6 Hot Outdoor Group Menages Bundle - Daisy Rose - ebook

Love, sex, and lots - and I mean lots - of men.This six-book collection of steamy stories takes pain and pleasure to a whole new level. The rich, dominating alpha males spank, bind, and take innocent young women in all-too-public places. Being outnumbered has never been more enticing!Here you will find all six steamy stories in Outdoor Menage (Book 1 - 6).~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Excerpt from Outdoor Menage: Train StationMy car getting ruined must have messed with some nerves in my brain. I was never one to make risky decisions based on lust, but I was willing to go back with this sexy stranger whom I knew nothing about? I must have gone completely and absolutely insane.All the breath left my lungs when his eyes blazed at my agreement and he closed the space between us. With one hand, he swiftly unbuttoned the first few buttons on his shirt. With his other, he reached around my waist and pulled me to him.His lips taste of fine wine.I wondered how drunk he was and if that fueled his decision to pick up a random woman from a train station.I stood in his arms, my heart in my throat as he drank the last bit of my restraint from my lips. Then, his hands lifted the hem of my dress and I closed my eyes and stifled a moan.His eyes were dark with desire when we parted for air and I felt my insides tighten in response to the desperation in his lips as he eagerly kissed me again, swallowing me in the passionate taste of his tongue and lips.It was dangerous and out of control. "Camera," I gasped when our lips parted for the second time.He looked around briefly, then grabbed my arm and pulled me to the side of the track. We disappeared into a little corner where no security cameras could catch what we were doing.The moment we were out of sight, his hand slipped around the side of my neck and his fingers curled into my hair. He traced my lips with his tongue, then dipped inside for another taste of me. I was lost immediately, eyes fluttering close as I snaked my arms around his waist, appreciating the hard muscles beneath the suit.He took my face in his hands and rested his forehead to mines as we both fought to catch out breaths. It was surreal. His kisses were intoxicating. I imagined bottling up his kisses for special occasions. Like little puffs of heaven.I dragged my hands up his back, slipping under his shirt so I could feel bare skin to skin. He shuddered from my touch and I smiled."Let's do it here," he said."Here?" my knees buckled.

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6 Hot Outdoor Group Menages Bundle

Outdoor Menage 1-6

(Exhibitionism, Public Humiliation, BDSM)

Daisy Rose

Copyright 2016 Daisy Rose

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher. hot group office action book bundle

Outdoor Menage 1: Airplane

(Exhibitionism, Public Humiliation, BDSM)

Daisy Rose

Flight Attendant-in-training, Alicia Manning just wants to have a little fun with a sexy hunk she picked up at a bar.

Her first mistake was taking the fun onto a private jet.

Her second was underestimating her date, who lost no time in tying her up in a swing and leaving her to hang, literally.

When the owners of the airplane appear, she quickly claims to be special in-flight entertainment. A third mistake that will cause her to be spanked and filled by the strong alpha males who are used to entertainment of a certain kind...

Sexy Hunk In A Bar

"Check out the hot guy at twelve o'clock," the woman at the table next to me whispered loudly. I looked away from my date to see who the woman was drooling after. My date had been droning on and on about how much money he could stand to make on his latest 'revolutionary new idea'.

The hot guy at her twelve o'clock had just walked into the bar and he was indeed, very hot. If my blind date scored a 8/10 on the hotness scale, the new guy was a solid 10.

Despite his good looks - my date, not the hot guy - I wasn't having a good time at all. The online website had set me up with him and our time together was looking less and less like a date and more and more like a scam. I made a mental note to get a refund from the dating site for not vetting the man enough.

The date had started off promisingly but was now spiraling into a lecture that I couldn't wait to walk away from. To be honest, I was interested in his idea at first. He was a programmer and he had been working on a new app that he hoped to put in the market. Unfortunately, when he realized I work as a flight attendant for private jets, he started looking at my job as an opportunity to make himself famous.

I was an flight attendant-in-training. That is to say, I did everything an air stewardess was supposed to do except that I did it for free because of the 'in-training' attached to the back of my work title.

He wanted me to pitch the idea to the wealthy customers in order to get funding.

When I turned down that idea, he started talking about how he would be able to double my investment in just a few short months. He was talking as if my investing in his idea was a done deal. Fat chance. I may be young but I certainly wasn't stupid.

Losing interest in my date altogether, I focused instead on the 10/10 guy, who was increasing in hotness at the same rate that my date was decreasing. My date had dropped from an 8 to a 4.5 due to his personality.

Soft music played in the background, not loud enough to drown out the grating salesman who was still talking in my general direction. The dim lighting made it hard to have a clear look at hottie's face.

The hottie had sat down at the end of the bar. He had dark brown hair that almost shined in the light and looked to be in his early thirties. His clothes were stylish and expensive looking.

"He's hot. I wonder if he's single," the woman's friend responded as my 'date' continued on about all the challenges he may face in the near future with an elaborate scheme on how he was going to tackle those challenges.

"He's in a bar alone on a Friday night. Of course he's single."

I stared dreamily at him, silently approving his choice of drinks. Whiskey on the rocks. My 'date' had ordered two glasses of beer without even asking me what I wanted. My beer laid untouched on the table while he had downed his two minutes after the waiter set it in front of him.

My neighbor twirled her long silky hair in her fingers as she tried to seduce the sexy stranger from thirty feet away.

"Alicia- Alicia!"

"Huh?" I turned my attention back to my date, whose name I had forgotten ten minutes into his presentation.

"So, what do you think? I think you can start with just a modest $2,000 investment, and then we'll go from there?"

He flashed me a winning smile that didn't quite reach his eyes.

"Oh shit! He's coming this way!"

I resisted the urge to turn to the stranger coming out way and focused on letting down my date gently.

"Look-" I paused. I had forgotten his name. I think it started with a D. Dick? Douche? Dingo? I let it go. "I thought this was a date, not a marketing opportunity," I said finally.

"Oh," his face fell. "You'll think about it though?' he insisted.

"Yeah. Maybe," I lied, standing up to get out of the uncomfortable situation. "I got to go."

"Wait!" he cried out suddenly. His hand shot out and grabbed my wrist hard enough to bruise.

"Ow!" I reacted instantly by pulling my hand back, but his grip was tight and it only caused myself more pain. His eyes glowed, but not just from the alcohol.

"You should finish your drink," he insisted, gesturing to the untouched beer on the table.

"Why don't you drink it? I'm not a fan of beer," I pushed the drink to his side of the table, but he eyed it with distaste, which was weird considering how he downed his own drink so quickly.

"Just a sip, darling. I'm sure you'll start enjoying yourself more once you've drank a little."

I set my jaw and tried to remember if I had left him alone with my drink. He was being too suspicious. "I should go," I attempted to pull my hand away again. It was like I was being gripped by a solid rock.

"Is anything wrong?" a sexy voice growled from beside me.

I turned to the man standing next to me with pleading eyes. The hunky guy looked even hotter up close. Dark hair, curled in front with a few loose tendrils covering his hazel eyes. His skin had a healthy tan and he was much taller than he looked. He had the physique and tone of a gymnastic athlete.

His expression was serious as he turned from me to my 'date'.

"Mind your own business," Dick-face said.

"You should let her go," he gestured to my wrist and raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow.

"Fine. She's not worth it anyways," he said, letting go.

I cradled my wrist, mentally kicking myself as he tossed a twenty on a table before angrily pushing himself off his seat and stomping out of the bar.

"Are you okay?" the sexy hunk asked me, his expression softening.

"I owe you one," I said with a smile.

"Let me buy you a drink then," he responded without missing a beat. I could feel the jealous eyes from the women behind him, glaring holes into my skull from snatching the hottie from right under his noses.

"Are you always this suave?" I mentally kicked myself. Just say yes, you moron.

"Always ready to save a damsel in distress."

"Alright," I smiled. "One drink. Preferably not that one," I pointed to the untouched beer on the table.

"No. I think he might've put something in there," he said.

Blood rushed to my cheeks and I nodded, "You got that vibe too?"

"Yeah," he said, walking towards the bar. "Let me get you a drink to calm down," he said. "Then maybe we can bring this somewhere more... private?"

The bar was crowded with people, most of them busy with their own drinks and their own dates. The soft music was quickly being overwhelmed by chattering crowd.

"I know just the place," I said with confidence.

Sex Swing and Abandonment

"This is amazing."

I waited for him to get over the fact that we were on a private jet reserved for the richest of men.

On the short drive here, I found out that Warren was a few years my senior. He worked as a lawyer for some big shot company and was on his way to being a partner. Recently single, the sexy hunt wanted the thrill of banging a stranger without the strings attached. All good points in my book.

"What're you waiting for?" I said, having taken off my clothes and draped myself over the seats.

He didn't even notice. Instead, he was too busy exploring the cockpit. "Can you fly this thing?" he asked.

I sighed and nodded, "Yes, but barely." I've watched enough takeoffs to know how to operate the flying aircraft, but if anything were to occur out of the norm and standard procedure, I would be completely lost.

Perhaps taking him on a private tour on a plane was not the best idea I've had. It had been months since I'd last had a lover, and even longer since I'd been able to let myself go completely.

The date was supposed to end with a quick bang and a relaxing sleep. Instead, I had impressed my date with my choice of environment so much that he decided exploring the plane was more interesting than licking my sopping wet cunt.

And I was dripping wet, with juice leaking out of my pussy as I waited for him to make full use of this chance to bang me.

When he finally returned from the cockpit, he took a look at me and his lips quirked a little at the corners. "You're an excited one, aren't you?"

I didn't even think to lie. "I've been waiting for this all night." I opened my legs wide, draping my right leg over the seat and letting my left leg fall over the couch so that he could see how glistening wet I was.

My clothes was folded nicely on the table and I was one hundred percent ready for him to bang me. Usually, I was good at reading people but Warren threw me completely.

"I was thinking we'd use some toys I found in the cockpit."

My attention went to the bag he held in his hands and my eyes widened when he pulled out a leather strap from inside the bag.

"I don't think we should be touching those," I murmured, suddenly shy.

"Nobody will ever find out," he said, taking a pair of handcuffs out from the bag and setting it next to the leather straps.

I closed my legs, face red with shame, and joined him on the floor as he pulled out one kinky toy after another, most of which I did not even know the names of.

"I believe this sex swing should go on the beam there," he pointed at the ceiling of the plane. Sure enough ,there was an overhead beam where leather straps could be attached.

"Have you used these before?" I asked, feeling out of my depth as he started pulling more and more toys out. There were paddles and whips, candles, canes, crops, clamps, and so many other toys that we were fast filling the floor with the assorted sex devices.

"Most of them," he shrugged. "Why don't you sit down while I set the swing up."

Warren was perhaps, the most patient lover I have ever had. Even as I sat naked at the seat, he did not even sneak a peek at me, fully immersed in his work of setting up the sex swing which was looking less and less like a bundle of leather and more and more solid and horrifying.

My heartbeat sped up as I saw how the whole mechanism was set to work. His eyes glowed as he slowly finished up his work. He seemed to take great pleasure in the preparation. Expert fingers lined up the paddles, crops and canes in a line. The clamps and other assorted toys were gathered and placed on a different table.

In no time at all, Warren seemed to have transformed the plane into a sex chamber.

I gulped. I seemed to have gotten myself a kinky one.

"Get on," he ordered, pushing down the seat for me to climb on. The metal brace held firm as I climbed onto the webbed straps. My buttocks were comfortable on a webbed strap that had a thick cushion padding and my back was supported by a single strap that supported my weight effortlessly.

He held onto to top of the swing, which had a long metal beam that made it so that I wasn't spinning out of control and helped me lift my legs into each of the padded stirrup.

"Oh!" I gasped when he tightened the stirrup, making it so that my feet were trapped in each of the bindings. He stood between my wide open legs and his lips curled up into a wicked smile.

"You're all mine now," he said.

I felt a cold chill down my spine and nodded. "Please be gentle," I whispered.

"Not a chance."

I exhaled in a loud whoosh when he pulled my hands to the handcuffs on the sides of the metal beams over my head and locked me in the device firmly.

"Perfection," he breathed. There was a fire in his eyes that both scared and aroused me. Passion rolled off his body in waves and I felt completely at his mercy.

It was more than a little disconcerting to be on the swing with my hands and legs tied firmly to the device. I felt weightless and unsupported, but yet completely supported at the same time. The device was comfortable and solid, each string and strap making sure to keep me in position no matter how much I trashed. I didn't have to fear falling down. The strap on my buttocks was thin enough to keep me in the air and I knew that with a little adjustment, it could be pushed to my thighs for a person to fuck my asshole as well.

I blushed red at the thought.

"What're you thinking of?" he asked.

"Just wondering if you're done setting me up," I replied. I could tell he wasn't finished, even though he had already done plenty. If he had his way, I was certain that he would use every single toy he found in the big bag earlier.

He adjusted the straps on my legs, making sure that my ankles were secured tightly. The pull on my muscles was beginning to ache as my limbs were lifted over my head and spread wide. His hands were warm on my skin and I wished he touched me where my body yearned to be pleased. My nipples were aching for his warmth and my pussy throbbed with need.

There was a tight coil of desire inside me that begged to be satiated and all he had done so far was feed the flames without letting me burn.

"Not yet," he grinned. His fingers ghosted over my cheek, not quick touching, but close enough to leave a trail of goose bumps in his wake. The sadistic, kinky monster.

He walked over to the table and pulled a pair of metal crocodile clamps from it. The clamps were attached to one another by a long string.

I gulped. "What're you doing?"

"Readying you," he said. "I'm going to put these on your nipples. If they hurt, just scream," he said.

I parted my lips, readying a protest, but no words came out. My body reacted without my consent when he finally reached forward to cup my mounds.

"Ohh!" I gasped, arching my back to meet his hands. To finally be touched after being teased for such a long time was pure bliss.

Then, he introduced agony. His fingers closed over my nipples and pulled, dragging my body forward bodily with just his fingers on my nipples.


When he let go, I swung back and forth on the swing. My fingers tightened into my palms and my pussy dripped with juice. It was intense, but not in an altogether unpleasant way. The jolt that went through my body was intermingled with pleasure.

I swung back on forth on the swing and he observed me with eyes that hungered for release.

"Just fuck me already," I begged.

He seemed delighted by my excited anticipation, but wasn't ready to comply. Expertly, his fingers grasped my nipples again and I mellowed to his touch.

"Ohh," I moaned as he rolled my nipples with his thumbs and forefingers, as if turning on a knob with his clever hands.

Charges of excitement rippled through my body. Then, his left hand released my nipple and he reached for the metal clamp. I closed my eyes, horrified and aroused all at once as the cold metal made contact with bare skin just below the nipple at the areola. He attached the metal clamp on my nipple hard enough to bite but not hard enough to hurt.

As he attached the second clamp, he flicked the sensitive nipple with his forefinger, sending a jolt of pleasure through me.

I arched forward bodily and would've swung on the swing had he not steadied me with a hand on the metal beam.

"Oh god," I moaned, damp thighs quivering as he put the second clamp on me and pulled the metal string connecting the two clamps. The tug pulled me forward in the air and he stepped backwards with the string in his hand, pulling me forward by the metal clamps brutally.

"Oh! Let go! Please!" I begged, feeling my breasts being tugged forward unwillingly. He was devastating my control bit by bit, slowly breaking me down until I was a pile of mush, screaming for him to just fuck me already. But I had already done that. I was prepared to scream louder.

When he leg go, I swung backwards and left my mind elsewhere. It was impossible to think as my body grew disoriented with the movement.

My eyes narrowed to a half mast and for a moment, I thought I was going to pass out from disorientation. He reached forward and cupped my sex as I swung back towards him and my eyes shot open.

"You're soaking wet," he observed, two fingers sliding into my heat easily. There was a fierce flare of yearning in his eyes and when his fingers tangled in the curls of my hair, I was too consumed by the sensation of his fingers in my pussy to feel it.

Firm male lips that knew what they were about trailed kisses down my neck and shoulder, one hand pulling my hair to expose my neck to him while the other explored my innermost secrets as my walls closed tightly around him, hoping to keep him trapped inside me forever.

I was enthralled with his touch and wanted more. The weightless sensation only intensified everything I was feeling. With every touch and tug, I was moving in the air.

He dragged his mouth from my neck to my lips and finally, finally, we were kissing. His tongue sought for control while I begged for balance. It was a passionate released unlike anything I had ever felt and I feared that I would cum just from his lips meeting mine and his fingers pumping deep into my pussy.

The feathery strokes of his tongue in my mouth matched the steady rhythm of his fingers inside my pussy, pushing in and out with a rhythm that aroused me.

He splayed his fingers inside me, deliberately stretching me as his free hand moved to my buttocks and found the curvature that dipped inwards.

My gasp was swallowed in his mouth as he stuck his thumb into my anal hole.

Both holes filled, I lost myself in the euphoria of the moment. There was still something missing. I wanted something bigger. Something harder. I wanted his cock inside me.

His fingers went in and out of my holes steadily, stretching me. The swing swung along with his movements and made things easier. I could feel his heat radiating from his body and his cock tenting in his pants, eager to sample the goods.

He pulled back suddenly and turned around.

"What're you doing now?!" I demanded to know, more than a little annoyed that he would leave me hanging. Literally.

He didn't respond and walked to the table to pick up a long anal bead from the table. "We'll just put this in you first," he said.

I never particularly enjoyed anal play, but if that was just another barrier to finally getting penetrated vaginally, I was willing to play along.

He walked around me and carefully spread my butt cheeks wide. Then, he applied cold lubricant to my asshole, pushing his thumb inwards to lube the insides of my hole.

I gasped, all thoughts of not enjoying anal going up in smoke as pure bliss pushed into my hole. The cold lubricant mixed with his warm thumb ignited a hunger inside me that had been brewing since the beginning of the night.

With heart-stopping tenderness, he applied more lube to my anal hole while kissing my neck, one hand pushing inwards steadily while the other rested on my tummy to hold me still.

When his fingers finally came out of me, I was lost for breath. Slowly, he started popping the beads into my asshole, gradually introducing bigger and bigger beads into my hole, stretching me wide.

My body closed tightly around the beads, holding one round bead after another inside me until there was nothing more to push into me but a string that allowed him to pull it back out.

He walked back around to face me, standing between my legs until his hard thighs were almost touching my burning cunt. Hungry lips closed to mine, tasting like hot flavors of desire and I drank him in readily.

Then, he stepped away as if to enjoy the work he had done on me. His eyes focused completely on me as he unzipped his pants with agonizing slowness.

"Oh, one last thing," he promised. "Open your mouth."

I obeyed instantly, the thought that he was going to penetrate me in mere moments making me ready to do just about anything he asked of me.

His green eyes glowed as he dangled a bright red rubber ball gag in front of me. I lifted my neck and calmed my beating heart as he fastened the buckled beneath my hair. The rubber had a raspberry flavor that made it pleasant.

"I'll come back in half an hour," he announced suddenly and zipped his pants back up before my mind could wrap around what he just said.

"What?!" I tried to cry out, but it came as a muffled groan. "Let me go!" I screamed with my eyes, but he was fast disappearing, walking out of the plane as if he didn't have a care in the world and leaving me hanging, quite literally, on the sex swing with an anal bead in my hole, nipple clamps on my breasts, and a soaking wet pussy that throbbed for satisfaction.

I was going to die of want.

In-Flight Entertainment

The sound of footsteps entering the flight was like music to my ears. It wasn't very long until he returned, but it felt like hours and hours. My muscles ached for release and my pussy was literally dripping in juice. Beads of sweat trickled down the sides of my face.

It didn't take long for me to realize that there were more than one pair of footsteps coming in. There was a group of people fast approaching.

I'm going to lose my job.

The words echoed clearly in my head. These were probably my future-employers and I was going to lose my job even before I had begun. All for a little fun.

There was no doubt about it. I tried to close my legs together, but it was too much effort to keep my legs closed whilst dangling in the air. The pull of the straps made it so that having my legs apart was the most comfortable position.

My arms and legs were sore from being stretched for so long and my nipples begged to be released from the clamps. The nipple clamps attached to the base of my nipples made every little move result in jolts of pleasure, sizzling through my body despite the shame I was feeling.

Saliva dripped from the corners of my mouth from biting into the rubber gag for so long and the anal bead was still stuffed into my hole securely.

Once the men and women entered, conversation stopped completely. They stared at me with surprise clear in their eyes. I was blushing red from head to toe. This was not how I had hoped to greet my employers. Of the six, only three were familiar. Scott and Jasmine were captain and co-captain of the flight while Killian was my trainer.

Killian's look of disapproval burned through me, though the rest of them were looking at me with a desire and hunger that was all-too-familiar. After all, I had been wearing that same look for the past few hours.

"What is this, Killian?" the older man in the expensive-looking suit asked, turning to my dark-haired supervisor in surprise.

My face burned red with shame, and I pleaded to him with my eyes. Please come up with a cover story. Please come up with a cover story.

I recited the mantra in my head, hoping that he would somehow think of something to get me out of this conundrum without getting me fired at the same time. I had been working behind the scenes all this time and had not had a chance to meet the owner of the private craft yet.

He looked pleased though, and that was a good sign. Something for Killian to work with.

"Mr. Garrick, Sir," Killian started, clearing his throat. "This is a new feature in the flight. Perhaps I would let her explain it to you."

Oh crap. I had to think quickly.

Mr. Garrick was in his late thirties and had two black, burly bodyguards who looked to be around his age as well.

I inhaled sharply when Killian pulled the ball gag from my mouth. I flashed the men my best smile. My legs were still spread wide open, showing off my glistening pussy. My naked body was exposed completely to them and I had to convince them that no, I did not just get left behind by a sadistic lover I picked up from the bar and I was meant to be here.

I said the only thing I could think of.

"Good evening, Mr. Garrick. I will be your in-flight entertainment for the day."

Fuck me.

Weightless & 37,000 Feet In The Air

"In-flight entertainment?" he said, incredulous, but elated nevertheless. "Is this your idea, boys?" he smacked his bodyguard's backs good-naturedly and they merely grinned in response, both unwilling to admit that they were just as surprised by this as he was.

Everybody was surprised.

Everybody gets a trophy.

I continued smiling.

"What're your name, luv?" he asked, betraying a hint of southern accent. He was studying me with eyes that burned my skin. He had light-colored hair and a hint of freckles that made him look younger. Perhaps he was older than thirty something.

His shoulders were broad, though not as broad as his hunky bodyguards, and his eyes were kind. There was a hard edge to his voice that hinted he was more than his light-toned-banter and kind eyes suggested, though.

The way the people around him walked on eggshells gave the impression that he was not easy to please and that I didn't want to get on his bad side.

"Alicia Manning, Sir," I said. "I'm a flight attendant-in-training," I said honestly. "And this is a new feature that we hope you would enjoy." I continued smiling since there was little I could do given the circumstances.

"Who got you up here, Alicia?" he asked, his large, calloused hands resting on my inner thighs. I jerked at the sudden touch, but willed my body to keep from moving.

He was handsome, hypnotic, and powerful all in one. It was hard to catch my breath with him so close to him. He smelled like danger.

"One of my colleagues," I said, unable to hide the tell-tale blush that crawled up my cheeks and colored my upper chest. "He left after he finished setting everything up," Litter lies with truths and that would make things more believable.

"Did he now?" he grinned, but the mirth did not quite reach his eyes.

"Yes, Sir," I responded.

The silence dragged on and suffocated us. Nobody dared move without his permission and he was contemplating whether he wanted to make use of the in-flight entertainment or not.

"Alright," he declared with a clap. "Let's get going then, everyone. Get this plane in the air!"

Scott and Jasmine hurriedly ran off into the cockpit to get the plane into the air while the men took their places in the seats.

"Put the gag back into her mouth," Garrick instructed and Killian complied quietly, taking the red ball gag that still dripped with my saliva and stuffing it into my mouth.

Then, he too, sat down and prepared himself for the take off.

The sensation of going into air was always the same. The drop of the stomach and the speed of going forward while your body tried to stay in the same position.

Being on a swing made everything different. I was swinging backwards the entire time the flight was moving forward, with nothing solid to hold me still, I could only hold onto the handcuffs in fear as the flight slowly eased into the air and took flight.

The belt buckles snapped off the moment the pilot announced it was safe to do so and in seconds, Mr. Garrick was in front of me again.

"Well then," he grinned as he rested a hand on my inner thigh. The warmth of his fingers on my chilled skin sent shivers down my spine and I gulped. "Let's get started," he was holding a wooden paddle on his left hand.

Before I could ask what he was planning, he started spanking my inner thighs with the wooden paddle. There were holes on the paddle, making it so that there was no air resistance between the paddle and my flesh and making the pain even more severe.

I cried out and trashed around, though one of his bodyguards had taken to standing behind me and holding me still. His hands wrapped around my thighs, keeping me steady as his boss spanked my inner thighs with the merciless wooden paddle.

The more I tossed and struggled, the harder he seemed to spank me. The bodyguard took great joy in making sure I stayed immobile. His manhood tented in his pants and pressed against the small of my back as his boss continued to spank me.

Stop, I wanted to scream, if only the stupid gag was not in the way. Stop, please!

If my eyes spoke to him, Garrick did not comply. I had no doubt that he took great pleasure in delivering blow after blow of pain on my body. My flesh was fast taking a burning redness, the little holes in the paddle making it so that I was starting to form ugly blisters on my thighs.

Before it got to that level of pain and scarring, he stopped, streaks of sweat dripping down the sides of his face, a grin on his face.

Then, without checking to see if I was ready, he pulled his erection from his pants and slammed straight into me.

My strangled scream was muffled by the gag in my mouth. He rammed into me with the stamina of a man who had just discovered the pleasures of sex. The rock of a man behind me kept me still while he pulled in and out of me, his massive cock curving upwards at the end to touch every inch inside me that begged to be touch.

It was soaking wet, and the juxtaposition of the pain that he had given me and the pleasure that he was introducing to me in the moment sent my mind reeling into a different realm of pleasure altogether.

I felt as if I was being torn apart from the inside out and in the most delightful way possible. His massive cock spread my throbbing pussy and his fingers played with my nipples. With his right hand, he tugged at the string connected the clamps while with his left, he rubbed my engorged clit, sending me into a level of ecstasy hitherto unknown.

He was savage and brutal, but in the most sensual and desirable way possible. I didn't need gentle words and whispers of nothing. I wanted him to fuck me hard, which was exactly what he was doing.

"Fuck her asshole," he said, he head of his staff nudging against my g-spot as he pulled out and slammed back in.

"Yes, Sir," the man behind me lost no time in taking off his pants. His erection bumped against my buttocks, unable to find the hole that would fit his wide girth but determined to try nevertheless.

Garrick didn't slow down to facilitate his friend's penetration. If anything, he made it harder by grabbing my nipple clamps and pulling hard.

I screamed into the ball gag, biting hard enough to tear into the rubber ball. Pain and pleasure danced together like tendrils of smoke and turned into a hot mess of desire. I was on a roller coaster of pleasure and I wasn't going to go down any time soon.

Greedy mouth took possession of my neck from behind hot flavors of desire coursed through my veins. Heat and power radiated from both men.

Only when the black guy's erection bumped against the bead did I remember how it was in there. He did not lose time in pulling the beads out, popping one circle ball out of my anal hole at a time. The sensations of the beads rubbing against my walls sent me into a frenzy of pleasure. It was damn potent.

My toes curled and my fingers dug into my palms as the last bead fell from my anal hole and was dropped onto the floor with a loud pop.

I hauled in a breath and tensed as he slowly forced his cock into me, fusing his flesh with mine as his boss stayed hard inside me. Garrick's cock throbbed in me and his fingers continued to rub against my clit. Being sandwiched between the two men filled me in a way that was unexplainably satisfying. As if my entire life culminated to this moment.

Husky voices whispered want and need into my ears and then, as if my obvious pleasure of being double penetrated had ignited a hunger inside them, the two men started pounding into me, hard.

Their hard, throbbing cocks spread me wide. Garrick's expert fingers played with the clamps and suddenly removed them from my abused nipples. First the left, then the right. Blood rushed back to the tips of my nipples and I screamed soundlessly as the pinpricks tugged at my skin.

Their hands and mouths were all over me, kneading and rubbing sensations back to my body as they fucked me harder than anyone had fucked me before.

The world around me dissolved into bright lights and fireworks as they came inside me together, spurts of hot cum filling me completely. I shuddered and my entire body tensed and released all at once, my inner walls tightening against their throbbing members to milk them of every drip of cum they had to offer.

We rode into the climax together, bodies merged together into one as they trembled and released all their seed inside me.

Cum dripped from my holes as they pulled out of me, falling onto the ground in splats. I breathed in deeply, trying to make up for all the lost air in my lungs and gather my thoughts from the void of ecstasy.

In my daze of post-orgasm lethargy, I was released from the bondage and dropped onto the floor. My legs were uneven and a stumbled in the plane to try and find my balance. Bodyguard Number 2 sat in his seat, his face an unreadable mask.

"Have some fun, Lad," Garrick urged. With a satisfied groan, he sat into his seat. Bodyguard No 1 handed him a handkerchief which he used to clean the cum and juice from his cock. I watched keenly as the second bodyguard looked uncomfortable by the harmless comment.

"Perhaps that's not a good idea, Sir," he said, his voice like thick caramel down my ears.

"Why not?" I asked, my own voice chirpy and unnaturally high in comparison. "I can take you," I said.

"Joseph is very big," Killian materialized at the door and said, deadpanned. I looked from one man to another. It took only a second longer to realize that they were in a relationship of some sort. And bodyguard No. 2 was the clear bottom.

"I can take him," I repeated with confidence I did not realize I possessed, advancing towards the man who was twice my size but somehow managed to cower uncomfortably in his seat.

When I reached my hand to unzip his pants, his own shot out to grab my wrist. "Only if Killian joins us," he said.

I turned to my trainer, who looked pleased with his partner, but turned to the most important man in the flight.

Garrick merely shrugged, "The more the merrier," he said.

Joseph's cock was indeed, very, very big. It was ebony and curved and had bluish-purple veins that protruded from the smooth shaft. My eyes widened when I saw his girth and fear flashed on my face before I could help myself.

"I warned you," he said with a half-grin that showed his pride at having such a big cock.

Size isn't everything, I wanted to say. Instead, I kept quiet. Too late to back down now.

I crawled over the seat on top of him, my legs cradling his hard body. Killian walked closed in behind me. Once again, I was sandwiched between two sexy, strong men.

They loomed over me, covering me in their shadows. I heard the sound of Killian unzipping his pants as I slowly lowered my body to the black man's cock. Our skin tones clashed greatly as my pink pussy lips sucked in his black cock. His dark skin was so much blacker than mine.

Low incoherent mews found its way up my throat as I impaled myself with his cock, my inner walls spreading to fit him. The sound made him even more rigid and engorged. His hands closed over my small waist and he held me tightly, easing me to mold intimately against him.

"Hurry the fuck up," Killian's voice started me and I twisted my head around just in time to see his cock slide between my butt cheeks. I squirmed away as if his cock was an electric wand but Joseph held me tight as he slowly spread me with his cock.

"Oh god," I breathed, filling their cocks push its way into me simultaneously. Joseph had barely managed to get half his cock into me and I already felt full beyond belief. "You're so big," my hands grabbed at his chest wildly, trying to slow his progress even more.

He chuckled darkly and started kneading my buttocks and hips, soothing my muscles to relax and accept him completely. His lips parted and grazed the ripe buds of my nipples and I arched my back, losing my senses completely.

I was mincemeat in their grasp. Killian's arms wrapped around me and grasped my breasts, closing in his fingers until he was pinching my nipples as if he was offering them to Joseph, who took them into his mouth willingly. A strangled moan escaped my throat as Killian's cock pushed deeper inside me. I could feel how close their two cocks were in my body, separated by just a little bit of flesh within my body.

Pleasure licked at my senses as the two men started introducing molten waves of pleasure to my body as they molded their bodies to mine perfectly. The narcotic power of his dark eyes drew me in and an onslaught of raw physical desire took over.

There was only pleasure as the two men picked up their rhythm inside me, pulling and pushing their throbbing cocks as they filled me. I pressed back and took my fill, fingers curled in Joseph's hair as both men probed me in slow repetitive rhythm that was fast picking up.

"You're so tight," Killian groaned, leaning over my shoulders to kiss Joseph. The sight of the two men locking lips filled me with a desire of my own and I leaned into Joseph's neck to suckle his skin.

Reason tumbled into oblivion and it no longer mattered what circumstances brought me here. Only the pleasure that was filling me in that moment and the searing need for completion.

Sharp spasms of desire climbed through my nerves and I bucked my hips to their penetrations, increasing their pace to one that matched my burning desire. Strong arms held me captive, kneading and pinching my breasts and nipples, slapping and squeezing my buttocks and thighs, seeking all my secrets with their cocks.

We were barely aware of the affect our sex demonstration was having on the audience until Garrick suddenly appeared beside me and twisted my head around. His cock throbbed near my mouth, hot and hard.

My lips parted willingly and I sucked his cock as his bodyguard and my trainer pumped their cocks into my mouth. There was no gentleness in their penetrations. I was filled, all three holes at once, and that seemed to drive them over the edge of reason.

Raging lust took over and they were pounding hard into my holes, building up tension in my own body until everything overflowed and soared high into the air. Tingles ricocheted through me as they groaned and released their seed into my body all at once, all the tension released at the same time.

"Swallow it," Garrick ordered and I complied willingly, drinking in his hot cum and licking his shaft clean once I was done. The creamy liquid went down my throat easily just as I felt myself being lifted upwards and seated.

My legs were spread wide open and my eyes widened when I saw Jasmine approaching.

"Lick her pussy," Garrick ordered.

Jasmine's eyes were apprehensive, but she kneeled in front of me.

The moment her soft lips touched my pussy, still leaking with cum, I felt my world explode.