A Family Decision - Tia Lascivo - ebook

Mom gets a shocking offer to make a porn movie with her family.  It's too great an offer to resist. She has to pitch it to her family, but there's a lone voice of dissent they have to overcome. What will they do?~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~"Makes you uncomfortable, huh?"Jerome avoided his father's eyes when Ralph asked the question. He nodded and grimaced and said, "Yeah. Mom in the nude  and my sister  I shouldn't be exposed to that, dad.""Your mom's forty-five," Ralph said quietly. "She works out a lot, really watches her diet. It's important to her to look good.""Maybe," Jerome said in a petulant tone."And she does look good, you can't take that away from her. She's smoking hot, Jerry.""Da-ad," Jerome groaned at his father. "I'm your son. This is inappropriate on a whole bunch of levels. You shouldn't talk to me about mom that way."Ralph chuckled and shook his head in wry amusement. "Okay," he said, "maybe you're right. But your mom and your sister are certainly making a hit. I think every guy out here is checking them out."Appalled by his father's casual acceptance that men were blatantly eyeing up his wife and daughter, Jerome gasped, "And you don't care? Jesus, dad--""I didn't say I don't care, but I sure don't mind, Jerry. I trust your mom. I trust her completely. If guys want to look at my wife, let them look. I bet they're envious of the guy who gets to take your mom home. And that would be me." Jerome's father grinned and pointed to his own chest. "And your mom will look after your sister," he added. "They're perfectly fine."Which is when the creepy old guy detached himself from the group close to where Jerome's mom and sister were walking.

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A Family Decision


Tia Lascivo

* * * * *

Copyright © 2017 by Tia Lascivo

All Characters are 18 and Over

Raise a hard-on on a dead guy

Jerome groaned with exasperation when he heard it. He covered his head with a pillow and muttered, “Shit, mom. Really? Again?”

Not that the pillow made all that much difference, he could still hear his mom crying out in joy. He heard, “God, I love the way you stretch my pussy out! That’s it, baby, that’s so fucking good!”

He hated it when his parents had sex, a frequent occurrence despite what he saw as their advanced age. Shouldn’t his dad, at 47, be past that shit now? And even if his old man could still get it up, shouldn’t he at least be slowing down?

Jerome assumed his dad must be popping Viagra or something. Although, despite hating himself for noticing, he had to admit his mother had it all going on. A traffic-stopping blonde, stacked, with a body she took excellent care of, his mom could raise a hard-on on a dead guy. Jerome couldn’t blame himself for noticing, his mom didn’t exactly make a secret of it. He could see his mother’s sexual appeal. Had noticed enough guys checking her out. Even his friends made a comment or two. Hell, he’d even thought about what it would be like to fuck a hot lady like her. Not that he’d admit to it in the cold light of day, but, on occasion, in the dead of night alone in his bed, a virgin by choice, Jerome had imagined how it would be to stick his dick into a drop-dead MILF like his mom.

Now here they were, his mom and dad, fucking again, his mother vocal about how great it felt to be getting her husband’s long, thick schlong. Her appreciation was nothing new. Jerome’s mom and dad had always been very open about all matters sexual. Maybe a little too open in their son’s view. Sometimes it was embarrassing to hear them talking. And, to make it worse, his sister didn’t seem to care. Alison even joined in with their banter sometimes.

“Aw, Jesus, mom,” Jerome muttered into the night.

His mother had just let out a squeal, the bed singing in protest as Jerome’s parents bounced against the mattress.

“Make him come already. Come on, mom, get the old guy off so we can all get some sleep.”

But it went on. The squeaking bed and his mother’s yelps kept Jerome awake, and it got particularly bad when his mom started up with the daddy talk. What the fuck was that all about? The, “Is my pussy tight for you, daddy?” Her squeals of, “Feel how wet you make it. That’s your big fucking cock in my wet little pussy. Oh, daddy, tear it up. Give it to me.”

Depraved, perverted, fucking disgusting, Jerome thought. And with him and his sister in the house, too! How could they do it? What were they thinking? It was as bad, almost, as that time at the beach – Jerome’s mom and dad going naked, his 18year-old sister joining in, too. He’d been ashamed and appalled, horrified at the attention they got. Pervy guys creeping over his mom and his sister, his dad with his long cock hanging halfway down his thigh.

Again, Jerome was loath to admit, his sister was smoking hot, too. Trim and lean, cheerleader-cute with her high, tight tits. Alison was the perfect contrast to their mother’s big-boobed physicality, both with pubic hair trimmed down to almost nothing as they strutted along the beach, both showing off.

“Ah, shit,” mumbled Jerome when his dick started to thicken and grow. He rolled onto his front and pulled the pillow tighter over his head while doing his best to put those images out of his mind.

Creepy old guy

It wasn’t exactly legal, but no authority took any real interest in enforcing the law. Down at the cove a person could tan in the nude. No big deal. No major drama.

“Come on, Jerry,” Alexis said to her son. “We’re all going to the beach. It’ll be great. We can take a picnic.”

Jerome couldn’t bring himself to look at his mother. Not in her skimpy two-piece, embarrassed by all the skin on display.

“I dunno, mom,” Jerome replied. “People get naked down there.”

Alexis sighed and clicked her tongue off the roof of her mouth. “I don’t know what you’re worried about, Jerry. You’re a good-looking boy. Real handsome. You’ve got a terrific body, too. You should be proud. Come on, show yourself off. You know what…?”

Jerome didn’t like the look on his mother’s face: kind of sneaky and weird, her crooked smile and tiny two-piece causing a disturbing jolt of something sexual inside him.

“…If you weren’t my son,” his mom went on with a slow drawl. “I’d probably go for you myself.”

Jerome tried to shy away when his mother moved in close, too close, especially since she was just about naked. He flinched when she touched him. “God, baby,” Alexis purred. “You’re twenty years old. It’s high time you got yourself a girlfriend. This purity thing is okay, I guess. But I can’t help but feel you’re letting life pass you by.”

Jerome’s cheeks burned after she said it. He closed his eyes and tried to will himself away, doing his best to suppress the unnatural urges. “Ah, come on, mom,” he groaned. “Don’t start with all that again.”

Alexis did the tongue clicking thing a second time. She grimaced and rolled her eyes. “A virgin at your age,” she said through a sigh. “So cute, so hot. What a waste.”

“Mom, please, will you just quit it! You make it sound like I’ve done something bad. Anyone else would be pleased about their son wanting to do the right thing.” Jerome had had enough. Pissed off because his mom and dad had to be so open about sex. It was just plain old weird. His friends’ moms didn’t carry on like this. His sex life, or lack of, was nobody’s business but his.

“Okay, but please, just come to the beach,” Alexis went on. “You never spend any time with us. You’re always doing your own thing.”

Jerome gave up. “Shit, okay, but only if you promise to stop giving me a hard time about my personal life.”

“Oh God, Jerry,” his mother drawled with a roll of her eyes. “But, okay, if it bothers you that much.”

The press of his mother’s body against him when she came in tight to kiss his cheek made Jerome very uncomfortable. Acutely aware she was barely covered, Jerome was very careful about keeping his hands well away from his mother.

“I’ll just go and get ready,” Alexis said after the kiss. “Half-an-hour – okay?”


They let his sister drive the couple of miles down to the cove. Jerome and his mother sat in the back of the aging SUV while his father rode shotgun and kept an eye on Alison and, regardless of Jerome’s misgivings about his sister’s ability, they arrived at the beach with no major mishap, then unloaded the gear and carried it along the short, sandy trail through the rocks and low spikey scrub to the shore.

It was a good day to be down there. A high blue sky and not a cloud to be seen, surf a gentle roll, a sigh as the water licked the golden sand. A light breeze kept it pleasantly cool.

“This is great,” Ralph observed as his gaze swept along the beach. H took a couple of steps down the small incline. “Let’s find a spot and unpack the food.” To his wife, he added, “Did you pack the cold beer?”

Alexis chuckled. “In that cooler you’re carrying,” she said.

“Excellent,” her husband replied.

The family, in a short, four-person crocodile, traipsed onto the sand. They moved along the beach, the water on their right and the dunes to the left. Ralph led the way, his wife behind, Jerome at the rear while Alison walked in front of her brother. As they went, Jerome grew embarrassed by a few people he saw who’d taken advantage of the weather and the slack enforcement of any dress code to go nude under the sun. He kept his eyes down in front of him, watching Alison’s footprints rather than gawk at any naked bodies.

After a couple of hundred yards Jerome’s father stopped and asked, “Okay, how’s this?”

Jerome looked around, grateful the closest naked person he could see was some distance away. He estimated maybe twenty people on their patch of beach. Some singles, a few couples, and a mixed group of six some hundred yards distant. He thought his dad had picked a really great spot, the curve of the dunes making it feel at least a little bit private.

While Jerome perused the landscape, Alexis said, “Yeah, looks okay – what do you think, kids?”

“Perfect,” Jerome’s sister put in.

Alison dropped the raffia-weave bag she’d been toting, acting like it was a foregone conclusion this was their spot. She knelt in the sand and pulled a beach towel out of the bag, then set it down before smoothing out a couple of wrinkles.

“Okay,” Ralph said. “I guess this is it.”

The next couple of minutes saw the family set up the temporary encampment. Then, when the towels were spread, the cooler and various Tupperware containers arranged, Alexis stood up and put her fists on her hips.

“Wow, what a great day,” Jerome’s mother said, face tilted towards the sky.

She sucked in a deep breath of air, the action swelling her considerable chest, and when he inadvertently looked up to see his mother’s bosom thrust out in such a provocative way, Jerome immediately cast his eyes down.

“I have to strip off,” his mother added. “I want to feel the sun on my skin.

Alexis unfastened the button at the front of her Daisy Dukes, unzipped and gave a shimmy, pushing the denim over her hips. Out of the corner of his eye, Jerome saw his mother kick the shorts aside, then he gulped when she hauled off the clinging bootlace top, revealing her body in the skimpy, near non-existent two-piece.

When Jerome saw his mother move close alongside, he deliberately kept his attention down at the sand, knowing if he looked up, his eye-line would be level with her crotch.

Jerome maintained his focus while his mother asked, “You not getting that shirt off, Jerry?”

“Yeah, in a minute,” he said, wishing she’d go away.

“Come on, take it off, let that hot bod get some sunshine, sweetie.”

Jerome glanced up when Alexis tugged at the shoulder of his tee-shirt. As expected the prominent mound of her mons was right there close to his face and, as he gawked at the sight of his mother’s bikini bottoms so close to his eyes, Jerome experienced a flash thought about how he could just lean in and nuzzle into the fabric, her pussy beneath.

“Mom, shit, just leave me alone,” Jerome snapped at his mother. He pulled away from her clasping fingers, angry at himself for his lewd line of thinking.

While the brief altercation between mother and son went on, Alison had stripped down to her own tiny bikini.

“Leave him, mom,” Jerome’s sister put in. “He’s such a dork.”