A Hot Wife Valentine - Laura Lovecraft - ebook

A twisted Valentine tale!It's Valentine's Day and hot wife Debra couldn't be happier. In addition to receiving a beautiful bouquet of roses, she has another special gift coming her way. That gift is delivered by her longtime lover Charles. He has been taking good care of Debra for years, and tonight is no exception! Charles takes Debra just like she loves it, hard and nasty. Debra is so grateful she even rewards Charles with a very special treat.Afterwards Debra is so satisfied that she decides everyone should have some fun, even her cuckold husband Billy. After all, seeing he bought the roses, shouldn't his hot wife give him something special for Valentine's in return?Disclaimer: This book contains rough sex, femdom, and humiliation.

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A Hot Wife Valentine

By Laura Lovecraft

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L.L. Craft Publications

A Hot Wife Valentine

Copyright © 2014 Laura Lovecraft

A Hot Wife Valentine

I turned the hot water off and drawing the curtain back, grabbed a towel and began patting myself dry. I moaned softly as the towel rubbed across my swollen nipples. They’d been hard for so long they were aching. Even though I’d indulged in stroking my clit with my soapy fingers, getting myself off in what seemed like record time; they were still hard. Then again, why wouldn’t they be?

It Valentine’s Day and I’d been worked all day knowing full well Charles was going to take good care of me tonight. It had been hard to concentrate at work. No matter how hard I tried to focus on boring invoices my mind would keep drifting to what I would be focusing on later; my special someone’s nice soft tongue and big hard cock! There were times during the day I was squirming in my seat thinking of how good my lips would feel wrapped around his thick shaft and could all but feel his warm cum squirting down my throat.

After all what said Happy Valentine’s day better than a nice blow job? An even better pussy licking and Charles knew how to serve my pussy better than anyone else ever had! I forced myself to stop teasing my nipples and while drying my legs continued to let my mind wander to what was soon to come. Charles would give me my first treat of the night by bringing me to a screaming orgasm with his amazing tongue then I would get my big gift; his hard cock in my insatiable pussy.

Even after all these years, Charles could still have me horny all day just in anticipation of what he would do to me! I spread my legs and teased the towel along my freshly shaved pussy. Pushing it between my lips, I shuddered as I slid it against my once again swollen button. Tossing the towel in the hamper I turned and looked at my reflection in the full length mirror behind the door.

Cupping my small, perky tits, I further teased them by rubbing my thumbs across them before picking up the new bra I had bought just for tonight. The bra was pink, but the cups were red heart shaped lace. I could still see my hard nipples through the flimsy material and wished Charles was here right now. He probably wouldn’t be here for at least an hour, but I wanted to get ready early and lay there in bed, tormenting myself.

Picking up the matching thong that consisted of nothing more than pink string with a heart shaped patch of lace between my thighs. Pulling the thong up to my knees, and feeling playful, I turned around. Looking over my shoulder I wiggled my little heart shaped ass and shimmied the thong up over my slender hips. I took a moment to admire my rear and felt a warm feeling between my legs thinking Charles might turn it as red as the heart covering my smooth slick pussy.

My long red hair was still wet and flowing just past the middle of my back. I thought about drying it, but enjoyed the sexy sensation of the cool moisture against my warm skin. Donning my short red silk robe that was perfect for the holiday, I left the bathroom and padded down the hallway towards the bedroom. I was so worked up my body was attuned to everything and even the soft carpet beneath my bare feet was a sensual thrill.

On the way I stopped in the kitchen to grab two glasses the bottle of red wine I’d bought last night. I entered the bedroom pt the wine and glasses on the nightstand and opened the drawer to remove the lighter. I stared at the toys lined up inside and wondered which ones I might use later. The vibrator, the butt plug? Definitely at some point the bullet so I could come nice and hard on my long time lovers beautiful cock. I stared at the leash and collar neatly rolled up next to the eight inch strap on. No, not tonight, after all it was Valentine’s Day and the least I could do was be nice. Well unless he acted up, but seeing it was a holiday I was sure he would behave.

I lit the candles on the nightstand then walked around the bed lighting the others on my bureau and the other nightstand. I looked around and smiled. The entire room was bathed in the soft glow of the flickering flames. It was cozy, but provided plenty of light for my man to get a great view of the show his wife was putting on.

Placing the lighter on the nightstand, I glanced over at the closet door and saw it was partway open. I rolled my eyes, couldn’t even follow simple instructions. With a sigh, I stepped towards the door, but then stopped when my gaze fell on the table under the window. I smiled at the huge bouquet of roses sitting there in an ornate red vase. Screw the door, the roses more than made up for such a small detail.

Walking up to the bouquet I leaned over and breathed deeply, savoring the sweet scent. Picking up the small white card, I turned it over and read it out loud.

“For Debra, the woman I truly worship and adore, thank you for loving me so! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

I smiled and gently put the card back.

“That is so sweet.” I said softly.