1000 Dresses - Fitzgerald Tracy, Taylor Alison - książka

1000 Dresses książka papierowa

Fitzgerald Tracy, Taylor Alison


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With stunning photographs of 1,000 covetable dresses, this gorgeous pictorial collection is an unparalleled source of creative inspiration and a mine of information for students, designers and all fashionistas

Use this book to discover myriad design possibilities as a springboard for your own dress ideas – or revel in the beauty and craftsmanship on show.

• Fabulously illustrated with catwalk photographs, analysed to pinpoint the desirable features of each dress.

• Directory of dress styles, featuring historical precedents; illustrations of versions of the shape to demonstrate how it can be interpreted, with technical details; designer notes explaining what should be borne in mind when embarking on this style; and simple sketches of alternative design possibilities.

• Brilliantly organized and easy-to-navigate content is ordered into colour-coded chapters by dress shape.

Liczba stron: 288

Format (wymiary): 21.5x25.0cm

ISBN: 9780500291443