303 Vocabulary Words You Need - Winn Trivette II, MA - ebook

303 Vocabulary Words You Need is precisely what you're looking for: the best and quickest way to build a smart and powerful English vocabulary.

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303 Vocabulary Words You Need

Winn Trivette, MA

Published by Winn Trivette, MA, 2018.

While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this book, the publisher assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.


First edition. July 10, 2018.

Copyright © 2018 Winn Trivette, MA.

Written by Winn Trivette, MA.

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Table of Contents

Title Page

Copyright Page




10 Tips to Successfully Boost Your Word Power


Unit 1: General Business

Unit 2: Stock Market

Unit 3: International Trade and Finance

Unit 4:  Criminal and Civil Court

Unit 5: War and Peace

Unit 6: Public Policy

Unit 7: All the World is a Stage

Unit 8: Literature

Unit 9: Music

Unit 10: Environment and Energy

Unit 11: Health and Medicine

Unit 12: Internet and Computers

Unit 13: Clear for Takeoff

Unit 14: Cruising the 7 Seas

Unit 15: Hotel and Restaurant

Unit 16: History

Unit 17: Poverty and Affluence

Unit 18: World Views

Unit 19: Marketing

Unit 20: Newspaper Empire

Unit 21: Publishing

Unit 22: Career

Unit 23: Knowledge

Unit 24: Success

Unit 25: Sports and Fitness

Unit 26: Games

Unit 27: Pursuits

Unit 28: Town and Country

Unit 29: Architecture

Unit 30: Relationships

Thank You for Reading

Answers to Exercises

Also By Winn Trivette, MA

About the Author


to Mom, Melissa, Heather, Alex, and Noel with all my love


Few activities are as delightful as learning a new vocabulary.

—Tim Gunn

303 Vocabulary Words You Need is written to quickly and easily give you a broader and richer word power.

Research indicates a powerful vocabulary is a predictor of both personal and professional success.

Unfortunately, a strong vocabulary is a persistent problem for many students of English (and native speakers!).

Rightly or wrongly, your friends, colleagues and clients judge your intelligence and competence based on the vocabulary you use.


303 Vocabulary Words You Need provides you a sophisticated lexicon which can be used in conversations as well as documents.

Remember, income and vocabulary size are correlated. That is, every word you add to your vocabulary is like an investment in your bank account.

Get started today to increase your word knowledge as well as your personal and professional success at the same time!

Professor Winn


303 Vocabulary Words You Need will help you not only increase your vocabulary, but also allow you to use sophisticated English confidently in a variety of situations.

This book is designed for easy self-study. Each of the 30 lessons can be completed in a single sitting, approximately 20 minutes. The guide is a perfect companion to your English studies in the classroom.

Plus, you get a three bonus words at the end of the text!

Each lesson includes ten (10) keywords drawn from everyday life. These words are defined and relative parts of speech and usage are provided.

Exercises follow these definitions. Each is designed to test your comprehension of the new words and to illustrate their use in context.  You will find the solutions to these exercises in the back of the book.

A special bonus section below is 10 Tips to Successfully Grow Your Word Power. These are tips drawn from my years of experience teaching vocabulary to my students.

The 30 vocabulary lessons are divided into 10 sections with three (3) sub-topics.

Here is a summary of the 10 sections:

Section 1: Business and Industry – General Business, Stock Market, International Trade and Finance

Section 2: Law and Government – Criminal and Civil Court, War and Peace, Public Policy

Section 3: Arts and Entertainment – All the World is a Stage, Literature, Music

Section 4: Science and Technology – Environment and Energy, Health and Medicine, Internet and Computers

Section 5: Travel and Tourism – Clear for Takeoff, Cruising the Seven Seas, Hotel and Restaurant

Section 6: Society – History, Poverty and Affluence, World Views

Section 7: Media and Publishing – Newspaper Empire, Marketing, Publishing

Section 8: Jobs and Education – Career, Knowledge, Success

Section 9: Hobbies and Leisure – Sports and Fitness, Games, Pursuits

Section 10: Pot Luck – Architecture, Men and Women, Town and Country

Don’t forget the 3 extra terms at the end of the book to further expand your lexicon!

Good luck!

If you need to strengthen your English skills – either for a promotion at the office or prepare for the IELTS or TOEFL exam, reserve your class today with me – Professor Winn!

Professor Winn

10 Tips to Successfully Boost Your Word Power

1. Read, read, and read! Read extensively and find thousands of new words and grammar patterns, which help you predict what words, may come next.

2. Establish a routine and stick to it! Build a stronger vocabulary word by word and day by day. Practice routinely.

3. Keep a vocabulary notebook. Write all words, definitions, synonym, antonym, and related words.

4. Create flashcards online. Review your new words every week.

5. Learn new words in context. Research shows most words are learned from context. Copy the sentence or short part of the paragraph into your notebook where you found the word.

6. Make associations with the words. Connect your new words with pictures or with other words, events, professions, etc.

7. Take vocabulary tests online. Find out how much know so far. Measure your progress and make adjustments to your study routine.

8. Make sure you pronounce the word correctly. Visit an online dictionary and usually you have the opportunity to click and listen to the pronunciation of the word.

9. Play word games like Scrabble or Boggle online. Even consider crossword puzzle. Any word game forces you to rely on your recent study of words. You may even learn new ones!

10. Get excited about words! Building your vocabulary is a lifelong practice. Be curious about words and how you use them. A good vocabulary will help you obtain both personal and professional goals!


adj. – adjective

adv. – adverb

n. – noun

v. – verb

Section 1: Business and Industry

Unit 1: General Business


accretion, amortization, collateral, dynamic, escrow, foreclosure, outsourcing, proprietor, revenue, venture capital


1. accretion – n – gradual or slow increase in value of something

The bank is committed to the accretion of shareholder value.

Parts of speech: (adj.) - accretive

2. amortization – n – paying small regular amounts to reduce a loan

The amortization of the candy-wrapping machine saved the company a lot of money.

Parts of speech: (v.) - amortize

3. collateral – n – something of value for debt

The farmer used his house and farm as collateral for the bank loan.

4. dynamic – adj. – full of energy and ideas

Bartolo Brothers is always looking for dynamic new associates.

5. escrow – n - a deed, money, or other property held by a neutral third party for a specified period or until the occurrence of a condition or event.

The landlord deposits our rent into an escrow account.

6. foreclosure – n - taking back property because the money owed for the property has not been paid

First City Bank warned the diner of foreclosure if payment was not received by noon today.

7. outsourcing – n – sending work or services to done outside the company

L&L Computers decided on outsourcing for its technical support department.

Parts of speech: (v.) outsource

8. proprietor – n- owner of a business or property

The proprietor of the diner did not pay the bank loan.

9. revenue – n – amount of money made by a company for selling its products or service

If Twisty Dip Ice Cream does not increase revenue, it will have to fire employees.

10. venture capital – n- money given to create new companies in return for long-term growth potential

Babble Electronics used over $1 million in venture capital to create a new smartphone.

EXERCISE A. Complete the following sentences with the best word from the list. Use each word only once.

accretion, dynamic, foreclosure, revenue, venture capital

1. The startup firm desperately needed ___ from investors to expand.

2. Marta was ___ in the meeting with the client by answering all of their questions without notes.

3. Henri planned on the ___ of land value in order to gain any profit.

4. The small accounting firm just was unable to increase ___ to avoid (5.) ___ from the bank.

EXERCISE B. Choose the word from the list that best expresses the opposite meaning of the word or phrase below.

proprietor, outsourcing, escrow, collateral, amortization

1. in-house customer care: ___

2. renter: ___

3. debt or penalty: ___

4. instant delivery of funds: ___