18 Year Old Gets A Lift From His Mom's Boyfriend - Robbie Webb - ebook

18-year-old Zayden loves jumping in cars with strangers. Getting in cars with strangers is one of his favourite hobbies, and each time he jumps in he hopes the guy turns out to be gagging for it. One particular afternoon he's hitching a ride in the pouring rain wearing his silky shorts when a car pulls up. It's his mom's boyfriend. Zayden gets in the car and it turns out to be the best ride ever.

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Robbie Webb

© 2014 Robbie Webb

First Edition

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All characters and terms including ‘boy’ ‘lad’ and ‘girl’ refer to people age 18 and over.

In his t-shirt and shorts, 18-year-old Zayden stood by the side of the road, just on the other side of town, the rain lashing down. It was nice and sunny when he came out but now the heavens had opened. He was standing by the side of the road thumbing a lift. He didn’t want to go anywhere in particular. He just liked jumping in cars with strangers. Whenever he hitchhiked, he got quite a few guys stopping and offering him a lift, with him being such a good-looking boy. He also got some very pretty ladies stopping to give him a lift but he had to politely turn them down, for he was not interested in ladies. He only accepted a lift from guys and preferred it if the driver had nobody else in the car with him. Getting in cars with strangers was one of Zayden’s favourite hobbies. And each time he jumped in he hoped and preyed that the guy would be a bit of a sex maniac, preferably in his late 40s, early 50s, a middle-aged sex maniac who was into 18-year-old boys. Every time he jumped in a stranger’s car he hoped something would happen. But nothing ever did. Why wasn’t the world full of people looking for exciting sexual thrills? Why was the world full of crashing bores? Was he the only exciting one?

This particular afternoon a car pulled up in the pouring rain and when the driver leaned over to unwind the passenger window, Zayden’s heart sank, for the driver was no other than his mom’s boyfriend.

“What are you doing, Zayden?”

“Oh…er…hi, David.”

“Get in out of the rain.”

Zayden got in the car.

“What are you doing thumbing a lift? It’s only a thirty minute walk home from here. And what about the bus?”

“I’ve lost my weekly rover and I didn’t fancy walking in this weather.”

“What are you like? You want to be careful. You can’t be thumbing a lift in this day and age. Too many weirdos knocking about.”

I know, Zayden thought to himself, I’m one of them.