around, because here I see only a baby who pretends to be so.»

«Damn, you woke up in a bad mood today.» She continued.

«No, it's you who makes this effect, obviously.» He did.

«I believe it’s your conscience instead. You know, I remind you that seducing young sixteen-year-olds is very immoral as well as illegal.» She concluded and winked at him in complicity.

«Can we leave this topic alone?»

At that moment, Stacy's voice made him jump. She popped right behind his back with a huge jovial smile.

«James, what are you doing here?» The woman asked.

She also noticed the presence of Allison and looked at each other for a moment.

«Oh, do you already know each other?» She asked then, surprised.

«No. It's the first time I see her.» He replied, before Allison could.

«But I think I know you, instead.» The girl said, looking at him closely.

«No, we do not get together.» He insisted.

«I am pretty sure that… »

But he didn’t let her finish the sentence, which said tightly:«We. Definitely. Don’t know. Each other.» Smiling then, to Stacy.

«Yes! Now I remember, you're on the back of a book.» She pulled his novel out of her bag and showed the back with his black-and-white photo.

«See?» She said, giving him a mischievous smile, clearly amused by the uncomfortable situation in which she had been hunted.

«Anyway, I present him to you, honey. He's James Alliston, he's a writer, as you could well see.» Stacy said, smiling at her daughter and totally ignoring the hateful looks he was pulling at the girl.

«Well, James Alliston doing the writer... » she paused for a moment and gave him a knowing look, «it's a real pleasure.» With that, she headed for the exit and disappeared into the crowd of people while Stacy recommended her to be careful and tell her that she should have been home not too late.

«Why did you come?» She asked then, shortly thereafter, looking away from the store's exit and addressing him.

At that point, James breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed a little.

«Nothing... I wanted to invite you out this evening.»

She thought for a moment on the answer, then said, «Yes, I have nothing to do after work. Cut as usual at half past six.»

Then the two greeted each other and he walked out of the bookstore, toward the car.

He decided to head home to have the opportunity to rest a little, because of the night he spent.




He arrived punctually at the appointment with Stacy and at about half past six, he was standing in front of the bookshelf, fresh from the shower and wearing an elegant shirt, silk pants and a dark jacket.

Stacy went out and headed for the car, and after climbing, they left.

«Where do you plan to go this time?» He asked, stopping at a red light.

She smiled, and before telling him her plans, he could see the worried look on her part.

It took twenty minutes to arrive.

In the end, Stacy had convinced him to do this, although James had refused categorically, or at least he had tried.

What he was witnessing was a fundraiser organized by the owner of the L.A. Star Magazine, which had organized a charity collection.

«Tell me once again why we're here?» He asked, walking with Stacy at his side, while he was pulling out his cigarette pack with one hand and lighting one.

«Great way to socialize, a writer who has returned to Los Angeles and who has not pulled out a book for at least three years will have to get noticed.» She said, giving him a smile.

In truth, it was at least five years, he thought. He said nothing equally.

«Oh, thank you so much, then.» He replied in an ironic tone.

«Nothing.» She answered with a smile.

Both, attended the presentation of the fundraising, where, one author after another, announced the latest news that would be published that year in the magazine.