100  Ways To Have Fun and Be Happy - Roxanne Jade Regalado - ebook

A book that will do enormous help to people who are experiencing boredom and depression. This book is written with your best interest at heart and it will lighten up everybody's day. 

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Roxanne Jade Regalado

100 Ways To Have Fun and Be Happy

100 Ways To Overcome Boredom and Depression

This book is dedicated to my family, my friends, my relatives, my batchmates in elementary school, high school and college, my co-workers and to all people who are experiencing boredom or depression. I am with you all the way. I do hope that I am able to help you in my own little way with this book. Read along and smile. This book will also be a perfect gift for people that you care about.BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich


Many people have lots of money but are not happy. This book will show you ways in order to have fun and be happy. I'm not saying that its okay if you spend all your money as long as you're happy. In fact, one of my suggestions is to save at least 30% of your monthly earnings. Having a lot of savings is one way to make ourselves happy but it would not hurt if we get to spend our money in ways that would make us happy. Being happy is actually a state of mind and it starts with being grateful for all the blessings that comes into our lives. Even for bad things we should still be grateful because they teach us important lessons and teach us to be stronger and wiser the next time around. So go ahead read on if you want to have fun and be happy.



100 Ways to Have Fun and Be Happy

1.) Cook your favorite food


It is truly a delight for our pallate to taste and eat a good meal and it would make it extra special if there's also a dessert afterwards. 


2.) Make a salad


All you need is some lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, fruit such as apple, grapes or mangoes, cheese, hard boiled eggs and some bits of ham. 


3.) Take a vacation